DJ Career Mod: Kawaiistacie Releases “Showtime” Mod


Popular The Sims 4 modder Kawaiistacie has just released a new mod! After the success of her “Slice of Life” mod, Kawaiistacie rolls out another huge dj career mod that will change hobbies forever.

It’s called the “Showtime” mod it focuses heavily on hobbies such as DJ-ing, piano playing, dancing, and singing. The mod transforms your Sim’s hobbies into careers which they can do on their spare time.

According to the modder, “Showtime” consists of “gigs” both rabbit-hole and playable. It means that your Sim can progress into their chosen hobby-career through rabbit-hole or unseen gigs by leaving the lot for a few hours, just like most of the careers in The Sims 4. And since they are careers built from your Sim’s hobbies, there will be playable hobbies where you can watch your Sim spin at the DJ machine at an event or tickle the ivories at a busy lot.

This mod employs a quest-like format just like in The Sims 4 careers because special items and events will be unlocked as your Sim progresses.

A special feature of the “Showtime” mod is that you can create custom events. Players can create events and can be placed on the Calendar (possibly for those with The Sims 4: Seasons installed). You can also have the ability to add VIPs that your Sim can invite at every event.

For now, the current roster of careers in the mod are limited to DJ, Musician, Dancer, and Singer. Kawaiistacie has expressed on her website that more will be added in the future as she is also encouraging fans to send her requests.

The “Showtime” mod require expansion packs like City Living for followers and the singing hobby, Get Famous for its fame system, Get Together for the DJ machine and the “DJ Headliner” label which are used on NPCs, and Seasons and the Spooky Stuff Game Pack for the unlockable costumes.

Kawaiistacie also released a trailer for her dj career mod. Take a look here:

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