Celebrate The Sims’ 24th Birthday With An Exclusive Pin + Merch Restocks!

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Did you know it’s been 24 years since the first Sims game released? Get in on the celebration with an exclusive pin and other limited edition items in the Sims Shop!

Birthday Exclusive Pin Corrected

It all began on February 4th 2000: the release of The Sims. That very first title launched a massive franchise of games ranging from mobile apps to oddball offshoots to multiple life simulator games for PC and video game consoles all over the world. Last year The Sims 4 became the most played game of the franchise as it hit 70 million players worldwide, proving that even after 2+ decades the series is still going strong. And now we celebrate a milestone as the series turns 24!

Celebrate The Sims’ 24th Birthday With An Exclusive Pin!

The Official Sims Shop opened in late 2023 and this is the first time since its launch that new merchandise has been added to the selection, and what a great time to do so! In addition to restocks of some of your other Sims Shop favorites, they’ve introduced a new Limited Edition item for fans of the franchise to show their love & celebrate 24 years with such a legendary game series.

Freezer Bunny + Llamacorn Birthday Celebratory Pin

Birthday Pin

The main piece of Limited merchandise being released for the occasion is this adorable Freezer Bunny and Llamacorn pin, featuring sparkly enamel versions of two of the game’s most infamous mascots. The Freezer Bunny is even wearing a striped birthday hat in celebration! Because it’s a Limited Edition item, once they’re sold out they won’t be coming back.

Get your hands on this exclusive Birthday Celebration pin here!

Skeleton Freezer Bunny Pin

Skeleton Pin

Though it was released a few weeks after the Sims Shop launched, this cool glow-in-the-dark pin sold out along with every other enamel pin that was initially released. All of the enamel pins have since been restocked but the Skeleton Freezer Bunny pin is the only one now bearing the Limited Edition flare, suggesting that this will be the final time it’s going to be made available for sale. That could be due to it being part of an overall Limited Edition collection, or because the glow-in-the-dark enamel is harder to procure. Or, perhaps The Sims team wants to give it some rarity because it’s been so popular. No matter the reason, if you missed your chance the first time around and really want this pin, now is the time to grab it.

Grab one of these Limited Edition Skeleton Freezer Bunny pins here!

Onyx Runners Hoodie & Sweatpants

Onyx Runners Collection

Unlike most of the other content in the Sims Shop, the Onyx Runners collection didn’t release at launch and instead showed up a few weeks later. The final item(s) that have returned to The Sims Shop with the new Limited Edition identifier are the Hoodie and Sweatpants from this collection which features clothing & accessories that are typically black with Sims green accents; the hoodie has stylized versions of many well-known The Sims characters along the right arm while the sweatpants feature an outline logo on the right shin area. The aforementioned Skeleton Freezer Bunny pin is also part of the Onyx Runners Collection, which isn’t a surprise when you compare the colors used on it.

No other apparel in the shop is labeled as Limited Edition so it looks like this set it on its last run. If you missed either item when the store launched this is your opportunity to add them to your wardrobe before they’re gone for good!

Get the Onyx Runners Hoodie here and the Onyx Runners Sweatpants here before they’re gone forever!

Never Miss Another Merch Drop!

Sims Shop Newsletter

If you want to stay in the know about updates to the Sims Shop including restocks and merch drops, sign up for their newsletter. All you need is your name, email address, birthday, and country location and you’ll be added to the list where you’ll be notified whenever a new collection drops or the shop has a restock. You can also sign up to be notified of individual restocks if a specific item you’re eyeing is sold out, but don’t count on those Limited Edition items coming back! The link to sign up is at the bottom of every page so just head on over to the Sims Shop to sign up.

Are you planning on buying one of these Limited Edition items? How long have you been playing The Sims? Let us know in the comments, and happy simming!

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