The Sims 4 Renaissance Aspiration: The Ultimate Guide

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The Renaissance aspiration is one of the many picks from the aspirations panel in The Sims 4. This one is all about constantly learning, expanding knowledge, and nailing new skills. If our Sims want to be exceptional on more than one level, this is the aspiration they will certainly benefit from!


Is the Renaissance Aspiration the Right Fit for Our Sims?

The Renaissance aspiration is one of the five Knowledge Aspirations in The Sims 4. If our Sims are ambitious souls and love spending a lot of their time learning, this one is for them! Renaissance Sims are those who are always thirsty for new knowledge. As genuine jacks-of-all-trades, they dream of mastering a few skills rather than mastering only one. These folks won’t settle for anything average, and take big pride in being knowledgeable. This aspiration is ideal for those who would like to try many different things.

renaissance sim 1

If we plan for our Sims to have a strict routine, to stay in one career field, and to do other things than learning, this is not the best aspiration. The renaissance aspiration will be fulfilled only by Sims who are always on the go, and that means mentally, physically, and professionally.

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Helpful Personality Traits

Some Sims will be better at mastering new skills than others. Besides their engagement in learning, this will also depend on their personality traits. However, there is a catch. Because this aspiration can mean a lot of different things, there are no specific traits that can speed up the process. The aspiration is not focused on one specific skill or task. Instead, it involves learning many different skills that we pick for them. This means that it is we who get to decide what this aspiration means for our Sims.

renaissance sim 3

For instance, one Sim can master fishing, handiness, and cooking skills, while the other can master painting, writing, and programming skills. Both of them can fulfill their aspiration to become a Renaissance Sim!

  • Main Traits – If we don’t have a precise gameplay plan and want them to learn and develop interests as they go, we can opt for more general types of traits. Traits such as Genius or Ambitious will help them advance in their career and learn faster skills overall.
  • Additional Traits – However, if we know upfront what our gameplay goals are, we can be more specific. For instance, if our Sims plan on learning about the environment, and gardening, traits such as Loves Outdoors or Freegan will help. Meanwhile, for aspiring artists, the Creative and Art Lover traits could be more helpful.

Level 1 of the Renaissance Sim

At Level 1, our Sims will be a Prudent Student. Their tasks will be to:

  • Finish reading 3 books (75 satisfaction)
  • Reach Level 3 in Logic skill (75 satisfaction)

Our Sims can start mastering Level 1 even in their younger years. To master it, they will need to complete two tasks. The first one is to finish reading three books. They can read the books available to them or they can buy new ones. Opt for skill books, as this will help them progress faster to the next levels. The second task is to reach Level 3 in Logic Skill. They can read a logic book, play chess and cards, paint mathematical diagrams, and use an observatory or a microscope.

level 2 of the Renaissance Sim

They are now Jack of Some Trades. These are the tasks that they should accomplish at this stage:

  • Be at least a young adult
  • Reach Level 4 in 4 different skills (300 satisfaction)
  • Reach Level 3 of any career (300 satisfaction)

While they can start their journey to maxing out their aspiration in their childhood and teen years, for Level 2 they will need to be at least young adults. Ideally, we would want them to start developing skills that will help them progress in their career faster, as this will help with both of the stated tasks. Since the aspiration will require them to change jobs, expect them to quit the first job after they reach level 3. So, don’t let them get caught up in it, and be ready to try something new.

Level 3 of the Renaissance Sim

At Level 3 they are now a Pantologist. These are the tasks required for them:

  • Reach Level 5 in 5 different skills (750 satisfaction)
  • Reach Level 3 in any career 2 different careers (500 satisfaction)

Don’t let them settle in one career yet, as to reach the next and the final stage, they’ll have to change jobs once more. Check for the satisfaction points in the rewards panel. If they have earned 3,000 satisfaction points, they can opt to buy a Connections Reward. This will allow them to kickstart at a new job from Level 4, rather than starting all over again. Doing this is optional but will save them time progressing in their career after changing jobs, which they will be required to do even at the next level. This is especially handy if we plan for them to advance faster in a career later on.

Level 4 of the Renaissance Sim

This is the final level of the Renaissance Sim aspiration, which will let our Sims earn the aspiration reward. Here is what they’ll need to do:

  • Reach Level 8 in 6 different skills (1500 satisfaction)
  • Reach Level 3 in 3 different careers (1500 satisfaction)

Now, we are just a few steps away from fulfilling our Sims’ aspiration. Now they have much more space to settle with a career path and stick with it. This level alone will open the doors to buying more rewards from the Reward Traits List.

The Sims 4 Renaissance Aspiration Rewards

Like all other aspirations, this one has lots of milestones to complete, as shown above. Our Sims will be required to not only improve skills, but then level up in one, two, and then three different careers. Once they reach level four, our Sims will be granted a reward trait, the Professorial trait.

renaissance sim 17

This will unlock the option to write manuals about subjects and skills they have mastered. Manuals are written on the computer. Amazing, right? Our Sims are now a sort of a mentor, and these books are meant for other Sims to help them master skills faster. While they will be able to help others learn, other than that there is not much our Sims will be able to do.

Final Thoughts

renaissance sim 4

Mastering the Renaissance aspiration is a highly-rewarding experience for our Sims. It will make them experts in various careers and skills, letting them excel in all these fields and giving them practical abilities.

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