Best Hogwarts Uniform Custom Content for the Sims 4


If you’re a Harry Potter fan, we’re sure you’ll come to like our list of Sims 4 Hogwarts uniform custom content. There’s a lot of magic put into the creation of these Hogwarts suits and uniforms. And your sims characters, male and female, from teen to elder can try them out. Here are our picks of the best custom harry potter uniforms for the Sims 4.

Sims 4 Hogwarts Uniform CC and Mods

Hogwarts Uniform Top

First of all, we’re introducing this beautiful Hogwarts top for both masculine and feminine frames. It is available for all four houses, so you can style up all your Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff sim characters. To install, click here.

Hogwarts Unifrom custom content

Such a well put together Hogwarts uniform. It’s available to you in 4 swatches: red, yellow, blue and green. It’s HQ compatible. Get yours now by clicking here.

Hogwarts uniform Custom content

An 8 swatch Slytherin uniform for all your harry potter sim fans. It’s designed for your male sims in cold weather. To install this one, follow this link.

Kiro Hogwarts uniform set (remaster)

Harry Potter CC

We can’t get enough of this outfit. A remastered version of the Hogwarts uniform. It works for your kid and adult sims alike. Head over to this post for easy download.

Hogwarts uniform Custom content

Hogwarts uniform CC

If you’re a true Hogwarts fan, you’ll want to dress your sims in a cape. This uniform is available in a variety of 8 swatches. You can visit this page for easy installation.

Harry potter CC

As for this set, there are about 11 items. All of which are are base game compatible. And you get to choose between 47 unique swatches.

This collection includes: A Hogwarts, Quidditch uniforms, A Deathly Hallows jacket and t-shirt, a Hogwarts crest t-shirt and jacket. Click on this page for easy download.

Sims 4 Hogwarts Uniform

Hogwarts uniform Custom Content

This collection offers four custom uniforms for the Sims 4: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw. Here’s your download-link.

Hogwarts Houses suits

Hogwarts uniform Custom Content

Your kid sims are also getting custom Hogwarts clothes. Here’s your download-link.

Argus Filch set

Hogwarts uniform Custom Content

Argus Filch is in the house! This set includes a full-body outfit in 5 swatches. To grab this one, follow this link.

Sims 4 Hogwarts Uniform

Hogwarts uniform Custom Content

Sometimes all your sims need are a collection of casual Hogwarts houses clothes! You get four custom tops, shoes for Gryffindor and Slytherin, and set of Nike sneakers for all faculties. Oh and jackets, too. To install this one, follow this link.

We hope you enjoyed this list of Sims 4 Hogwarts uniform custom content. Visit the main post for an awesome collection of custom clothes for the Sims 4. And we also recommend checking out related content by hitting the links below. See ya there, simmers!

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