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Looking for some fine chandeliers to enrich your Sims 4 home? Well, you’ll be happy to discover fine chandelier CC you can implement in the game immediately. If this has peaked your interest, keep reading to find the best chandelier pieces for TS4 available for download!

sims 4 chandelier cc

chandelier CC & ceiling lighting sets for everyone’s style

If you love building, you have likely noticed how effective ceiling light can transform the whole room. Although we always have fun with the creative light ideas available in the game, custom content chandeliers allow us to follow the latest interior design trends. Chandeliers come in all forms and sizes. Some are classic, while others are more minimal and simple. Thanks to CC designs, we can modernize homes, personalize, and elevate the space even more.

To assist you, we have selected the best chandelier CC found online. Some come as singular items, while others are part of larger interior sets. Welcome aboard, and have fun!

1. mod ceiling lighting by mincSims


If you love complex chandeliers, this CC is designed for you. This one features glass sections that form a gorgeous vertical light, like those you can find in specialized light shops. There are three lengths to opt from, so that you can fully customize the space. Additionally, this beauty comes in three HQ variations – with three, six, and nine glass flowers. To get yours, check out this page!

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2. sedum ceiling lamp by wondyMoon

Sedum Ceiling Lamp Medium

Boho chandeliers are always IN – especially this season! No matter if you are building a beachside home, or simply love incorporating bohemian details, this rattan lamp shade will bring a dose of light and style into any room. The chandelier comes in 6 natural wood variations, so you’ll have no trouble fitting in with other furniture! You can get this chandelier CC here!

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3. highlights chandelier by leoSims


A luxury chandelier like this one is all a simmer needs to make a home a lavish paradise. It incorporates hundreds of glass pieces, merged to create a perfect home decor piece. Place it and watch your room transform into a space worthy of royalty. To get this stunning chandelier CC, follow this link.

4. Fontainebleau chandelier set by RegalSims

fontainebleau CH Set 1

Looking for a chandelier for rich Sims? Look no further, as this regal design will instantly charm you. The piece is available in four sizes – extra small, small, medium, and large. This will allow you to get creative with combining different sizes or blending them with different wall heights. Each of the four comes in 7 color variations, which is awesome! Check it out here!

5. caine living room with minimal chandelier

tumblr plx8f2t8Uq1s4yxajo4 1280

A modern light like this is all it takes to brighten up a space and change the typical prebuilt Sims interior. This living room set includes not only a stunning minimal chandelier, but also matching lights and furniture to complete the design. The light comes in three size variations for three wall heights, and 15 color options to play with. To get this chandelier CC and living room details, go here!

6. cassiel chandelier by PixelVibes

Cassiel Chandelier

If you want to catch up with the latest home design, this chandelier CC is a must-have. The piece is made of marble-like tiles, attached on a shiny metal orb. Besides white, there are also black, blue and burgundy variants, so feel free to experiment! Imagine how cool it would look above the home bar or in the middle of a living room. To get a sample of this fabulous chandelier CC, go here.

7. classy chandelier set by pocci


Now, here comes something for classic design lovers. This vintage chandelier with big teardrop glass detail will take you back in time. It comes in light and dark shades and will be a nice addition to any interior, be it a Victorian mansion or modern home. Check it out on this page!

8. flower chandelier by VintageSimmer

tumblr 1fef8da7fcf2cb45bf104fa532462030 1071524b 1280

This vintage lamp is a conversion from Sims 3, ready to make your Sims 4 experience better. The texture resembles wood and wicker lamps. Shaped like a flower with six petals, it will add a nice touch of warmth to the otherwise sterile interior. If you’d like to get this vintage chandelier CC, download it here!

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9. jungle adventure lights

tumblr p53j4mIFkN1uylrvfo1 1280

Enter the survivor mode and design your interior like a real adventurer, by incorporating this candle chandelier CC into your building experience. The design is available in five heights – long, medium, and three intermediate. Once added to the library, it will cost $175. To get this chandelier, check if you have Jungle Adventure pack installed, and download the chandelier from this link.

10. celtis ceiling light by WondyMoon

Celtis Ceiling Light

All Simmers who love industrial design will love trying this one out. This chandelier CC matches the latest industrial decor trends and has bulbs hanging between two slim metal orbs. It is available in five colors, from black and gray to white. It will look great in a living room, workshop, or cafe! To get this raw detail for your home, go here.

11. royal crystal chandelier set by RegalSims

01 16 21 10 01 19 PM

Now you can make your own Versailles-inspired room, thanks to this mesmerizing classic chandelier CC. This royal light with crystals will bring a dose of elegance and prestige into your interior, no matter where you put it. It is available in 8 colors and two sizes, one directly attached to the ceiling, and a longer one. Go ahead and add it to your mods folder.

12. kitchen set with a ceiling lamp by mincSims

2021 08 20 2 02 52 AM

Not all chandeliers are made equal. Some, like this one, are out-of-the-box designs that will modernize your house better than any other lights. Chandeliers with light wires wrapped around rustic wood are popular these days, so why not add one to your interior? Although part of a kitchen set, it will look great in any room. To get this modern chandelier CC set with minimalistic lights, visit this Patreon page!

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13. glassy ceiling lamp by mathcope

04 glassy ceiling lamp cc sims4

A versatile chandelier CC like this will instantly make your space more colorful. A blend of three, this complex glassy lamp is designed to fit all three wall heights, allowing you to truly experiment with decor and furniture. It comes in 10 swatches, so have fun trying out different shades! To get his one, go to direct link download here.

14. dining set with minimal chandelier

tumblr 2e05f76b20c5366064a007b61f7e66ab 912986aa 1280

Some of the best furniture and decor pieces come in a set, and this chandelier is not an exception. Besides additional furniture, it comes with matching lights for walls and tables, so you can enjoy the consistency of light design in the room. The chandelier is a blend of six smaller ceiling lamps, and is a nice refreshment for your ceiling light panel. Check out this chandelier CC set here!

15. neoclassical living room with chandeliers by regalSims

The Neoclassical Living Room For TS4 4

Travel back to the neoclassical times and add these glorious chandeliers to your light collection. You can opt for an extra double tier and regular double tier design, depending on the preferred chandelier length you are going for. Both are available in seven colors, such as black, silver, and gold. This one can be yours if you get it on this page!

16. vertigo pendant lamp by meinkatz

tumblr 8990a3711f95bb8c5aafb7b9bf60d758 838a8389 1280

If you love simple, yet effective details, this one is it. As one of the most sought-after chandelier designs in recent years, this vertigo pendant lamp is a top-shelf piece you’ll love experimenting with. It’s made of fiberglass, it’s elegant, and comes in black and white style. With a piece like this, your home will look like a Parisian home in no time. Check it out on this page!

17. art nouveau ceiling lamp conversion from tS2 to tS4

MTS TheJim07 1813161 02

Do you miss those fun chandeliers from the Sims 2? Well, thanks to this conversion, you can enjoy the Art Nouveau in your Sims 4 home. Ideal for recreating art deco and early 20th-century rooms, this one is a great piece if you need versatile retro pieces when building and furnishing. Plus, it comes in two lengths. To get this revamped chandelier CC, go here!


A chandelier can make or break the beauty of the interior. This was our selection of chandeliers for everyone’s style. We included classic round ones with sparkly glass, modern and industrial ones, as well as vintage pieces to complete the collection. We can only be grateful for all the awesome CC creators in our Sims community. Happy Simming!

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