35+ Excellent Plant CC and Mods to Revitalize Your Sims’ Homes

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Love having plants, flowers, and trees in The Sims 4? We do too! In this list, you can freshen up your Sims’ homes with excellent plant CC and mods we curated for you.

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The Best Plant CC and Mods for The Sims 4

In The Sims 4, having indoor and outdoor plants is crucial because not only do these green friends enhance the aesthetics of our Sims’ homes, but they also help lift up our Sims’ moods. Plus, having these plants in the game can be as rewarding as tending to real ones, adding a little more life to our everyday gameplay! In this list, we’re sharing with you our favorite plant mods and CC for the game!

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Zoey Senecio Plant

ND Zoey Senecio Plant Prev 01

Make any desk or table charming with this Senecio plant! Available in different colors, this plant features thick, pointed leaves. All in all, this plant CC set features a Senecio plant and a glass terrarium.

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Lara Aloe Plant

ND Lara Aloe Plant Prev 01

Aloes are juicy, succulent plants that have plenty of practical uses. In The Sims 4, your Sims can also enjoy a pot or two of aloe plants through this plant CC pack from creator Nynaeve!

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Fancy Pots Fancy Plants

tumblr 056b028fee264480538153bc499eaed3 9d174c92 1280

We’ve got all-new repotted plants for The Sims 4 with this fancy plant CC from Sixam CC! The plants come in stylish decorative wood pots that look chic and refreshing.

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Seb’s Friendlier Flora 1.2

TS4 x64 2020 03 16 21 42 13 42

If you’ve ever wished to interact more with your plants inside the house, you now can with this plant mod! Called the Friendlier Flora, this lets you water your indoor plants and interact with them so that you can forge deeper relationships!

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Kiwi Plant

tumblr 14ec5612f77d698d56e26212984b5989 8c413269 1280

Add the Kiwi fruit plant to your game through this mod from TianaSims! You can use the harvestable kiwis for cooking custom recipes and fruit recipes in the game.

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Gerbera Daisy

Screenshot 2023 09 20 160639

Infuse more pops of color into the houses of your Sims through nice plants such as these Gerbera Daisies! Inside this plant CC pack, you’ll get 10 plant colors and 20 swatches of pots.

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Daya Crocus Plant

tumblr c7c0e9b7bef7a8fa77a3ff22e1affd6e 8bccad52 1280 1

Freshen up any desk or home area with these lively and bright Crocus Plants! Their round blooms will surely make any Sim perk up. All in all, there are two plants and one pot in this set.

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Flower Vases

Screenshot 2023 09 20 154906

These Descargas Sims flower vases are all the rage right now due to their classic yet trendy appearance. They come in both round and square vases, with 6 and 10 swatches respectively.

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Christmas Plants

Screenshot 2023 09 20 154620

There are not a lot of Holiday-themed plants on The Sims 4, so add this plant CC pack to make houses more festive! This pack includes wooden trees, deer, vases, bells, wildlife jars, and mini Holiday trees.

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Trees Default Replacement

tumblr f0072cdb0511cf7ba25a6858ea73f59a 9d375035 1280

Make trees more lush and detailed in The Sims 4 through this plant mod, called the Trees Default Replacement. It affects the appearance of trees in the autumn, spring, and summer seasons.

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Shrubs Default Replacement

tumblr 4a560ffeee426c605f650773f0111fbe 1808e3b4 1280

Give your Sims’ porches and backyards a sweet overhaul with this Shrubs Default Replacement from creator Tvickiesims. This plant mod changes the way shrubs appear in the game, making them larger, more vibrant, and more realistic!

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Flowers Default Replacement

tumblr 64597020eb0b24a173b65bffeb6703e6 b307947c 1280

According to creator Tvickiesims, this replacement was created so that Simmers can “mix and match all flowers and create more meadows rather than perfectly square flower bed.” Oh, what a thoughtful creation!

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The Planter Five Separated Plants

tumblr 83b1c6329930de926a12a8832b658f83 7cc23912 1280

Creator Sixam CC revamped the Planter Five plant from The Sims 4: Werewolves by detaching them from each other to create five stand-alone pieces. Brilliant! Now we can use these plants in any way we like.

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Octopus Mori

tumblr c5de134722760dba8e551d188f2af82b fcef5365 1280

Just look at these lovely octopus objects! Given the name Octopus Mori, these potted plants from AiraCC are available as plant decor for the game and come in 4 pretty swatches.

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MUJI Plant Pot

Free Download MOMO CC 13

MUJI is a retail shop that became popular for its sturdy yet stylish pieces for the home. With this MUJI-inspired plant CC, you can have 15 new plant pots in the home that are suitable for interior and exterior plants.

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Clary Dracaena Plant

Screenshot 2023 09 20 143403

Dracaena is one of the most-loved plants in many households for the tropical vibes it delivers. In The Sims 4, you can also enliven SIms’ houses with the Dracaena Plant, by adding this plant CC to your game!

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Plant Life Kit

tumblr a6d792be6e72f91afa8ac6c282c70dfb b9eca31c 1280

Whoa, take a look at this mega pack of plant CC! This adds over 15 plants to the game, all in different swatches and styles. You can choose from an assortment of flowers, cacti, succulents, etc.

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Frame & Plant

tumblr 9b57439ceaa8a401ca2535570c654a28 07931b7b 2048

Take a look at this simple yet posh plant CC! Coming from creator Algu, this collection features 10 swatches of single-leafed plants on solid vases. These are perfect for minimalist spaces.

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Artboard 1

To add more plant-themed aesthetics to The Sims 4, consider getting these stylish wood plant pieces from Sixam-CC. The pack has four vibrant new potted plants which will add delight to your Sim’s dwelling place.

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Mushroom Set

Mushroom Set Post3

Hey, what have we got here? A very silly and cute set that features a lovely little plant! Called the Mushroom Set, this pack has 9 swatches of the sweet Mushroom Plant, among many other delightful items.

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Peach Fruit

tumblr 1fe0461bea25183694c74e32a9386f0b 0797b347 1280

Add a healthy and delicious fruit plant to your game, such as this Peach Harvestable! According to the creator TianaSims, this can be used for custom recipes that require fruits. You can find it in the Summer and Uncommon packets of seeds.

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Cowplant Farming

6be105 658cfab7e4d9443397f2846bba861ae7mv2

Check out this plant mod from creator BrazenLotus! This one lets you extract milk from a new Cowplant species, called the Hybrid Cowplant. You cans ell these for a lot of simoleons!

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Potted Monstera Plant

preview 1

The Monstera Plant became a hit in many households for its sophisticated appearance and glorious, massive leaves. Now, your Sims can also enjoy the said plant in the game through this plant CC from Nooboosims!

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Book Nook Plant


Nooboosims, the creator of this set, remeshed and retextured the plants from The Sims 4: Book Nook Kit. Plants come in two variants, the Book Nook Plant V1 and V2, and both have ten swatches each.

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Camp Hibiscus Plant

Screenshot 2023 09 20 125014

Hibiscus flowers are humble tiny blooms that look quite revitalizing. Bring this plant to the game through this plant CC from Nynaeve Design! It provides 3 Hibiscus plants in 10 colors and pots in 20 swatches.

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Houseplant Hobbyist Flower Arranging Table

kliekie buy activityskill houseplanthobbyistflower

Raise your Sims’ flower-arranging skills to the next level by letting them work on their blooms through this precious piece, called the Houseplant Hobbyist Flower Arranging Table. It can be found under the Outdoor and Activities & Skills categories.

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Animal Planters


Do your Sims want some dogs and cats in The Sims 4 but don’t have the time to take care of them? For now, let them enjoy these Animal Planters for their plants! These guys feature charming depictions of cats, foxes, bears, and dogs that are sure to melt any Sim’s heart.

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Cowplant Duo


Are you a fan of Cowplants in the game? Then, you’ll probably like this Cowplant Duo, a cute little plant that features two sweet Cowplants in a pot. Well, looks like this is the safest version you’ll ever have of the famed plant!

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Little Garden Set

tumblr 56a70a9b934a2719bbf045c85ad583af e4929068 1280

Welcome this cute little garden set into your game, to refresh your Sims’ homes! The garden set features decorative plants, outdoor plants, and soil for small harvestable plants.

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Plain Plants

tumblr 32ef68c43f8fa3df316daa84e709bfa0 ed3b57e5 1280

If you want to bring a little piece of the garden inside the home, opt to add these cute little pots of plants to your game! Called the Plain Plants, this simple set will help give that tiny burst of freshness to any area in the house. These three plants come in three swatches each.

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Planter’s Amalgam…of Betrayal

TS4 x64 2023 03 16 13 06 58

Potted plants have the ability to foster the caring nature of our Sims. By having them around the house, Sims can be nudged to take care of them all—both indoor and outdoor plants. They are little reminders of life, which can boost any Sim’s motivation! Plants such as the ones in this Planter’s Amalgam Pack are definitely must-haves for your game.

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