Glasses Slider In Sims 4: Customize The Way Glasses Look! (2024 Update)

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Author: Nicole

If you want more range in the spectacles with which your sims are bespectacled, check out this funky glasses slider mod!

Glasses Slider Mod

The Glasses Slider Worth A Second Look

Generally, The Sims 4 is good about getting CAS content to work with sims of all sizes, but it’s not perfect. Eyeglasses are an example of this. There are many ways glasses might not fit your sim—they may sit too high on the Sims’ face, dig into their cheeks or forehead, or be too wide for your Sims’ eyes. Luckily, every single one of these problems can be solved with the Glasses Control v2.0 Slider by ICONIC.

How To Use Glasses Control v2.0

Glasses Control Slider 1

This glasses slider is controlled by grabbing the top of your Sims’ head in CAS, so in order to access it your sim will have to be bald (you can add hair after adjusting the glasses). Put your sim in the pair of glasses you want to adjust, and depending on what you want to adjust, orient your to the following positions:

To adjust the width of the glasses or how high they rest on the face: make sure your sim is facing front.

To adjust how far from the face the glasses sit, or raise them on the face to the top of the head: face your sim to the left or the right side.

There are no glasses slider adjustments connected to the back of the head (which makes sense since you can’t see them from this view). The slider can be very precise, so start with small movements as you get used to how it works. You can always undo any adjustments you make if you don’t like how they come out.

It will likely take a little back & forth to get things adjusted correctly, as you give your sim hair and see how the glasses look with it. Glasses might clip into hair or stick through it in odd ways. This is extra important to check when adjusting glasses to sit atop your sim’s head, especially with puffier hairstyles.

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Tips & Tricks


Here are some tips & tricks to help you get your Sims’ glasses adjusted just how you want them!

  • The slider will affect all styles of spectacles your sim is wearing so if your sim has different glasses for different outfits and you adjust one pair, make sure to check that the other styles still look okay
  • If glasses clip into your sims’ forehead, instead of pulling the entire frame forward on the face (so it’s floating off the nose), try playing with the angle of the frame front. You can tilt the top of the glasses away from your sims’ face while keeping the bottom edge in roughly the same position to clear their foreheads—tilt them the opposite ways if they clip into the cheeks
  • Don’t forget to check that the temples of the eyeglasses aren’t clipping through your sim’s ears, and resize the ears if necessary to cover it
  • You can adjust your sim’s eyes to be more centered in their frames if adjusting the glasses themselves doesn’t look right
    • If you’re editing preexisting sims, before you go into CAS open the cheat console and enter the cheat cas.fulleditmode which will give you full access to CAS tools as if you’re creating a sim for the first time so you can adjust their eyes and ears

In Conclusion

Using this glasses slider mod, your sims now have access to a bunch of new ways to customize their eyewear. Additionally, the Glasses Control Slider v2.0 mod lets you turn standard specs into an accessory atop their head. This is useful for putting sunnies atop the head of a sim in their swimwear, giving your grandpa sim a pair of reading glasses that he’s forever looking for, along with allowing you to adjust non-eyewear CC that is home in the Eyewear category of CAS. It’s a super useful glasses slider that you should definitely take a look at!

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  1. I appreciate that time you had taken to write the article. However, the MOD link you shared are extremely old and non functioning. No disrespect intended.

      • If you’re still having trouble finding a mod that works, maybe add a note to the article that it’s broken. So you don’t recommend broken mods to people who don’t know how to do their research.

        • Hi Jona, the original comment is from December and you’ll notice that the article was updated shortly after that comment. As of just yesterday, this mod is working my game as it should. Sorry for the confusion. I’ll make a note in the title that it’s been updated!


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