40 Hottest Natural Lips CC That Will Instantly Beautify Sims

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Looking for custom content that will make your Sims 4 guys and gals look more real? Well, if that’s so, natural lips CC will definitely come in handy! Read on to discover the best, most realistic lips for your gameplay.

natural lips cc
40 Hottest Natural Lips CC That Will Instantly Beautify Sims

Natural Lips CC: Presets, Makeup & Lip Details for Realistic Looks

Little realistic details go a long way. If you are as much of a fan of natural looks in Sims 4 as we are, you are likely always hunting for fresh CC that will make your Sims look more human. While the game has a lot to offer already, more details, especially when they make Sims look more like living, breathing creatures, are always welcome, right?

Luckily, there is a bunch of custom content online that you can download to enhance appearances. Sims can have chapped lips, bigger lips, lip scars, and more realistic lip shades. So, if this sounds appealing, we have prepared more than 30 awesome natural lips CC for you to elevate how your characters look. Let’s dive into it, shall we?

1. Natural Lips Set by Obscurus-Sims

1 5

Make way for some dry, slightly chapped, and realistically textured lips for Sims 4 guys and girls! This lip set includes 3 fantastic presets, and all come in more than 25 colors. You’ll be genuinely shocked by how detailed these natural lips CC features are. Download here!

2. Soft Fog Lips by Hayanbom


Hoping to find naturally plump Kawaii lips? This is the natural lips CC for you! These cute lips by Hayanbom are created for all Sims, from children to elders and they are unisex. Not only can you use them on everyone, but they are also HQ-compatible and come with 30 cool swatches. Download here!

3. Realistic Male Lip Preset 02 by LutessaSims

lutessasims male lip preset 02

We can never get enough good content for males, especially younger ones. This preset is not only realistic but can also be used on any male character, from toddlers to elders! How cool is that? Plus, thin lips are a rare find, so these are a real CC gem. Find more info here!

4. Lips Scars by Nell

tumblr 33e4d1a596abc1f6705d19dd44b11150 1ddfbb5a 2048

Now, that’s a dramatic look! These HQ scars will add a dash of edginess to your Sims’ looks. They are incredibly versatile because they are compatible with sliders and the base game. Plus, there are 5 texture variations to pick in this natural lips CC pack, and all look very real. Find more info here!

5. Lip Preset 2 by NoNvme Studios

Preview 1

Black girls are known for their beautiful, plum lips, but sometimes it’s hard to emulate such a look in the game. Well, not anymore! Thanks to this cool lip preset, your ladies can have stunning lush, big lips, too. It’s available for female human teens, adults, and elders, as well as aliens and vampires. Download here!

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6. Bitten Lips by Magic Bot

Do you know someone with a bad lip-biting habit? Well, chapped, bitten lips are now a Sims 4 thing, too. You can use this CC with any lipstick you want and any color sliders. This natural lips CC works for Sims of all genders, from teens to elders. Download here!

7. Natural Makeup Set N15 by PoyoPoyo

2 2

Sometimes the right makeup CC can make lips look more realistic than not wearing any. There are 25 swatches of lip gloss in nude shades, all of which work for all ages and all genders! Your Sims will look fresh and effortlessly gorgeous. Find more info here!

8. Falling Eyes and Lips by Dangerouslyfreejelyfish

dfj2021 previewthumbfallling

RBF is a real thing, and with this natural lips CC, Sims can now look as sullen as a human when their face is just resting. The set includes both fallen lips and eyes, and it’s made for all genders, from teens to older Sims. To find more info, go here!

9. Lip Preset No1 by Simzbee


These lips look naturally pouty, and have more dimension to them than regular lips we have in the game. This is a unisex preset CC and works for teens and older Sims, and should work with lipsticks without trouble. Find more info here!

10. Lip Preset 7 by Arenetta

Lip Preview

Would you like to give your Sims some plump, cherry lips? This natural lips CC will help you achieve that in just a few clicks. The look is feminine and cute, yet super seductive, and ladies of Sims 4 will love it. To download it, go here.

11. “Hello” Natural Lipsticks by Charlie.ts4

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If you are a fan of natural makeup, make sure you add this set of lipsticks to your collection. These pink neutrals make lips look super hydrated and stylish. In fact, all four are ideal for “no makeup” makeup we all love. Find more info here!

12. Sim Model – Luis Miguel & Lips Preset by LutessaSims


These natural lips CC for male Sims will blow you away. They are made for the custom character Luis Miguel, you can use them on any Sim you want. They are incredibly detailed and have some nice glow for extra realism. Find more info here!

13. Lip Color & Blush by LutessaSims

lipstick and blush

Lip color is one of the key factors when creating realistic looks. This pack includes 12 neutral colors in powdery pink and corals. It’s designed for female Sims of all ages, including the youngest ones, which is awesome. If you like, you can also match lip colors with soft blush from the same CC set. Download here!

14. Lip Presets by TwistedCat

tumblr 83b09772be251b57a25f6d680fad3c6a bb142ec8 1280

These gorgeous presets will help your Sims pull off the effortless, Instagram model look in a second. These lips are made for female teens, adults, and elders. There are 4 variations, and all are sensual, juicy, and mesmerizing. To try out this natural lips CC, check it out here!

15. Goodie #1 Lip Preset by arnetta

tumblr 49c97e8cf7266d6b7407292297b0bde1 9ef702c5 540

This natural lips CC takes breaths away. Almost every photo of FKA Twigs shows her with a serious face and some teeth showing, and now you can go for a similar look in Sims 4. The preset is made for teens and older Sims. Find more info here!

16. Locking Lips preset by NewCresting

Some people naturally have plumper upper lips. If you love such a look, these tips will make your jaw drop. The preset is enabled for all females who are teens or older, including some occult beings such as vampires and aliens. Download here!

17. Honeysuckle lip preset by artichuckles

tumblr 6fd4c34a0507859d889b5b689d6277a8 1423822e 1280

Sims 4 is all about diversity. This natural lips CC is adorable, and lips are so nicely defined. They bring diversity to the game, allowing you to create unique, natural looks where every Sim looks authentic. After all, there is not much fun in creating folks that look the same, right? Find more info here!

18. leahlilith lip preset 6 by pW-Creations

tumblr pnal406wCS1waiuszo2 1280

If you love natural shapes and value refined CC content, you will love this one. These lips look natural, and have a nice shine and dimension to them. For me, it’s the shadows in the corners of the mouth that create a nice 3D effect and make them look so real. Check it out here!

19. Lip presets 04-06 by lutessaSims

lips presets 04 06 1

Make space for some fresh CC, as here comes a set of mighty lip presets that every serious simmer needs to try out. The set is made for all females, as young as toddlers, and includes three lip variations, with full and thinner lips. If you look closely, you even see the pores, lines, and texture! To get this natural lips CC, check it out here!

20. upper lip hair skin detail by marigolde

queen bee

Sometimes it’s the details on the face, such as facial hair, that make lips look more real. This upper lip hair CC comes with 4 different swatches and can be used for teens and older Sims. Whether this is something Sims will be insecure about or find empowering, it’s up to you to decide! Download here!

21. Natural lipstick by SourLemonSimblr

tumblr fd36e3cf1d685d19223efece75f04aa6 9d4ebf2d 1280

Ready for some nude, natural lips CC? Try out these! This lipstick set brings freshness and seamless, glossy looks to the table. It’s available in a few gentle colors, such as variations of powdery pink, purple, and beige. With makeup like this, your girls will always look their best. Check it out here!

22. real skin & lip details by soloriya


No matter if you are trying to create a teenager who is going through puberty, has fight scars, or distinctive facial marks, this set is here to back you up. The lip scar is a worthy detail for any CC collection, and comes in 4 realistic variations, along with pimples, moles, and eyebrows. Download here!

23. GPME-GOLD Natural Lips CC24 by goppolsme

Natural Lips CC24 1

Skin details and the right shade of skin are everything! This set of lip presets fits all skin colors and looks natural, no matter how light or dark the skin is. Everything on the face will instantly look more harmonious. Find more info here!

24. GPME-GOLD Natural Lips 23 by goppolsme

Natural Lips CC23 1

Wanna make your Sims look truly healthy and alive? Try out some of these! Natural lips CC pieces from this set add tint on all the right places on the lip. Use these, and Sims will look like they have real blood running through their veins. Check it out here!

25. GPME-GOLD Natural Lips 19 by goppolsme

Natural Lips CC19 1

Finely textured and shiny, these lips are a breath of fresh air. No more plain, dull looks, as now Sims can look neat and well-groomed any time of the day. If there was a best lips championship in the game, these would win. And they come in a few shades that match different skin tones. Download the natural lips CC here!

26. natural makeup by poyoPoyo


If you hope to find something that will make your ladies look flawless 24/7, look no further. This natural lips CC will make everyone bow down to your Sim and gasp in awe. The lips come in 28 swatches, soft neutrals, and nudes, along with eyeshadow and eyeliner.  Check it out here!

27. lips set by poyopoyo

2 1

Oh, we have some seriously juicy lips right here! If you are looking for natural lips CC that can work for both makeup and ”no makeup” looks, this is the one. It’s designed for everyone, from toddlers to older Sims, males, and females. Find more info here!

28. charlie lips by Gliese-Sims

tumblr fdcedf08609c2a3af2334593b3909241 6e8145eb 2048

Sometimes, lips in Sims 4 can look unnaturally smooth. Thanks to these CC pieces, that won’t be the case anymore. Lines, dryness, texture, and shadows are all here to make the mouths of our characters more human-like. There are two versions, both of which come in 54 colors. Download here!

29. Lip Presets For All Ages By Redheadsims


Generic looks are history. This natural lips CC brings novelty and is a must-have, especially if you’d like to add more variety to appearances. The set includes 10 gorgeous presets that will help you nail realistic looks. Download here!

30. female lips by obscurus-sims

Sims 4 Screenshot 2020.08.31

Can you hear the siren call? Get ready to fall in love with these stunning lips, which are dream features for many. These pouty lips will help you create some seriously attractive female faces. They are suitable for teens, young adults, adults, and elders, and also work for witches and mermaids. Download the natural lips CC here!

31. lips presents No1-3 by PoyoPoyo

1 4

With lips like these, Sims 4 girlies will look both innocent and alluring. The set includes 3 presets of lush, feminine lips that have the power to charm masses. They look incredibly natural and have a healthy glow, perfect for high-maintenance ladies who want to look polished every day. Check it out here!

32. natural lips and blush set by MMSIMS


Sensual lips like these are so attractive! Some natural blush and pink lips can go a long way in creating natural looks. This natural lips CC set includes 4 unique lip shapes that will help you create Sims 4 beauties with big lips like those Angelina Jolie or Priyanka Chopra have. Download here!

33. natural lips by obscurus-sims

TS4 x64 2019 11 12 17 53 24

These realistic lips are unisex CC pieces, and both presets come in more than 40 colors, so you can fully customize them. Not only are they suitable for both genders, but they are also designed for Sims of all ages, including the youngest ones! Find more info here!

34. bruised lips by nell

tumblr 367e43dfc010ca6168a08996dbf7086d 8026b9ec 1280

What’s more real than a bruise? This HQ-compatible CC masterpiece will help the bad boys of Sims look even more edgy and dangerous. There are 5 textures to play with. They can have upper, lower, or both lips injured, so it’s up to you to create their gangster image. Find more info here!

35. lip kit by miiko

LIP KIT 01 Copy 1

Here come shapes with prominent cupid bows, as well as rounded, dreamy lips. Your Sims 4 ladies can now have lips as dramatic as Lindsey Wixon’s or as soft as Taylor Hill’s. Designs are suitable for all genders and all ages. They will work perfectly for all skin tones and skin overlays. Check it out here!

36. butterfly lips by kittysimin

tumblr d03dd819d1ef7609b550eee01d3a7860 d270995f 1280

Butterfly lips are sweet, ideal for gentle ladies of Sims, no matter if they are teens or older. Thanks to such a beautiful shape, they will look stunning even without makeup. Download this natural lips CC here!

37. lips from male Asian collection by northern siberia winds


This preset will help you create the most gorgeous Asian stunner the Sims 4 has ever seen. You can use them on humans, as well as occult male Sims, and combine them with other incredible features for Asians from the set. Check it out here!

38. asymmetrical lips by vibrantpixels

tumblr dd08fb1044acc508d970dcf379972a00 51509cd2 1280

We need to value uniqueness! Real lips are often asymmetric, and now our Sims can have similar features, as well. This set of natural lips CC includes 3 presets, and all 3 have some special about them. Check it out here!

39. GPME-GOLD Lips presets U1 by goppolsme

Presets Lips U1 2

Victoria Beckham, is that you? This lip shape reminds me so much of the posh spice! The dramatic cupid bow will make your ladies look like runway models. They are slightly glossy and ideal for achieving the clean girl look. A feature like this will make any girl stand out from the crowd. Download here!

40. natural lips by visage sims

a20065dac62a7f6030faa05d10c9f1c2 gnd

These lips will turn your Sims into real rock stars. They are bold, authentic, powerful, and come in multiple shades. Tired of the classic Instagram round lips and need something different for your CC collection? Check them out here!


This was our selection of the finest natural lips CC for Sims 4. We tried to include as much variety as possible, and hope you found what you were looking for. We’ve included nude lips and makeup styles, realistic presets, and even some facial marks. Try them out yourself, and happy simming!

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