16 Cell Phone Replacements That Will Surprise Your Sims


Cell phones in the Sims 4 have changed a lot since game launch, but their design still leaves a bit to be desired. What if you could replace the in-game phone completely?

cell phone replacement

First launching over two decades ago, the Sims franchise has unintentionally served as a great snapshot for how technology has evolved over the years. Phones are one of the best ways to observe this change. In the original Sims 1 players only had access to landline phones, and in the Sims 2 you needed an expansion pack to first unlock mobile phones. By the Sims 3 every character received a cell phone by default, but players could still furnish their sims’ homes with a landline if they so wished. The sims of today will never know what it’s like to share a landline though, as the Sims 4 has completely omitted house phones from the Build/Buy catalog.

Typically the Sims’ games will have their own fictional branding for whatever tech you can find, and the designs of these items can be kind of generic. The Sims 4 is no exception to this and the in-game cell phone leaves much to be desired. Fortunately for players there are quite a range of CC cell phones that have been created to replace the default version, ranging from the newest smartphones to old-school mobile phone designs. We’ve collected 16 of the hottest cell phone replacements out there for you and your sims to enjoy!

Default Replacement Cell Phones for All Tastes

Default replacements are great because once they’re installed, you don’t really have to fuss with them too much. One important thing to remember though is that you can only have one installed at a time! If you decide that you want to go back to the original phone, simply remove your chosen mod from the Mods folder and it will revert back.

1. iphone 12 Replacement Mod by NURIbatsal

This mod will replace the in-game phone with an iPhone 12 that comes with a bunch of new cases, plus screen images to really upgrade the in-game phone experience. It’s got good proportions and looks fantastic in a sim’s hand. To learn more and download this cell phone, go here.

2. Apple Iphone 11 Pro by littledica

The first of several creations by littledica to be featured on this list, the iPhone 11 Pro replaces all phones in the game with a single color replacement. It’s available in all the factory colors but unfortunately you can only choose one at a time. This is a nice option if you want to update your sims’ phones, but can’t be bothered beyond that and customizing them individually. See the swatches and download here.

3. Apple Iphone X by littledica

Since this iPhone only launched in 2 colors choosing your preferred replacement is simple, and the mod takes advantage of the model’s large screen with a glowing effect you can’t find on the vanilla phones! Check out the download page to see more in-game photos, including the light-up screen.

4. Iphone 7 Plus by Moon

Available in 5 colors, this cell phone is functional in multiple ways. In addition to the default replacement version, he made a deco and radio version you can grab for screenshots which is linked on the phone’s download page.

5. Samsung Galaxy S9 by OceanRazr

This sleek cell phone is available in 5 choices of color that look HQ despite being on a low poly model. Learn more and download the phone here.

6. Samsung GALAXY S8 by littledica

Another svelte phone by littledica, this recolorable phone is available in the same 5 swatches as the S9 mentioned above. Unlike the S9 though this phone has littledica’s signature light-up screen. Check it out!

7. Samsung GALAXY Note8 by littledica

If you prefer the Samsung Note line over the Galaxy then this is the mod for you. Luckily for your sims they’ll never know the stress of losing their phone stylus! The phone comes in 4 neutral colors that you can get on ModTheSims.

8. H&B Star5G by littledica

H&B is a manufacturer that littledica has created and released a variety of content under, with this cell phone being the most recent launch from the “brand.” It’s less rounded than most of the phones we’ve featured so far and has a good selection of colors to pick from, plus that awesome backlit display.

9. i-CHAD Pro by Ozzy Sims 4 Mods

A spoof on the iPhone and a good choice if you want a smartphone replacement without IRL branding. Choose from 6 hardcore hues!

10. Flip Phone by y0h4n

If you long for the satisfaction of slamming a phone shut after a heated conversation, check out this retro flip phone! If you’re old enough to remember when cell phones first came to the Sims then you definitely owned a phone like this at some point. The detail in this phone is impressive and I especially appreciate the little plumbob on the top!

11. Nokia 3310 by YandyCC

Do you want a phone so durable that if you were to drop it on the floor it would be the floor that got damaged? Is a full-color screen just too new-fangled for you? Are you looking for a phone that can add even more heft to Mrs. Crumplebottom’s purse? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you will love this old-school Nokia phone.

12. Totally Rad Brick Phone by Sewer Sims

Based off the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x which was released in 1983, this massive phone will transport one to a time before many of you readers even existed! It still has all the modern-day functionality of the vanilla cell phone, although some of the animations will look off because it’s so chunky. Looking at how freakin’ cool it is I’d say that’s worth the trade-off.

Why take selfies on your phone anyway when poses do it do much better?

13. Medieval Notebook by Ayoshi

For historical challenge players, immersion can be broken pretty easily when a bored sim whips out their phone to play around with. Ayoshi came up with this clever solution of replacing the mesh with that of a small book, which substitutes well for the way a sim holds and interacts with their cell phone. This is especially helpful for storytelling purposes as NPCs won’t ruin your shots by looking out of place.

14. Phone Override by Fake Pikachu

Fake Pikachu wanted an updated cell phone design for the Sims 4 that was more Maxis-match, so they made this replacement. This phone is very special in that it is the only one on this list that is both case compatible and has a backlit screen!

15. Functional Phone Replacement – Maxis Match by FrenchieSim

If you don’t mind the design of the default cell phone but wish it was a little less clunky, check out this replacement. It’s designed quite nicely and fits the Maxis Match style perfectly!

16. Grim Freezer Bunny Phone by SrslySims

Last but not least, the perfect phone for Freezer Bunny fans. This phone has a protector modeled after the Freezer Bunny originally found hanging from Grim’s waist, and it’s super cute! You can still change the color of your phone’s case though you will only see it along the edges of the screen, which features 7 new images.

If you don’t have enough Freezer Bunny content in your life, we’ve got 20 more CC links for you.

Closing the Convo

Why deal with the boring vanilla cell phone when there is such a great variety of replacements to choose from? Whether you want to keep the Maxis style with a slight upgrade, give your sims your favorite smartphone, dial the game back by a few decades, or even hide phones altogether, you can find a cell phone replacement to fit the bill. Hopefully you’ve found a new favorite!

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