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Female Eyebrows

Looking to jazz it up a bit with your eyebrows? Here we have an awesome list of custom mods that you’ll love!

Jana Eyebrows N134

Let’s kick it off with this pair of gorgeous eyebrows! This mod is wildly popular within our Sims 4 community with over 800,000 on The Sims Resource! The design is magnificent and the 36 different color shades add a special glow each! You can download it from the direct link here

eyebrows set

Supreme Eyebrows N11

Pralinesims is a genius when it comes to eyebrows mods. Here is another elegant design with as much complexity as the previous one! It is downloaded 560,000 times and it deserves your attention too! Head over to The Sims Resource to download it or click on the direct link here.

eyebrows set

MM Eyebrows N19 – Anastasia

The bushy eyebrows mod is here and you’ll find it absolutely lovely! It’s a perfect match for a strong female Sim! The Sims Resource is the official place where you can find them, but we also provided a direct download link here.

eyebrows set

Pure Eyebrows N18

Another set of fuzzy eyebrows for your Sims! This mod has 14 different colors and it can be used on all Sims.  To download it for yourself click here.

eyebrows set

Angel Eyebrows N13

Thick and beautiful – an eyebrows mod that you all need! Different colors add different glow to this amazing set and it should not be missed out on! Give your praises to Pralinesims for designing it and publishing it on The Sims Resource. For a quick download you can click on the link here.

eyebrows set

Malory Eyebrows N108

And the strong eyebrows don’t have to stop there! This mod of firm and heavy eyebrows is an amazing addition and we enjoy it immensely! You can download it for yourself from here.

eyebrows set

Fluffy Eyebrows N15

If you are searching for a faded eyebrows set – here it is! The mod is another popular creation by Pralinesims and it looks excellent in every different color. It is also published on The Sims Resource and you can download it from our direct link here.

eyebrows set

Sophia – Eyebrows HQ

Now let’s stop and enjoy these magnificent eyebrows of a true model! They are fashionable and queen-like, so don’t wait too long to download your set from here

eyebrows set

Anastasia Eyebrows N96

Pralinesims has broken download records with this mod of eyebrows as well! All of us who play The Sims 4 find his work a complete necessity for the game and we just can’t get by without it! We’re totally in love with this particular mod which you can download it from our direct link here.

eyebrows set

MM Eyebrows N03 – Supreme

Simplistic and absolutely lovely! This version is another one of our favorites, simply because it looks gorgeous on every Sim we’ve ever created! And with more than 360,000 downloads under its name, there is no reason for you not to try it as well! For quick and easy download click here.

eyebrows set

MM Eyebrows N06 – Yuri

Why not freshen up a bit and get this wonderful mod of eyebrows for your Sims that comes along with 18 different colors and works well on every Sim, kid or toddler, male or female? This mod might be the exact thing you need to make your Sim look exactly how you wanted! Go to The Sims Resource for more relevant info or just download it directly from here

eyebrows set

Evie Eyebrows

Let’s continue the list with something new! Here we present a more gentle and tender eyebrows mod for your Sims. This CC comes in 12 different color swatches that all look simply amazing! It is published on, but you can download it directly from here.

eyebrows set

Iris Eyebrows

If you even remotely liked the previous set of eyebrows – then you’ll love this one! 36 color shades are here to add depth and character to your Sims. And if you are tired of the regular look – opt for the rainbow one and enjoy the sunny days properly! Go to to download it or click here.

eyebrows set

Eyebrows NB02

Lovers of big and bright eyebrows – you need this mod! It is beautifully designed for both male and female and it comes in 10 different color variations. Our favorite is the fiery one, what’s yours? Head out to to download the CC or click on our direct link here.

eyebrows set

Eyebrows NB03

One more awesome pair of eyebrows for a strong and focused Sim! Let your career take an upswing with your stunning new look! This mod can also be found at and you can download it directly by following our link here.

eyebrows set

Eyebrows NB08

Now, these particular eyebrows are for all of you perfectionists! The grace with which these eyebrows flow was more than enough to capture our interest. We urge you to try this CC for yourself. You can download it from our direct link here or you can find it at

eyebrows set

Venus Eyebrows N10

460,000 downloads! It seems like the world of Sims 4 can’t go on without the mods of Pralinesims! Here he is again with these universal and magnificent eyebrows – ready to make your Sim a true star! Hurry up and download this mod too from our direct link heret.

eyebrows set

Reseda Eyebrows N129

Does your Sim enjoy makeup? You’ll definitely enrich her look with this awesome CC of glorious eyebrows! This mod has been immensely shared and loved by the Sims 4 community and you must have it too! Follow this link for a quick download! Interested in the designer?

eyebrows set

Malena eyebrows

If you’ve ever dreamed of eyebrows like gentle brushes – here they are! This original and fantastic mod by Urielbeaupre is a real treasure among the custom content of eyebrows! You can download it by simply clicking here, but we urge you to also check the author’s website.

eyebrows set

Male Eyebrows

Now we have something exclusively for the male Sims! Get your new charmer look here!

Male eyebrows 04

Here is a popular mod for the males as well! They are naturally more inclined to have bushy eyebrows, so why not give them ones? 9 color shades are here to suit every type of Sim you have and they all look super cool on men’s foreheads! Thanks to Bakalia for this mod which you can download from here

eyebrows set

Scarface – Male eyebrows

Now, we recommend this eyebrows mod for all male Sims who are strong and full of character. They are detailed and designed to give off a powerful aura around the owner! You should definitely try them on your Sims as well! We found this wonderful CC on The Sims Resource, but you can download it directly from here

eyebrows set

Eyebrows NB06

Scattered, wild and free! One more amazing set of eyebrows for the guys! If your males Sims are sporting natural looks, then this is a must-have for you. Each of the different shades adds some mystique to the facial appearance and you’ll find them absolutely relaxing to wear. Already popular, you can find this mod at

eyebrows set

MM Eyebrows N21 – Muse

And let’s end this incredible list with a fabulous mod by the one and only Pralinesims. This CC brings the male eyebrows to perfection! The design is unquestionable and you can play with the 18 base game colors to make these eyebrows glow however you want! The Sims Resource is the official place where you can find this mod, but you can also get it directly from here

eyebrows set




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