The Sims 4 Runaway Teen Challenge

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The Runaway Teen Challenge is a one-of-a-kind game in The Sims 4 where your Teen Sim goes solo and deals with the tough realities of life. It’s all up to them to survive!

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What is The Challenge?

The Runaway Teen Challenge is a famous Sims 4 challenge that has been around since 2013. It lets you guide your Teenage Sims through the complexities of living independently. You have to allow them to secure shelter and sustenance, build relationships, and pursue their dreams without relying on anyone but themselves. To start the challenge, your teens have to leave their family nests and explore matters far away from their comfort zones.

What Are The Rules Of The Challenge?

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The Runaway Teen Challenge is a pretty thrilling quest that can make you keep playing The Sims 4 for hours and hours on end just to see where life will take your Teen Sims. In doing the challenge, you must remember some of the basic rules:

  1. No Simoleons: Your Sim must start their journey with zero Simoleons, forcing them to find creative ways to survive.
  2. No electronics or appliances: Until your Sims gets their own home, they must learn to live without their phone and electricity, and make do with basic needs and resources.
  3. No part-time job: Earning an income will be challenging! Your Sim must rely on alternative means such as selling their art creations, busking on the streets, or whatever method they can.
  4. Limited interactions with adults: Until your Sim reaches young adulthood, they can only interact with other teens or children.
  5. No showering or cooking on other lots: To maintain their hygiene and nutrition, your Sim will have to find public places like gyms or parks to fulfill these needs.
  6. Fishing, gardening, and scavenging: These activities are recommended! They can provide your Sim with a source of food and potentially valuable items to sell.
  7. No school: Your Sim will have to totally forgo the comfort of formal education. They must cancel going to school each day.
  8. Each travel deducts §10: In exploring new places, you must use the money cheat to incur a small fee for this travel.

What To Remember In Playing?

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To kick off the challenge, create your Sim, and keep their appearance realistic. Choose practical traits for them in CAS, and try to avoid those traits that will make the challenge easier. Move them to a secluded 10×10 lot outside the city, and place a sleeping bag (or bed) on the lot.

The Goal Of The Challenge

In the Runaway Teen Challenge, the only primary goal is for your Teen Sims to survive and have a home, and there are no point systems involved. They must strive to build a new life by acquiring money through fishing, collecting, gardening, and selling scrap metal. In doing these things, the ultimate aim is for them to secure a high-paying job, have at least 1-2 children/grandchildren, and own a more spacious house someday.

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Full Details of The Original Challenge

You can read the rest of the Runaway Teen Challenge rules in this blog post, which includes additional reminders and alternate ways to play the game. While the Runaway Teen Challenge has been widely adapted and popularized by Stormydayz Gamerz to accommodate the more recent game packs and expansion packs of The Sims 4, the original concept and rules were created by StardustX in 2013. To delve deeper into the original Runaway Teen Challenge and explore its detailed rules and guidelines, you can visit the original post here.

Final Thoughts:

We hope that you will enjoy playing with the Runaway Teen Challenge, which is one of the coolest challenges in The Sims 4 since 2013. Tag us using the hashtag #Snootysims to let us know how your game goes! We are on  Google, Facebook, TwitterYouTubeInstagram, TikTok, and Tumblr where you can follow and message us. Or, you can leave us a comment on this post! Happy simming, Simmers!

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