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Hands down, sweater dresses are the comfiest thing to wear in fall and winter! And this trend has been in the spotlight for some time which only proves its worthiness -especially for ribbed and oversized styles. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of sweater dress custom content that we know you’ll appreciate. Let’s have a look!

Best Sweater Dresses CC Packs for the Sims 4

VIP Knit Sweater Dress

sweater dress custom content

Super cute, no? We’re starting off this list with an oversized sweater-dress that is available in 10 colors. Your female sims from teen to elder can rock it! Click here to download this sweater-dress. We recommend installing custom makeup for the Sims 4 to step up your gaming experience.

Shoulder sweater dress lace up version

sweater dress custom content

Simmers, our characters will love themselves a lace-up version of a sweater dress! To install it, follow this page. Liking this character’s hairstyle, check it out here.

Aileen Dress by KaTPurpura

sweater dress custom content

Our favorite! As you can see, this is a very long sleeveless dress, accompanied by a shirt -pretty nerdy if you ask us. To get this one, click on this page.

Ribbon Cucib Brooch & Tweed Dress & Beret

sweater dress cc sims4 4

Your sim’s choice for an elegant date night! It comes in 28 different color designs and patterns. Oh and don’t forget to check out Hats to complete your sim’s look. Download here.

oversized sweater top

sweater dress cc sims4 5

If you’re looking for a v neck, comfy sweater dress, this is the one to have. It is available in 12 swatches. Here’s your download-link.


sweater dress cc sims4 6

Don’t worry, you get bright colors too. It’s available in 35 colors designs, yes! Install now. Check out sims 4 custom glasses.

V-Neck Sweater Dress custom content

sweater dress cc sims4 7

We’ve got you another V-neck sweater-dress. It comes with a black leather waist bag that’s absolutely everything you sims need. Here’s your download-link.

sanjana belted sweater dress – the sims 4

sweater dress cc sims4 8

Our second favorite! This one comes with a belt in 50 swatches. Check them out here. Looking for messy custom hairstyles? we’ve got your back!

Check Out Oversized Shirts for the Sims 4

Although we’ve come to the end of this list, you have plenty of awesome sims 4 custom content to check out. Click here for oversized shirts and here for Lolita costumes. Enjoy!

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