Rustic Romance Wedding Stuff

Rustic Romance Stuff
Created by: Plumbob Tea Society
Pack includes:
Last time tested:
Compatibility: Requires Luxury Party Stuff

Rustic Romance Stuff is a wedding-themed pack full of absolutely breathtaking details. There are over 70 pieces of content in this pack including formal clothing for sims of all ages and genders, dozens of decorative items, furniture, lighting, a rustic wedding cake override, and a grand wedding arch which comes in the form of a large decorated tree. You even get new wedding poses!

As a companion to the Rustic Romance Stuff Pack, there’s a wedding venue available for download that showcases the wonderful items in this collection. Since it was made long ago the lot is categorized as Generic; you’ll want to change it to a Wedding Venue when you place it in your game. Get the venue here. The pack is Base Game compatible (with the exception of a single item) but you will need the following DLC for the venue: Cats & Dogs, Get Together, Parenthood, Vampires, Dine Out, Laundry Day, Backyard, Romantic Garden, and Holiday Celebration.

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