Birthday Cake Mods for The Sims 4


Best Birthday Cakes for The Sims 4

No matter what kind of a party you’re preparing, the cake is always going to be that centerpiece everyone gets around to. But at birthdays, cakes even steal all of the attention. So it’s very important to pick the perfect one for your event! Take a look at some of the best birthday cakes on the internet for The Sims 4

The Perfect Cake for Your Birthday Party

Fortnite Birthday Cake


We start off our cakes collection with this adorable one. The shape is wacky cylinder of a bubble gum flavor, covered with spots of all fruits all over! The cake is ideal for celebrating the birthday of your kid Sim, but also for an anniversary of a young couple. Whichever category you’re getting it for, you won’t make a mistake!


Birthday Cake Deco


You know how kids absolutely love cartoon characters and action figure? And despite all reasoning, they want them on their clothes, backpacks, and yes, cakes! Well, now you have the option to make your kids completely satisfied with their birthday cake choice! Whether it’s Spiderman, Elsa, or Sponge Bob – you have them all here!


(Un)Official SimsWorkshop Birthday Cake


And here we have a classic one! A perfect sky blue sweetness on three levels! The cake is covered with purple lights and gorgeous decorations, but the real kick here is that the item works as a barstool too! Yes, your Sims can sit on it and have all kinds of crazy fun with it! Many thanks go to Biguglyhag who published this incredible addition!


Small Pose Pack and Chocolate Birthday Cake


But not everybody loves grand and luxurious celebrations! Some of us enjoy the simple things in life, like a chocolate and strawberry cake shared with our friends. And this is exactly it! So, if you’re preparing an occasion of that sort, then be sure to check to get this awesome dessert for your Sims!


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