Greatest BTS Custom Content For the Sims 4

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If you’ve made it here, we’re confident you’re a proud member of the BTS ARMY. We don’t suppose any of you have been living under a rock because who doesn’t know of BTS! They have been topping the charts all around the world. And for that reason, we bring to you a list of some of the greatest BTS custom content for the Sims 4. Enjoy!

SnootySims BTS CC Finds

Pavana’s Pictorial Magic: Anan’s BTS Trio (J-Hope, Jimin, V) in Dynamic Poses

108524 photoshoot for anan j hope jimin v by pavana blog sims4 featured image

Helgatisha’s BTS Idol Ensemble: Ultimate Pose Pack (#AlphaCC, #GroupPoses, #MalePoses)

243736 helgatisha bts idol poses pose pack sims4 featured image

Miniwa’s BTS Suga Style Guide: Top 8 Alpha Male Essentials (Clothes & Shoes)

309957 bts top 8 suga by miniwa sims4 featured image

Dapper Dynamo: Unveiling the BTS Suit V2 Collection (AlphaCC Male Outfits)

277588 bts suit v2 sims4 featured image

Yoongi Unleashed: Tsumiki Miniwa’s BTS Random Poses Collection (#AlphaCC)

317538 bts random poses 18 yoongi by tsumiki miniwa sims4 featured image

Suga’s Stance Symphony: 10 Iconic BTS Poses by Miniwa (#AlphaCC)

303724 bts random poses 10 suga by miniwa sims4 featured image

AlphaCasa Chronicles: Inside the BTS of Stylish Living Spaces & Chic Decor

197276 bts photos set sims4 featured image

Alphacc Elegance: BTS ‘On’ Poster & Chic Decor Accents (Wall Hangings, Paintings)

198060 bts on poster sims4 featured image

PoseMaster’s Guide: BTS ‘No More Dream’ & AlphaCC Group Poses

285318 bts no more dream pose sims4 featured image

AlphaTrend: Embrace the BTS ‘Love Yourself’ Tour with Stylish Tees

228723 bts love yourself world tour t shirts sims4 featured image

Chic Charms by Sooky88: BTS D/ICON-Inspired Accessories & AlphaCC Decor

286964 bts d icon magazines by sooky88 sims4 featured image

Miniwa’s Magic: BTS-Inspired Cardboard Decor (Accessories & Street Style)

307070 bts cardboard decor by miniwa sims4 featured image

Miniwa’s Namjoon Ensemble: Complete BTS-Inspired Fashion & Accessories

314347 bts entirety collection namjoon by miniwa sims4 featured image

BTS Tattoo CC: Teen to Elder, Custom Thumbnail, Non-Random Use


Map of the Soul Tattoo Set: BTS ARMY-Inspired, Base Game Compatible


Taehyung Short Korean Hairstyle for Male and Female [MM]

Taehyung Short Korean Hairstyle for Male and Female


6675 bts top 16 jimin jacket tsumiki miniwa

Jungkook face overlay

4140 jungkook face overlay the kunstwollen

Jungkook Hair Clayified

jungkook hair clayified mesh needed

A short and cute haircut is what always makes men attractive! This clayified version is no different and it is a sure way to make your male Sims outstanding! You can download the mesh along with the mod so there are no difficulties there. Thousand thanks to Yorã» for creating the mod which you can download directly from here.


image 418

Here’s your download link.

BTS Set by Kunstwollen & BTSIMS

image 479

If you’re a BTS fan, this pack is for you! You’ll be able to create a character resembling your favorite BTS celebrity. The pack includes the hair, necklace, and top in many different swatches. This is your chance to have a character that looks just like your favorite BTS star. Here’s your download link.

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We hope you enjoyed this list of BTS custom content. We recommend checking out more amazing creations on custom scarves and sweater dresses. See you there!

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