How to Become a Seasoned Traveler With SimNation Travel Mod

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Do you love traveling in Sims 4? Now you can make every trip much more realistic by installing a special travel mod to add new modes of transport and new travel features. Keep reading to discover how! 

sims 4 travel mod
SimNation Travel Mod for the Sims 4!

Traveling in Sims 4

Traveling in Sims 4 The Sims 4 has a few stunning worlds Sims are allowed to travel to. Besides visiting other cities, they can also travel to special destination worlds, designed solely for travel and vacationing.

To travel locally, they can use a map, and to travel to other worlds and faraway destinations, they Sims use their phone. This automatically shows a loading screen, and before you know it, your Sims are in a new world, ready to explore and meet locals! They don’t have to deal with real stuff, such as getting a valid passport or pre-booking their flights and vacation rentals. However, with the travel mod, our realities can become our Sims’ realities, too.

What is a SimNation Travel mod?

SimNation Travel Mod is a mod by Adeepindigo, which adds complexity to travel and makes domestic and international travel much more fun and realistic. Sims will now have four modes of transportation: bike, car, subway, and plane. They can become seasoned travelers, and earn a living by doing what they love the most – exploring new places. Here are some key things you can do with this mod: 

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  • Book flights and get a passport
  • Buy and register cars
  • Take driving lessons and obtain a driving license
  • Get subway tickets
  • Register your personal vehicle
  • Work as a Travel Magzine Critic
  • Choose a Seasoned Traveler aspiration

While it adds new means of transportation, the great thing about this travel mod is that it doesn’t limit your movement. You will still get loading screens, but it’s the travel interactions that are tweaked to be more realistic. This means that you will be able to travel as you normally would using maps, in case you don’t want to use mod features while in the game. Now, let’s see what it’s all about in more detail! 

Traveling locally and internationally

Except for cars, most innovations from the mod come in the form of new custom interactions, and not in the form of places or objects. For instance, although Sims can use the subway to travel, they won’t be going to a subway station, but will just gain access to an interactive ticket in their inventory that can take them places. Regardless of where they are traveling to, travel options from the mod are available via phone and computer. SimNation travel mod adds useful features for both domestic and local travel, so let’s explore both.

Booking Flights and Traveling Abroad

No more traveling without passports! Just like you have your travel documents, your Sims will now need a valid passport to travel internationally. On top of that, if you want to visit any of the vacation worlds in Sims 4, you will need to do some reservations, first! Booking will get them in a good mood, because hey – who isn’t excited to visit a new place!?

Besides typical Sims 4 vacation worlds, such as Batuu, Selvadorada, Tartosa, or Granite Falls, with travel mod Mt.Komorebi, Sulani and Windenburg are also considered foreign lands unless your Sim is a local there.

1. Booking flights and vacation homes

Booking is essential and it includes booking a flight on time and paying a deposit for the vacation home you plan to stay in. Expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $250 to reserve a vacation home for a week.

When booking flights, Sims can pick a fare class, and go with the economy, which is cheaper, or first class if they don’t mind paying extra for their airplane seat. Like getting a passport won’t be enough, with this travel mod, you’ll also be responsible for renewing your Sim’s travel documents after some time.

2. Getting valid passports

We all wait for our documents to be approved, so why wouldn’t our Sims? To get a passport, Sims will need to fill in the application via computer and choose a passport shipping method. Make sure to get it on time, as it can take from 12 hours to up to 2 days to receive the document, depending on which shipping method you pick. The cool thing about the passport, besides being a realistic travel mod asset, is that it can show you where your Sim has traveled. Traveled locations will be marked as clickable, while those that haven’t been visited yet will be grayed out.

Traveling Locally

Besides the worlds listed for international travel, all other worlds Sims can travel fall under the domestic travel category. Your Sims will still be able to move around in their neighborhood as they usually do, so the travel mod won’t interfere with that.

However, if you want to leave your local place, you can do so by using any of the following three means of transport: a bike, a car, or a subway system. You are allowed one mode of transport at a time. The last one you used will be set as the primary and your Sim will use it by default unless you give them another command and change their primary mode of transport. All modes of transport require some form or registration or a pass, and you will find these in your Sim’s inventory once they get them.

1. Using Subway

Subway in the travel mod works just like in the real world. While there is no subway station spot that you can visit or a metro you can hop into in a literal sense, you will get a subway pass in your inventory that you can use to travel locally. This is the cheapest travel option, and any Sim can use it, except for toddlers and babies – even kids!

There are three types of subway passes: for 7 days, 14 days, and 28 days, and the price range for these vary from $20 to $130 and you can purchase them via phone. No pass is created equal, and the price depends on the age of your Sim, so you will notice that passes for children, teens and elders are cheaper than tickets for adults. After 7,14, or 28-period passes, you will need to reload your subway pass to continue using it.

2. riding a bike

If you have Discover University, you can use a bike to get from point A to point B. When you install the travel mod you will notice that ‘’Travel…’’ option is grayed out. This is because a bicycle becomes a very personalized mode of transport and needs to be registered to be used. Every Sim needs to have their own bike, and register it to use it. The Sim who registers the bike will take full ownership of if, so no one else in your active family will be able to ride it. Bikes need to be serviced every three weeks, though, so be ready for that. 

1. Driving cars

Yep, cars are here, and you can buy them, admire them and get a driving license for them! SimNation travel mod not only adds complexity to how your Sims travel, but also makes driving cars accessible and realistic. To be legally eligible to drive one, your Sims, from teens to elders, will need to obtain a driving license.

travel mod

You won’t be driving the car in a real sense where you can see the car moving on the road. You will still get a loading screen when traveling via car, but it will be placed in the owner’s inventory so that it can be used at any time. More about cars and licenses below!

How to get a car?

To get a car, just to go the Buy Menu>Outdoor>Transportation, and pick the one you prefer depending on your price limit or eco-footprint. You will need to fill the tank every once in a while, service the car every two to three weeks, and level up the hidden driving skill. Owning the car is the priciest option of all travel modes, so expect to spend around at least $20 on fuel every week, and up to $250 for maintenance. 

Once your new shiny object is in your yard, to make it your personal mode of transport, you’ll need to register as a car owner by clicking on the car and choosing ”Complete Vehicle Registration”. Boom! You are now a proud owner of a new shiny vehicle!

Driving requires a license, and you’ll get one at your local Department of Motor Vehicles and get a driving license. This is not an actual place that exists in the physical world, so your Sim will disappear down the rabbit hole for a while. To go to the DMV, simply go to your phone and choose Go to Department of Motor Vehicles, and this will cost you $35. Similarly to bikes, only the Sim who registers the car can drive it and use it to travel. 

With SimNation travel mod, teens can drive too. They can get their license either by paying for driving lessons ($50 per lesson) or asking adult Sims from their active household to teach them how to drive. Naturally, this can’t be just anybody, so make sure your adult Sim has the license before they get to teach. Lessons are reserved to teens only, so your adults can just visit the DMV and come back with the license!

New Aspirtaion: Seasoned Traveler

For this travel mod feature to work, besides the base game, you will also need Jungle Adventures, City Living, Island Living, Snowy Escape, and Outdoor Retreat. Seasoned Traveler is a new, classified under Location in aspirations menu, that works just like any other aspiration, has milestones, and a reward trait your Sim can earn. These are the milestones:

  • 1st Milestone – Tourist: Meet 5 New Sims, Reach Level 3 Photography Skill, Obtain a Passport and Study a Foreign Language
  • 2nd Milestone – Vacationist: Reach Level 4 in Foreign Language, Go Diving 3 times in Sulani, Go on a dig in the Jungles of Slevadorada, Take 10 photos in Granite Falls
  • 3rd Milestone – Honorary Citizen: Unlock Frequent Travel Lifestyle, Ask 3 Sims about Home Region in different regions, Travel to 10 different lots in other worlds and chat with Sims, Travel to Sylvan Glade
  • 4th Milestone – Seasoned Traveler: Visit 10 different worlds and eat a meal, attend 3 different festivals, have a drink at the Cave on Mt.Komorebi, Master 2 foreign languages

Completing this travel mod aspiration will earn your Sims a special reward trait called Prepared Traveler, which will boost their language learning skills, help them make acquaintances and befriend locals abroad, and enjoy travel more, especially when they are far from home. 

new career: Travel Critic Career

SimNation travel mod features a brand new career with 6 levels that gives your Sim a lot of time to travel, and a chance to share their travel stories and work from home. They will become a type of travel blogger, with short hours and plenty of focus on experiencing foreign cultures. These are the levels:

  • Level 1 – Story Researcher
  • Level 2 – Columnist
  • Level 3 – Reviewer
  • Level 4 – Culture Writer
  • Level 5 – Travel Blogger
  • Level 6 – Chief Travel Critic

To level up, they will be required to write a lot, polish their photography skills, review food, chat with locals, and review performances and neighborhoods in foreign lands.  Note that, for this travel mod feature to work, you will need to have The Sims 4: City Living expansion pack installed. 

Whate are the requirements for SimNation Travel Mod?

If you loved what you just read, and would love to give this travel mod a go, the good news is that the main mod can work with Base Game only. However, if you want to use all of its features, especially aspiration and career features, you will need expansion some packs (City Living for Travel Critic Career, Jungle Adventure, Island Living, Snowy Escape, Outdoor Retreat, and City Living packs for Seasoned Traveler Aspiration). Having to Get to Work and Discover University is also beneficial, as it will help you access all travel modes and vehicles included in the mod. 

To download SimNation Mod and get more info about installation and features, go here.


This was SimNation mod in a nutshell! It features a few key elements that enrich the game and make travel more interesting. So, if you enjoy little details that make the Sims 4 more realistic and relatable than give this mod a go. Enjoy experimenting with a new career, aspiration, and domestic and international travel!

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