Glasses Slider In Sims 4 – Customize The Way Glasses Look!

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About the Glasses Slider

Glasses are not the most important part when we create or edit a Sim. In fact, they’re just a piece of accessories that we put to further develop the characters of our Sims. However, glasses can also be the defining characteristic of our Sims and that’s why we want to make them look perfect! Fortunately, there is an awesome glasses slider for The Sims 4 that you have to try!

What’s a slider exactly?

A slider is a mod or a tool that allows us to change how certain body parts look in The Sims 4. For example, the breast slider lets you manually drag your Sim’s breast forward, backward, upward, and downward. This in turn allows you to set the height, the volume, and the shape of your Sim’s breasts. And that’s how you can create a unique set of breasts in Sims 4.

So the glasses slider works the same way! And instead of breasts, you can slide your mouse around and find the perfect way to match your Sim’s face with their glasses. You can set them up and down, left and right, and everything in between.

That said, let’s explain how the glasses slider works in Sims 4 and where you can download it from!

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Glasses Slider: an Overview

Undoubtedly, the best Sims 4 glasses slider that you can find on the internet is the one created by EVOL_EVOLVED. This amazing creator first published this mod back in 2014, when the game was still in its early day. However, the mod works correctly to this day and has over 20,000 downloads at ModTheSims.

Click here to download the glasses slider for The Sims 4!

Once you’re done with the installation of the mod, you can jump into the actual game.

And here’s how the slider works inside the game!

How Does it Work?

The glasses slider can be found in the CAS menu when you’re trying out glasses on your Sim. And it works in a very simple way.

If you click on your Sim’s glasses and slide your mouse up and down, you’ll be able to set where their glasses will rest. You can go down as far as the mouth and as up as the crown on the head. And this is ideal for finding that sweet spot and perfectly matching your Sim’s face with their glasses.

But if you drag your mouse left and right, you’ll be able to increase and decrease the size of the glasses. You can make them big, small, compact, casual, funny… the choice is yours.

Keep in mind that once you click on the glasses, you can also move your mouse diagonally. This will let you do both operations at the same time. And that’s the best way to find the perfect position for your Sim’s glasses!

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The glasses slider is compatible with all other body sliders for The Sims 4. We also recommend you to use it in combination with them, just so you can improve the way your Sims look.

But the glasses slider also works with other mods, just not the ones that override the front nose-brow area. That’s because the slider itself replaces the 0355E0A6 00000000 2120308B369339CF file, so any similar mod will make it unable to work. Luckily, the other body sliders don’t mess with that!


And that’s all there is about the glasses slider! It’s honestly amazing what we can do with it and the looks we can achieve. Glasses have often been negatively viewed by many simmers because they usually look super unrealistic. But now, when we can perfectly set the on our Sims’ faces, they look awesome! 

So, make sure you give the slider a shot!

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