10+ Innovative Phone Apps You Definitely Have To Try!


As the Sims 4 has evolved over time we’ve seen a lot of changes to the UI, and sims’ phones are no exception. From new camera controls to more phone cases and even an entire interface refresh, the Sims 4 cell phone of today is very different from the one we got at launch.

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10+ Innovative Phone Apps You Definitely Have To Try!

One thing that hasn’t changed as much is the phone’s apps. The Sims 4 doesn’t have an app store for your characters to browse so they’ve been at the mercy of EA over what new things to add, and we really haven’t seen much in that respect. Knifty Knitting gave us Plopsy, Cottage Living gave us Zoomers Food Delivery, and High School Years expansion gave us Trendi and Social Bunny but that’s really been the only big app updates we’ve seen over the years. It should come as no surprise that creators have changed this significantly, with a variety of mods that add or change the functionality of the cell phone.

Welcome to the App Exchange!

While most of these mods aren’t exclusive to the cell phone, they add a lot of new functionality to it in such a way that it’s like your sim has added a new app to their phone. Let’s take a look!

1. Social Activities by LittleMissSam

This mod adds a new menu called “Social Activities” to the cell phone that opens up a bunch of new rabbithole activities for your sims, from short trips for an afternoon to mini vacations and even to holiday activities like Trick or Treating! Your sims will earn buffs from being away and depending on the activity, they can also increase relationships, complete homework, or return with goodies in their inventory. It’s a robust mod and if you only download one thing from this list, this mod is the one we recommend.

This mod integrates seamlessly with LittleMissSam’s “First Love” mod; learn all about it here.

2. Social Networking Crossover by a.deep.indigo

It’s odd that many of the social media tasks sims can perform are exclusive to computers, as nowadays many people live entirely on their phones and there’s not a lot you need a computer to do. A.deep.indigo created this tweak that adds more social media choices to the phone, like it should have been in the first place! To use this mod you will need to download their Shared Library file (linked in the post), but they have several other great mods available so it’s worth it.

3. My Social Life by KawaiiStacie

In addition to other social aspects of this mod, it adds a variety of new text messages and phone call types that your sims can make and receive from others. These actions can also happen autonomously! It’s a great mod to build relationships with friends, family, classmates, and more!

Curious about the rest of KawaiiStacie’s Slice of Life mods? Learn more from our guide!

4. WonderfulWhims by TURBODRIVER

WonderfulWhims completely overhauls the social/relationships system in the game with new levels of complexity and realism. Part of the mod involves a phone app for the “Wonderful Store” where sims can purchase things like menstrual products and pain relief pills. The store is just a small component to this complex mod which has lots of good stuff!

5. SimDa by LittleMissSam

A dating app inspired by the real world “Tinder” app, this is a mod that gives your sims a new way to seek out romantic interests, whether your sim is looking for their forever-love or just someone to keep them company for the evening. Check out our write-up to learn more about the mod.

6. Delivery Services by Littlebowbub

This collection of mods adds new delivery apps to give sims even more options for food drop-offs! So far there are 3 apps to choose from:

  • Grannies Bakery which delivers a range of baked goods like pies, cakes, and breads
  • Komorebi Cuisine delivers many Asian-inspired dishes from City Living and Snowy Escape
  • Hungry Plumbobs offers burgers, fries/chips, chicken, & pizza

You will need to download the main mod to get any of these apps working, but with 3 working apps and at least 1 more on the way, it’s definitely a useful mod to have!

Upgrade the appeal of in-game meals with our favorite food retexture mods!

7. Language Barriers Mod by Frankk

This mod adds new languages to the Sims 4 based on several of the game’s worlds, and one way your sims can learn/practice new languages is via the Simlingo phone app. We already have a full write-up about this mod than you can check out here, or you can take our word for it and download the mod right away!

8. Alternate Phone Icons by kuttoe

A simple phone mod that changes the appearance of the Sims 4 default phone UI. Some players find the newer phone UI to be boring and hard to navigate, and this mod gives the phone icons a little more personality while also making them a bit easier to identify.

9. Persona 5 Phone UI (Override Mod) by Cryptiam

If you’re a fan of the Persona series you’ll really dig this mod. There are several wallpapers available that span Personas 3-5, plus optional Persona 5 themed icon overrides.

If you’re a fan of RPGs, check out this list of our favorite CC from the Fallout game series.

10. Plumfruit by Arnie [ABANDONED]

The plumfruit mod suite was Arnie’s answer to Apple but made for the Sims 4. In addition to a massive number of new home electronics, it came with 2 new phones and multiple new apps to be used with them. The mod is still available for download however Arnie left the modding community in May of 2022 to pursue creating his own games, and it’s no surprise that since then the mod has stopped functioning correctly.

We wanted to include it on this list so players who have or who are looking for plumfruit can find out what ultimately happened to it.

Ending the Call

While sims don’t have the option of browsing the App Store when they’re bored, players like us can give them more to do with the help of phone mods. Pick a few that sound fun to you and give them a whirl! Your sims will thank you for refreshing their phones and adding more for them to experience. Have fun, and happy simming!

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