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Whether your sim wants to go out and party until dawn or sit and have a classy drink and stay cozy at home, let’s explore some extra custom content to improve your gameplay experience! This list will have a variety of different Sims 4 bar cc depending on your needs.

sims 4 bar cc

Bar Custom Content and Mods for the Sims 4

The bar has been an essential part of throwing the greatest parties since the first sims game over 20 years ago. In the Sims 4, a bar is a functional object that you can use to dispense drinks, from making single drinks to making several drinks to share with others. The bar is a great boost to Sim’s fun motive while drinking refreshing beverages. In the Sims 4, there is a mixology of skill, career, and aspiration. If your sim wants to be a master mixologist, you will want to explore this list!

1. The Dancing Pig Pub

sims 4 bar cc

This is a cozy little pub that you can download and place in your world. Sims can travel to this community lot to go on dates or hang out and meet new friends. The Dancing Pig Pub serves pub food and has an upstairs game room and indoor and outdoor seating.

Some content will not work unless you have the following game packs: Get to Work, Get Together, City Living, Discover University, and Dine Out. You can still download the lot without these, but you will have to go into build mode and fix missing objects. Download here from Strenee Sims.

2. La Paillote Bambou

sims 4 bar cc

This 50×50 beautiful restaurant and bar lot is set along the beach and filled with great cc. This would be the perfect place to have a wedding or go on a honeymoon. There are four bars out on the terrace where your sims can enjoy a drink while enjoying the sea view. This will install the needed cc when you download the lot, and there are no pack requirements listed. Download here from Solene Espana on L’Univers Sims.

3. Karaoke Bar Hazakura – No CC

sims 4 bar cc

This Karaoke Sims 4 bar CC is a lot created without using any CC. You can download and place this karaoke bar in your sim’s world. Your sims can travel here and relax, enjoy a drink, and of course, sing karaoke!

There are three karaoke rooms where your sims can enjoy a cozy Japanese atmosphere. The lot size is 30×20. As a note by the creator, use the “bb.moveobjects on” cheat before you place it so you could place everything properly. Download here from Mikkimur Sims on Tumblr.

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4. Dansims Nightclub – sims 4 bar cC

sims 4 bar cc

Here is a super cool Sims 4 bar located in the Dansims Nightclub! Place this lot and your sims can go dance and party, enjoy a few drinks and meet new friends that like to have fun! There are two floors and a basement in this nightclub. The basement can be used as a VIP lounge with its own bar and dance floor. Download here from PQSim4 on blogspot.

Benches, stools, indoor pool, lamp, and a heck of a custom content bundle in this post!

5. Counter Argument – Functional Bar and Counter Set

sims 4 bar cc

This Sims 4 bar cc is perfect for your sims wanting to have a little home bar without having a very large bar top like the ones that come default in the game. This set includes ten different functional statement pieces that are fully customizable. Choose from either a bar that your sims can use or a table that can hold small appliances or decorations. Both functions are offered in 5 different pieces.

Two standalone pieces come in two sizes and three modular pieces. Modular pieces can be tiled seamlessly with the other modular pieces in this series – both the sideboard and bar versions. Mix and match bar and sidebar pieces for maximum customization! It can also be used just as a pretty accent table. Download here from Ravasheen CC on Tumblr.

6. Flavie Bar Set – sims 4 bar cc

sims 4 bar cc

Syboulette makes some amazingly cool custom content for the Sims 4, this bar set is no exception! There are 17 different items you can add to your bar, at home, or on a community lot. My favorite is the neon bar sign! The barrels can be used as bar side tables, and all of the furniture and bar come in different color swatches for whatever vibe you’re going for! Download here from Syboulette on S4CC.

7. Perfect Party Stuff – 70s Collab

sims 4 bar cc

This set of Sims 4 bar cc is 70s-inspired retro decorations. The coolest part about this set is that there is a curved bar. This set has the option to just download the bar, but if you want to download the rest of the pack, there are hanging bar lamps, a banquet table, stereo console, place settings, and even some 70s-style clothes, a stone floor, and matching wall, and shag carpet. Perfect collection for your retro-obsessed sims!

Download here for free from GildedGhosts on their Patreon. Since it is a collab with Surely Sims, there will be a link for the other objects if you want the entire set.

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8. Seated Collection – Barstools

sims 4 bar cc

Have enough bar counters and tables? Want more seating options? This collection is perfect for you! There are 15 new barstools in this Sims 4 bar cc set that you can download and create a unique bar for your Sims to use wherever you choose! All of the barstools are fully functional and can be used in the base game. Download here from Sim Vault Things on Tumblr.

My honey simmers, you must give this list of lips presets a look!

9. Home Bar Set

image 9

Another creation by Sims Vault Things is this very classy home bar that your fancy sims can place in their house. The amount of detail in this Sims 4 bar cc is amazing, my favorite being that the cups have a pretty gold rim on each one. In this cc set, there are 10 different items that you can choose to place wherever, with various wood tones to choose from. You can also choose between silver and gold medals. Download here from Sim Vault Things on Tumblr.

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10. Sims 4 Bar Set

image 10

Another great Sims 4 bar set, this set has beer on tap and popular alcohol that you can use to stock up your bar! Along with the functional bar, there are also decorations included. There are crates, bottles, mugs, and hanging bottle storage. This set is recommended if you want to add a little clutter to show that you have a popular, well-used bar. Download here from Natatanec on blogspot.

Whether you’re hosting a party, trying to add some flair to your game, or just want a little something new in your Sim’s world, we hope these bar custom content packs were what you were looking for! Don’t stop here though, take the extra mile! Whether it’s mixing up cocktails in your Sims’ home bar, setting up an outdoor celebration under a huge canopy, or opening a wine shop and filling it with wine bottles!

Be sure to check out our other guides to find some similar Sims 4 bar content ideas and advice on customizing your Sims’ homes. Enjoy!

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