A Player’s Guide To The Sims 4 Phone Mod


Most of us can’t imagine a day without our phones, and our Sims are no different, so that’s why modders are working on great The Sims 4 phone mods for us! It’s time to use the phones in the game to their full potential and let the Sims enjoy some technology!

In this phone mod guide, you’ll learn more about great ways to bring back some modern life aspects into the game and let the Sims enjoy life to the fullest. Sounds great so far, right?

Let’s take a look:

iPhone Mod For The Sims 4

Are you also looking for the latest iPhone release every few months? Well, your Sims could also enjoy this great The Sims 4 phone mod, which allows them to have the iPhone 11 Pro in their hands! This mod contains all the real colours of the iPhone, so your Sim will definitely stand out in the virtual crowd.

If you’d like to let your Sim take care of their errands with a brand new iPhone, then take a look at this mod.

iPhone X S Max Decor

Have you ever seen those amazing wooden iPhone holders? Well, your Sim can also have that in the game with the help of The Sims 4 phone mod that allows you to have such iPhone X decor on your table.

Whether your Sim is actually using that phone or just wants the decor to look great in their bedroom, this is still a valid reason to try out this great mod and add some amazing custom content to the game. It definitely add some charm to the room!

Taking It One Step Further

What about iPhone 12? If you have some Sims who want to stay modern and keep up with the latest technology trends (whether that is phones, laptops, or even solar panels!), then this might be the perfect mod for you.

This way, your Sim can have the best of the best and enjoy all the possibilities and charm that come together with this content. Of course, don’t be surprised if your Sims will want to spend a lot of time looking at their new and shiny phone and not working or studying! Who knows, maybe they will even become a style influencer!

To be fair, something similar happens in the real world too!

These are just some of the best technology/phone-related mods for The Sims 4. Of course, once you dive deeper into the world of mods and custom content, then you will find even more great possible additions to the game. Don’t be afraid of adding it to your game because it will definitely make the whole gaming experience much better.

Also, having more content ensures that you will continue loving this game for many years to come! This way, there will always be something new and great to be excited about! No wonder why some players even have their personal favourite modders who they follow!

If you’re looking for more great mods, check out our full collection!

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