The Best Bella Goth Mods for The Sims 4

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Are you a huge fan of Bella Goth? Do you want to experience more of this beloved and popular Sims character? If you answer yes to even just one of these questions, this article that lists the best Bella Goth-inspired mods for The Sims 4 is for you.

bella goth mods

Who in the world is Bella Goth?

There are a lot of iconic Sims that have come out since the first Sims game. One of those sims is Bella Goth who has been in all four main sim games. It doesn’t matter whether you have only played one of the main titles or not. At some point, you would have encountered Bella Goth’s sim.

Thanks to this list we created, you’ll be able to quickly find the best Bella Goth-inspired and themed mods for The Sims 4.

Before we get to the Bella-themed mods, however, first we should have a quick rundown of just who Bella Goth is. Even if you do know who she is, it never hurts to have a refresher!

The Story of Bella Goth

Bella Goth Evolutions

The Iconic Goth Family

Bella Goth née Bachelor is a Sim who is the daughter of Simis and Jocasta Bachelor, with her younger brother being Michael Bachelor. During her sim’s lore, she marries Mortimer Goth and then has two children. The oldest is Cassandra Goth, a girl and the youngest is a boy named Alexander Goth.

Bella’s Disappearance: Alien Abduction!

Her story becomes pretty interesting during Sims 2 where she disappears suddenly from the Goth family home in Pleasantview. The truth is that Bella was abducted by aliens while visiting a neighbor! In Sims 3, Bella is a child while in Sims 4, it’s a reboot of the Goth family from Sims 2.

The biggest difference is that Bella does not end up abducted by aliens or marry Mortimer for money (one of Bella’s secrets for her storyline in the Sims 2). She genuinely loves her husband in the latest Sims release or, at least, this is how it comes off to the player.

Her physical attributes

Looks wise, there aren’t many differences between the games. Bella is a black-haired, thin woman with brown eyes and a medium skin tone. Her usual outfit is a red-colored dress in various styles. In the first two Sims games, Bella wears a strapless, red dress, but in the fourth, it’s an off-the-shoulder, swoop-neck outfit. Sims 3 just has a child. Bella is a fancy, thin strapped red dress. Fancy for a child!

Bella Goth’s Personality, Traits and Career

Bella Goth’s personality and traits depend on the game (though there are similarities). Her traits are: good, family-oriented, romantic, gregarious, and a party animal aspiration.

While Bella does have a good heart and loves her family, she does have a bit of a wild side if you look at her aspirations.

Finally, Bella Goth’s career in The Sims 4 is that of an Intelligence Researcher. Very mysterious when you think about it, so for the sake of anonymity, we are going to leave that subject untouched!

Our Top Favorite Bella Goth’s Custom Content

1. The Bella Goth Mini Set

Bella Goth Mini Set Logo

The first mod on our list is the Bella Goth Mini Set for The Sims 4. It’s an accessory set that will help your sim cosplay as this popular sim and really give her a run for her money. It comes with a maxis match dress, hairstyle, gloves, and hair clips.

These items are available from teenage sims to elders. The gloves and dress are a deep red color, which would make Bella Goth proud. For the hair clips, they are a simple silver color yet look very classy. Click here to download the set!

2. Bella Goth Tribute Shirt

Bella Goth Jacket

The Bella Goth Tribute Shirt features Bella Goth’s face on the back of a plain, classic button-up light blue shirt. It doesn’t matter if the sim is male or female. They can both wear this interesting-looking shirt, which is probably one of the biggest tributes anyone can get. I mean, it’s her face!

The shirt comes in two styles. The first one shows Bella’s face in two different styles. The left side is her normal Sim, styled face and the right is how it would look like an alien. In the second shirt, the left side is once again her normal, sim-styled face and the right side features a geometrical pattern. Click here to download it!

3. The Goth Family Portrait

Goth Family Portrait

The Goth Family Portrait is a mod that is pretty self-explanatory. It updates the Goth family portrait in the game by making it much larger and perfect for hanging over the mantle.

Besides the portrait being larger and easier to see, the frame comes in a couple of different styles/colors. They include a black swatch, vampires frame sized down, silver swatch, white swatch, gold swatch, original base game portrait and size, and finally the original base game portrait sized up.

You have all these options, so there really is something for everyone. Click here to download the Goth Family Portrait and hang it over your fireplace today!

4. Bella’s Dress TS3 to TS4

Bella Goth Dresses

Bella’s Goth goes through a few different changes throughout the games. In TS4, the base dress can be short, so this mod combines the dress Bella Goth wore over the Sims franchise with the base dress by lengthening the skirt. It comes in several colors that include deep red, royal blue, lime green, classic black, and simply white.

There are also two different versions of the dress (no matter the color) so really you have double the options to choose from. Click here to download your copy of the Bella Goth Dress mod today!

5. Bella Goth Makeover

Bella Goth Ver 1 and 2

The Bella Goth Makeover mod helps the base sim in The Sims 4 look different from her base look. As the creator of the mod says, Bella Goth has gotten some plastic surgery. Given she and Mortimer are well off she can afford it!

In this mod, it changes Bella’s face enough to make the features softer and not as harsh. Her bust is also bigger—noticeably so. The hair is the same length but in the new version, it’s easier to see the individual strands. If you aren’t satisfied with the original Bella Goth in The Sims 4, then download this mod here.

6. Bella Goth Art Center

Sims Community and ArtCenter

Now just how popular is Bella Goth, you may find yourself asking? Well, she is popular enough to get her very own community art center dedicated to her. You know you’ve made it once a building is named after you.

This features a two-story community art center beautifully decorated in honor of the Beauregard-Keyes House. It comes with some vending machines, a kitchen/bar, bathrooms, and even easels! Do you want to add this building to one of your sims worlds? Well, click here to download it. Even Bella Goth herself may come to give the community art center a visit.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it all you Sims connoisseurs. Here are the best Bella Goth-inspired and themed mods for The Sims 4.

Bella Goth has proved to be a popular sim, and that really shows no sign of stopping. Expect her to be in future editions of The Sims. Will not an equally popular family be by her side? Well, only time will tell.

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