The BEST Sims 4 Aspiration Mods & CC in 2022


If you’re looking for the best Sims 4 Aspiration Mods and CC gameplay-wise, you’ve come to the right place! In this post, I’ve collected my 25 favorite aspiration mods from all over the internet here for you. Download links are included as well.

Sims 4 Aspiration Mods
Creators have been super creative: The choice of aspiration mods seems almost endless!

The Best Aspirations For Sims 4

These are all fun and exciting mods that totally improve how you play the game. They add more challenges, traits, goals, and rewards for your Sims. In other words, they’re awesome!

And if you’d like to know more about other mods and custom content for Sims 4, check out my Mega Guide on The Sims 4 Mods and CC. There you’ll find all you need to know about these and other great extensions for the game. Now let’s take a look at the best 25 aspiration mods for Sims 4!

My favorite 25 Sims 4 Aspiration Mods explained

25. Self-Sufficient Aspiration Mod

Self-Sufficient Aspiration

I start this list with the awesome Self-Sufficient Aspiration mod. This is an eco-friendly lifestyle for all Sims that aspire to be green.

By adding this aspiration to your game, you’ll give your Sims the opportunity to disconnect themselves from consumerism. And instead of buying and wasting resources, Sims with this aspiration will try to recycle and reuse all possible things.

Honestly, this is one of the best aspiration mods for Sims 4 gameplay-wise. But unfortunately, it requires the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack to work. And if you own, you can have twice as much fun with this mod!

Download link.

24. Sims 4 Gold-digger Aspiration and Trait

Sims 4 Gold-digger

If you’ve ever wanted to know how a gold-digger Sim would fit in Sims 4, now you have the chance to experience that first-hand. The Gold-digger aspiration mod and trait is a prime example of how aspiration mods should be done and published. It’s unique, new, and exciting. Plus it feels fresh!

This aspiration adds 14 new interactions to the game. It also has 4 levels – Socialite, Fortune Hunter, Trophy Wife, and Bloodseeker. When you choose this aspiration, your Sim will start with introducing themselves to 20 other Sims. But soon they will marry a wealthy Sim (100,000+ simoleons) and inherit it.

All in all, the gold-digger lifestyle is tons of fun. And the interactions are funny!

Download link.

23. Photography Aspiration Mod for Sims 4

Photography Aspiration

The Photography Aspiration is an interesting mod that I really enjoy. It’s basically an attempt to fix the photography in Sims 4 by giving it an aspiration of 4 levels. Completing the entire aspiration will reward you with 4,975 satisfaction points. And another great reward here is the tripod camera.

The 4 levels of this aspiration are Amateur, Semi-Pro, Pro, and Photo-Artist. The way your Sim takes photos in the game is changed and improved with this mod. It has a lot of downloads on ModTheSims and I recommend it for all photography lovers out there.

Download link.

22. Sims 4: Three Mermaid Aspirations

Three Mermaid

Mermaid lovers beware – here’s the aspiration mod that will change how you view and play mermaids in Sims 4. Seriously, this is such a well-developed extension that even non-mermaid players are tempted to try it.

This mod gives you 3 unique aspirations, each of which has 4 different levels. All 3 aspirations are connected with living the mermaid lifestyle, but each of them unlocks a different reward trait in the end. Also, each aspiration requires a different set of tasks and they’re all interesting!

Replayability is a big bonus with this mod, so I definitely recommend you to check it out.

Download link.

21. Sims 4 Wellness Aspiration


Wellness/fitness is one of my favorite topics in real life. However, I also enjoy forcing my Sims to do the same exercises in-game. And when I first stumbled upon the Wellness Aspiration mod, I instantly fell in love with it.

This mod has 4 levels of progression – Yoga, Massage, Meditation, and Wellness. Each level has a detailed set of objectives which you’ll have to complete on your own. The tasks range from practicing meditation and performing yoga poses to reaching the maximum level of wellness.

All in all, it’s a great aspiration if you enjoy maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Download link.

20. The Culinary Librarian Aspiration

The Culinary Librarian

The Culinary Librarian Aspiration is an interesting concept that’s very dear to my heart. For someone that loves to cook, this is a God-sent aspiration mod for Sims 4. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll definitely enjoy this mod too.

What can you expect by installing this aspiration?

The Culinary Librarian Aspiration is all about learning all aspects of cooking and collecting as much knowledge as possible. There are a few milestones here that require you to cook different recipes. All objectives are interesting and the aspiration is tons of fun! 10/10 recommended!

Download link.

19. Aspiration Traits In Rewards Store

Aspiration Rewards - Sims 4 Aspiration Mods

Unlocking a reward trait at the end of your Sim’s aspiration is a tiresome procedure, isn’t it? Completing an aspiration has never been easy for me, so I’ve always searched for a mod that allows me to get the reward traits without actually doing the aspirations. And the Aspiration Traits in Rewards Store mod does exactly that.

Now you can purchase all aspiration traits directly from the rewards store without needing to complete the aspirations themselves. You can still play the aspirations if you want, but they aren’t required for the traits.

This awesome mod was created by Shimrod101 and it has over 115,000 downloads at ModTheSims. And this proves how popular and widely used the extension is among the Sims 4 community.

Download link.

18. Random Traits & Aspirations Mod

Random Traits & Aspirations - Sims 4 Aspiration Mods

The Random Traits & Aspirations mod by Graycurse is another popular extension within the Sims 4 community. It does what its name suggests – it randomly selects traits and aspirations for your Sims when they reach another life stage. This adds more diversity to the game and makes the whole thing more interesting.

This mod has reached more than 110,000 downloads at ModTheSims. And if you’re tired of creating Sims with only a handful of traits, this mod is a must-have for you. By randomizing your Sims’ traits and aspirations as they age up, you’ll always have Sims with unique characters. And that’s a big plus in my book.

Download link.

17. Living Life Aspiration Mod

Living Life Aspiration - Sims 4 Aspiration Mods

A simple yet fun mod comes in the form of the Living Life Aspiration by FireFerret. This mod adds a simple custom aspiration called Life to the game. And I really like it.

When you select this aspiration, it gives you two milestones: Humble Start and Lived Life. Completing these will give you a custom Reward Trait: Life Liver. Fun whims, like Send a happy text and Hug someone are also added when you install this game mod. All in all, it’s a great mod to try out!

Download link.

16. Cheap Aspiration Rewards

Cheap Aspiration Rewards - Sims 4 Aspiration Mods

The Cheap Aspiration Rewards is an extension that answers your questions about reducing the points costs for purchasing all of the Aspiration Rewards. Thanks to Shimrod101 and this mod, you can now get any of the aspirations from the Reward Store much easier!

The prices of all things on the rewards store are greatly reduced and more available for you. This is perfect for all players that don’t like to grind satisfaction points all day long or use cheats to get them. The rewards store holds many valuable items, so I recommend you start purchasing them today.

Download link.

15. Teacher’s Pet Aspiration Mod

Teacher's Pet - Sims 4 Aspiration Mods

The choices for a child’s aspirations are quite limited. However, Jackboog21 has created one of the funniest aspirations you can get for this game – the Teacher’s Pet Aspiration mod.

As its name suggests, children with this aspiration will want to be a teacher’s pet. They’ll do everything in their power to please their teacher and become their favorite students. The aspiration includes a couple of levels. It starts with Apple Giver and ends with the Star Student reward trait.

This is definitely one of the first mods that you should download as it’ll make your child’s schooling more fun and challenging. Plus, no need to download any game extension as it works perfectly well with just the base game.

Download link.

14. Romance Sims 4 Aspiration Mod

Romance Aspiration - Sims 4 Aspiration Mods

Jackboog21 brings back the crowd-favorite Romance Aspiration from The Sims 2 along with a sense of nostalgia – now introducing the Romance Aspiration mod!

This mod adds new whims for your Sims, such as Become Flirty, WooHoo, and so on. But the best part about it is the 6 levels. These include Total Babe, Love Machine, Don Juan/Femme Fatale, Fiery Fossil, and Seducer.

The things you need to complete for these levels are all actually fun. For example, you’ll be required to Kiss 25 Times or Achieve Level 3 in Charisma, depending on which level you’re currently on.

I included this mod on the list because I really loved that aspiration in The Sims 2. The Romance Aspiration Mod does a very good job of implementing that in Sims 4, so make sure you give it a try.

Download link.

13. Family Sims 4 Aspiration Mod

Family Aspiration - Sims 4 Aspiration Mods

The Family Aspiration mod from The Sims 2 is back, and Jackboog21 made it possible by recreating it through this fun game mod! Basically, it combines the Soulmate Aspiration and either of the Family Aspirations.

This mod adds a few levels for your Sims, such as Shining Example, Role Model, Family Rock, Patriarch/Matriarch, and Town Father/Mother. These have different things for you to complete, such as Become a Parent or Teach Things to Toddler (10 times).

Install this mod and have your Sims aspire to have a big, happy family! For more info, click the link below.

Download link.

12. Expanded Rewards Store Mod

Who wouldn’t want to have all aspiration reward traits available in the game? Finally, now you can play with the ones you really want!

The Expanded Rewards Store mod by Frimlin is a mod that allows you to access all the aspiration reward traits in Sims 4 without wasting time. Some rewards are expensive, but some are fairly cheap too. You’ll definitely need a lot of satisfaction points for this, so make sure you get some quickly.

Check my guide if you want to learn how to get an unlimited amount of satisfaction points in Sims 4.

But no matter how you get your satisfaction points, make sure to give this mod a try. Playing with your favorite traits is one of the best things you can do in Sims 4 for fun.

Download link.

11. Grow Up Aspiration

Grow Up Aspiration - Sims 4 Aspiration Mods

As kids, we all wanted to grow up as fast as possible right? We wanted to learn as many things as possible in the shortest amount of time. Well, this aspiration is all about that by giving your young Sim the best chances of developing into great individuals.

Sims with this aspiration will grow up well and get boosts in every career, except Criminal. The mod adds many whims all of which require your Sim to work on their skills. For example, the Gifted Kid whim requires you to get your Creativity skill on level 5.

This aspiration is basically a remade from The Sims 2 Grow Up aspiration. It was created by jackboog21 who’s done an awesome job here! More info can be found through the link below.

Download link.

10. Class Clown Aspiration

Class Clown Aspiration - Sims 4 Aspiration Mods

If you’re asking me, this is the best aspiration mod for kids in The Sims 4! Everyone knows a class clown in their life. And as children, we all wanted to be one! So, here’s a Sims 4 mod that attempts to do the same.

Kids completing the aspiration will get the Class Clown reward trait which will help them learn comedy and mischief faster.

I’ve had this extension in my Sims 4 game now for such a long time already because it really adds value to the game. And that’s that kind of user-created content you should certainly try, too! So if you’re interested, click the link below to download it!

Download link.

9. No Regrets Aspiration Mod

No Regrets Mod - Sims 4 Aspiration Mods

The No Regrets Aspiration mod is exactly how it sounds like – a lifestyle of doing everything and anything you want with no regrets whatsoever. And this one is definitely a must-try, especially because the aspiration spans from teen years to adulthood.

For the basic idea behind The Sims 4 aspiration mod, the creator of the mod, Anais17, is referring to Oscar Wilde, who said: “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all” – and yes, this mod delivers precisely that.

The No Regrets Aspiration introduces 5 stages – End of teenage years, Adulting, Active life, Enjoy, Finish on a high note. Each of these stages has different objectives for you to complete.

For example, the End of teenage years phase requires you to play 7 different video games, have 5 friends, buy 3 drinks at a bar or a club, and reach level 5 in guitar. But these are vastly different for the other stages.

Having reached many thousands of downloads, the No Regrets Aspiration Mod is definitely one of the popular ones in the Sims community. To use it, you only need the base game installed.

Download link.

8. Quiet Life Aspiration

Quiet Life Aspiration - Sims 4 Aspiration Mods

What can be better for Sims who wants to live peacefully than this Quiet Life Aspiration by Daleko? This is such an awesome aspiration mod that I recommend everyone to try it out.

Right off the bat, this mod is for non-ambitious Sims who just want to mind their own business and avoid all possible problems. It actually adds a new reward trait that specifically makes these Sims want to avoid problems in life. Completing this aspiration gives your Sim a Pleased reward trait too which makes it less inclined to have negative states.

The Quiet Life aspiration requires only the base game. So it’s a good match for many simmers out there.

Download link.

7. Get To Work Active Career Aspirations

Get to Work Active Career Aspirations - Sims 4 Aspiration Mods

The careers in The Sims 4 base game are nice, but we’ve got to admit that they can be a lot more. And that’s exactly what this mod is all about! Having cool additional active careers is something that has been on the wish list of many Sims fans out there.

With the Get to Work Active Career Aspirations by Konansock, this wish finally comes true. The extension adds 4 career aspirations for the Get to Work expansion pack. These are:

  • Hound Aspiration – your Sim will work on crimes and level up Logic and Fitness skill.
  • Guardian of Health Aspiration – your Sim will be friendly to patients and treat them well.
  • Top-class Scientist Aspiration – your Sim will new things that improve their life.
  • Frankenstein Aspiration – your Sim will be mean to everybody and spread chaos all around.

You will need nothing more than the base game, including the Get to Work EP to play this modification.

Download link.

6. Custom Aphrodite Aspiration Mod

Custom Aphrodite Aspiration Mod - Sims 4 Aspiration Mods

Included in this list of the best Sims 4 aspiration mods is something that would probably make fans of Greek mythology more than pleased – the Custom Aprhrodite Aspiration Mod created by PurpleThistles.

This awesome mod adds 4 levels that focus on known myths about the Greek goddess Aphrodite – Love Affair, Charm and Children, Enemies and Adoption, and Divine Fruit. Each of these levels has different objectives.

For example, Love Affair (the first level) requires you to get married. However, the second level, Charm and Children, requires you to max out your Charisma skill.

All in all, this is a great gameplay mod with lots of depth. And you just need the base game to run it! Click the link below to download it!

Download link.

5. Perfectly Balanced Aspiration Mod

Perfectly Balanced Aspiration - Sims 4 Aspiration Mods

I’ve always thought of this aspiration as one of the most realistic mods for Sims 4. It’s a perfect aspiration for Sims that like to lead a healthy lifestyle and become something more. And thanks to IlkaVelle who created this great mod.

This aspiration has 4 objectives: Health Enthusiast, Yoga Addict, Well-being Explorer, and Perfectly Balanced. Completing the aspiration will give your Sim an Inner Balance reward trait that unlocks three new interactions: cool down, help to find Zen, and take a breath and cool down.

This mod does not override anything in the game, so you do not need to worry about that. And you can find even more information by clicking the link below.

Download link.

4. UFO Investigator Aspiration Mod

UFO Investigator Aspiration - Sims 4 Aspiration Mods

No need to limit yourself to the things the basic game is offering you! Here’s the UFO Investigator Aspiration and it’s one of the wackiest and most fun mods for Sims 4!

You will definitely love how this mod plays out in-game, especially if you like aspirations based on sci-fi. This mod is focusing exactly on that and adds a UFO Investigator Aspiration in the base game. However, your Sim will first start as a Stargazer and move on to Conspiracy Theorist and Contactee before they reach the level of UFO Investigator.

So, tons of fun stuff to do here!

Congratulations to the creator – I really love this mod! You can download it by using the click below.

Download link.

3. Pleasure Aspiration Mod

Pleasure Aspiration Mod - Sims 4 Aspiration Mods

The Pleasure Aspiration Mod created by NekoMimi is exactly what its name suggests – a hedonistic lifestyle for your Sim. It’s one of the greatest modifications I’ve ever tested and it focuses on your Sim loving “the good life”.

The aspiration is for all Sim, regardless of whether they love wild night-outs or cozy night-ins. Complete the four Pleasure Milestones, and your Sim will get a Reward Trait: Chill. You should definitely download the mod and give it a try!

Download link.

2. Famous Pastry Chef Aspiration Mod

Famous Pastry Chef - Sims 4 Aspiration Mods

The Famous Pastry Chef Aspiration Mod is the next item on the list. This extension adds an aspiration, which allows your Sim to rise from a Starter in the Kitchen to a Famous Pastry Chef. When the Aspirations are completed, your Sim will get the Reward Trait: World-Renowned Baker that makes all prepared food high quality and never spoils!

Thanks to Xbrettface for creating this great modification. It’s such a great way to improve this aspect of the game that I recommended it to everyone! And if you are looking for further mods related to restaurants, you may have a look at this blog post: The Best Sims 4 Restaurant Mods.

Download link.

1. Twilight Years Aspiration for Sims 4

Twilight Years Aspiration - Sims 4 Aspiration Mods

And finally, we have the Twilight Years Aspiration – one of the best aspiration mods for Sims 4 that I’ve ever tried. It attempts to overhaul how we view and play with the elders in the game. And in my opinion, it does that fantastically!

Now, this aspiration mod has 3 phases for your elder Sims. First, it will take them through the world of cooking and baking. The second phase is all about spending quality time with their grandchildren. And the third phase takes your elders on a soul journey through yoga, meditation, and crafting.

All in all, this is a great aspiration mod that definitely improves the gameplay. It also adds tons of whims for your elder, which works very well too.

Download link.

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