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Alpha CC has been a game changer for the Sims community. Not only does it add new and unique content to the game, but it also allows for more customization and creativity. In this post, we’ll showcase our favorite alpha hair cc packs for your characters. From short and long to straight and curly, these are the best of the best when it comes to alpha content. Sit tight and enjoy yourself!

alpha hair cc

Newest Alpha Hair CC Packs for the Sims 4!

If you’re reading this, you must be sick of the spiritless hairs the Sims 4 offers us — and we can understand why! You’re looking for precision, details, life-like, smoothness… you’re aiming at ALPHA! Simmers, worry not because we’ve got your back with 20 alpha hair mods that are sure to make your sims stand out. But just in case this list is too short for you, you can check a bigger collection of hairstyles here. And now, without any further ado, let’s begin!

1. Short Hair with Bangs

sims short alpha hair

Short and delicate is the perfect combination, no? This hair works for young, adult, and elder sims and is brought to you by Newseasims. It comes in a variety of different colors, so be sure to drop them a thank-you somewhere for this gorgeous work. Click here to grab this hair.

2. Long Curly Hair with Bun

long curly hair mod

If you’re really looking for some quality alpha hair, look no further. This one has to be our favorite of the twenty hairstyles included in this post. It’s curly, long, and just well designed with a beautiful bun. Make sure to download this one from this link.

3. Lindsey Hair

alpha hair cc

A must-have alpha hair! It is available in 50 different swatches so be warned; you may have stick around for a bit before you’ve chosen one. Click here to get this hair.

4. Violet Hair with Scarf

long hair with scarf

What a breath of fresh air this one is. It’s available in two versions so be sure to check them both out. Oh, and don’t forget about the 17 different scarves that come along with it. You can find them in the hat category. Click here to get this mod.

5. Nikita Alpha Hair

Nikita hair mod sims

Tell me this one doesn’t remind you of Grande and we’ll shut up about it! Wait, better than Grande?… It’s brought to you by Phoenix-Sims, download it on this Patreon page.

6. Jakelline Hair with Bangs


You can get this hair for your sim kids and adults. Also, if you’re not a huge fan of bangs, worry not as it comes in two versions. Grab this cc pack from here.

7. Leigh Hair

long with bangs sims

Last but not least on this list, we present to you another work of art by Phoenix-Sims. They’re honestly hard to miss and they never disappoint. This hairstyle comes in 50 swatches to fit your liking! Here is your download link.

8. Haitani Rindou Hair by LAMZ

This hairstyle is available in 48 swatches. So, you could only imagine the different looks you would be able to create with it. Especially for male Sims, you don’t get that much variety. A hair like this one, a unique alpha hair, is definitely worth giving a try. Here’s your download link.

9. Cherry Cola Hairstyle

The first thing to have come to mind when I saw this hairstyle was “hot”. It simply looks attractive, and the red swatch is perfect. You get 57 swatches alongside it, by the way. The best part is, OBSIDIAN SIMS has made it so it fits both feminine and masculine frames. I’m already picturing my female Sims wearing this hairstyle in so many colors. To install this piece, click here.

10. Gin Hair by ZAO

It seems surreal when hairstyles come in a huge variety of swatches. This one for instance is available in 96 colors. Oh and please allow me to bring to your attention the soft shades blended into those swatches. This makes hair mods much, much more appealing. You seriously don’t want to miss out on this one. Grab this hair CC pack from this Patreon page.

Finals words

If you’ve liked these alpha cc hair packs, you’re sure to appreciate plenty more custom hairstyles for your male and female Sims. Have a look at the below posts, fun awaits!

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