Sims 4 Clutter CC: 45+ Objects to add to Every type of room in ts4!

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Expand your clutter collection in The Sims 4 to make your homes more personalized and realistic! In this list, we’ve got over 45+ clutter CCs to help you decorate!

sims 4 clutter cc
Sims 4 Clutter CC: 45+ Objects to add to Every type of room in ts4!

All types of clutter in one list: For your gardens, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and even study areas!

We love playing The Sims 4 not just because of the fun we get from creating our houses and building plenty of rooms, but also mostly because we delight in decorating the mundane spaces for our Sims! Our creative juices can’t help but overflow whenever we are given the chance to design empty areas with all the clutter that is available in-game.

But hey, now you’ll have even better fun because we are giving you 45+ of the best clutter CCs you can use to amp up your Sims’ spaces. Be sure to check out number 46—it’s a massive clutter pack we’re sure you’ll enjoy!

By the way, if you haven’t checked our main furniture CC compilation, you’d be missing out on a lot. Everything on this post compliments everything on that post. Click the image below to explore that variety and have fun while doing it, that’s what matters. 😉

sims 4 furniture cc

Garden Clutter CC

1. Separated CC Clutter

clutter cc

Plenty of our Sims simply love to enjoy their time outside and admire their gardens, filled with flowers and potted plants. If you want to further refresh their daily lives with garden-related stuff, add this clutter set, called Separated II, to their homes. There are over 52 pieces of clutter in this collection, which include plants, wall items, and miscellaneous objects.

Download the clutter CC here.

2. stylish wood plants

sims 4 clutter

Plants also add visual appeal to any Sim’s home, making the whole environment feel so much calmer and brighter. To add plant-themed aesthetics to The Sims 4, consider getting these stylish wood plant clutter pieces from Sixam-CC. The pack has four vibrant new potted plants which will add delight to your Sim’s dwelling place.

Get this clutter CC here.

3. Plain Plants

image 82

Apart from adding that refreshing visual boost to any household, plants can also have a positive effect on the moods of our Sims. Since they have this peaceful yet lively vibe with them, plants can definitely help in nurturing the well-being of our Sims. Add these plain plants and decor by creator Aira to the game, which features three potted plants and tiled decors.

Here is the download link.

4. Planter’s Amalgam

image 90

Potted plants not only have the prowess to nurture well-being but also the ability to foster the caring nature of our Sims. By having them around the house, Sims can be nudged to take care of them all—both indoor and outdoor plants. They are little reminders of life, which can boost any Sim’s motivation! Plants such as the ones in this clutter pack are definitely must-haves for your game.

Visit this site for this clutter CC.

5. Avalon House

sims 4 clutter

The Avalon House clutter CC pack by Siomi’s Vault incorporates not just plants in the game, but also other creative pieces of ornaments. The pack features wooden-themed objects, potted plants, tabletop decor, and other strange but lovely pieces that could help deliver more warmth and coziness to any space at home.

This clutter CC is up for grabs here.

6. Autumn Garden

image 87

When the autumn season finally drops into any Sim’s household, make sure to shake things up around the house, by changing the decorations! Autumn is an opportune time to bring out clutter CCs that are snug and cozy, such as the ones in this Autumn Garden set by PufferSuffer. Included in the set are boxes of pumpkins, apple crates, blankets, rubber boots, lanterns, and other autumn-themed clutter perfect for the garden!

Click this link for this clutter CC.

7. Garden Center Collection

image 86

Do not just create a garden in The Sims 4, aim to build a garden center! Fill your Sim’s backyards with sprawling areas of garden-related stuff to give off that authentic eco-friendly vibe that the whole neighborhood of Sims will appreciate. Complete the essential garden stuff by digging around the clutter pieces included in this Garden Center Collection, which has over 32 items of awesome garden clutter. Obtain this clutter CC here.

By the way, if you have the Horse Ranch DLC for the Sims 4, you’ve got to check out these awesome new CCs. Plenty of new custom content items are introduced for this expansion pack. You can have a look by clicking the image below.

sims 4 horse ranch ep cc sims 4 snootysims

8. Planet Pot

sims 4 clutter

If you want to bring a little piece of the garden inside the home, opt to add these cute little pots of plants to your game! Called the Planet Pot, this simple decorative clutter will help give that tiny burst of freshness to the desk of Sims or to any area in the house. These Planet Pots come in 4 swatches and are all base-game compatible.

Just click here to get the clutter CC.

9. Garden at Home Pack

image 79

The Garden at Home Pack by creator Max 20 is a mega collection of garden-themed pieces that will surely complete any Sim’s green space. There is a wide array of clutter pieces, plants, and standard game objects included in the pack. Our personal favorites are the wheelbarrows, watering cans, logs for chopping, flower beds, seedling starter kits, and the cool planters!

This clutter CC is located here.

10. Freed Eco Decor

image 73

If you love playing with the items included in The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle, then you’d also be delighted with this Freed Eco Decor Pack! The said pack can be seen as an extension of Eco Lifestyle, providing related items such as rocks, vases, boxes, towels, pillows, jars, and quite a handful of plants! There are 21 items in the pack all in all.

Click here to access this clutter CC.

Kitchen Clutter CC

11. Gourmet Pottery Kitchen

Gourmet Pottery Kitchen by Snootysims

Does somebody says kitchen clutter!? Guess what, Snootysims’ latest CC was all about Kitchen clutter! Expect to have 50 clutter items that will fill your empty kitchens! Get this CC here.

12. Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

image 74

For our first pack of kitchen clutter CCs, we are delving into this Farmhouse Kitchen Decor set by Sims4Luxury! The rustic-looking pieces from this set would complete any wooden-themed kitchen space in your Sims’ homes. There are 7 items available, with 6 swatches for each. We can’t wait for you to use this in your game!

Get this CC here.

sims 4 clutter

The Crumble Cookie Decor is a delicious-looking clutter piece created by Myxdollyt featuring cookies! There are two versions—the open box and the closed box. These are only decorative items but they look so scrumptious and yummy that we just want to put them on our mouths! Surely, your Sims will feel the same, when you incorporate these in the game!

Snag this clutter CC here.

14. Dorel Set

image 68

Soloriya is a CC Creator for The Sims 4 who is known for coming up with rustic pieces of CC that exude so much warmth and comfort. In this set called “Dorel”, Soloriya created 9 interesting pieces of decor that would complete the farm table look. The set features gathered eggs, cups of tea, homemade bread, a vase of newly picked flowers, and a basket of stones, to name a few.

Collect this clutter CC right here.

15. Pink & Gold Kitchen Clutter Set

image 75

Prettify your Sim’s kitchen with the Pink & Gold Kitchen Clutter Set! With this collection, your Sims can enjoy lavish clutter for their cooking and dining areas, perfect for a pink or gold-themed home. The set contains heart cookies, chocolate chip cookies, kitchen mittens, a cup tree, a set of cooking spatulas, and more.

Grab this clutter CC here.

16. Fridge Decor Set

image 60

Isn’t it cute to see refrigerators with snazzy little magnets, notes, and customized decorations? It makes it feel as if the fridge is really personal and homey. Recreate this in The Sims 4 by getting this Fridge Decor set by Picardsims! There are animal magnets, heart magnets, notes, postcards, receipts, calendars, and towels, too!

Gain access to this clutter CC here.

17. Softie Set

image 80

For more kitchen clutter CC, take a look at this Softie Set from CC Creator Aira. This is something that you would really want to add to your game, not just because of the items’ dreamy pastel colors but because the items themselves look already too good to eat! Hehe. In the set, there are decorations such as the Bunny Pot, the Mini Easel, the Chocolate Cake, the Milk Bottle, and many more!

Acquire this clutter CC right here.

18. Rise Set

image 92

On to more cute-looking edible kitchen clutter! This time, what we have is the Rise Set, a simple yet adorable clutter collection created by MechtaSims. In the set, we have a bed tray, a pen, a cup of coffee, a letter, a plate of pancakes, and an invitation. We think this decor is perfect for those lazy weekend mornings when your Sim just wants to stay in bed!

Go here to download.

19. Pinkie Set 2

image 81

Just as we introduced the Softie Set to you earlier, comes along our presentation of the Pinkie Set, another charming clutter collection that we really admire! The items in this set are not only ultra kawaii, but they are also quite a steal. The objects include Kirby designs and Japanese-themed clutter, such as the Kirby Glass, the Sakura Class, the Tamagotchi, the Bunny Pancakes, the Strawberry Milk Bottle, and more.

You can find this clutter CC here.


sims 4 clutter

For number 19, we have another rustic-themed set of kitchen clutter that can transform your Sim’s kitchen area into a space full of warmth. Launched by creator Pinkbox AnYe, this Winfield Mini Set features 5 enchanting items a cooker hood, a cup stand, an owl dispenser, a set of seasonings, and a magazine stand.

Head here now to download.

21. rHYS cC

image 100

To wrap up our list of kitchen-related clutter, we have this “Rhys” set from, once again, creator Pinkbox AnYe. The wonderful pack has over 17 realistic-looking items in total, such as a kettle, bacon and eggs, pancakes, apples, a loaf of bread, a bowl of berries, and potted plants, among many others. You’ll definitely want this especially if you have a farm-themed build!

Download this clutter CC right here.

Bedroom Clutter CC

22. Ralph Lauren Folded Sweaters

Ralph Lauren Folded Sweaters Decor [MM]

These Ralph Lauren sweaters aren’t just for wearing; they’re a stylish addition that goes beyond fashion and becomes a key part of your Sims’ home decor! Get this clutter CC here.

23. Kawaii Kidz

image 59

To begin our awesome list of bedroom clutter, we have this Kawaii Kidz CC from creator The Clutter Cat. The collection looks really special, as it features plenty of adorable pieces that any little Sim (or cute stuff-loving Sim) would like. There are rugs, dressers, wall art, plants, hanging decor, and a lot more. Our personal favorite though is the tiny taro milk tea clutter! Isn’t it charming?

Snag this clutter CC here.

24. Vanilla Girl Essentials

Screenshot 2023 08 22 152531

For number 23, we have the Vanilla Girl Essentials by Oatsims, a cool and calm collection of basic clutter items for every chic Sim! These clutter pieces are perfect for infusing a bit of style into any bedroom, with items such as a candle, a makeup tray, a jewelry holder, Chanel peonies, books, and sunglasses!

Acquire this clutter CC right here.

25. Nursery 1 – Clutter Cat

image 71

With more and more toddlers invading The Sims 4 and our hearts, more and more spaces should be allotted for these little Sims, too. The soft and fragile nature of these little ones begs for household items that are also the same! With this Nursery 1 pack from Bojanasimsyt, you can surely provide items in the house that are toddler-friendly yet stylish!

Collect this clutter CC right here.

26. Plushies Decor

image 72

Any Sim’s bedroom would look super comfy if there was a soft bed, but it would complete the overall coziness if there were also cute little plushies available! Yup! To boost the cuteness meter of your Sim’s bedroom, add these plushies by AgressiveKitty. There are 4 different styles available—the Capibara, the Kiwi, the Corgi, and the Happy Flower. All are base game-compatible.

Get this clutter CC here.

27. Ghibli Set

sims 4 clutter

Introduce the magic of Studio Ghibli into the bedroom of your Sims by incorporating the clutter pieces from this Ghibli Set! Another fun and lovely creation from Aira, this said collection boasts 15 Ghibli-themed items such as the Ponyo Bucket, the Calcifer Light, Ghibli Clays, No Face Cups, Ghibli Paintings, Totoro Candles, and so much more!

Just click here to get the clutter CC.

Bathroom Clutter CC

28. Forever Beu

image 55

We begin our bathroom clutter CCs with this Forever Beauty Clutter Set from Simmerkatexx. This is something that you’d want to add to your Sim’s bathroom shelves as these pieces not only look posh, but these make the bathroom wall so much more personal! In the set, you can find the Body Butter, the Clay Face Mask, the Milk Toner, the Eye Cream, the Milk Cleanser, and the Face Oil.

This clutter CC is up for grabs here.

29. Relaxing Bath Set

Screenshot 2023 08 22 175642

After a long and tiring work week, your Sims need a satisfying moment of relaxation—maybe an hour or two in the bathroom just to melt all their stress away. Give them an aesthetic bathroom experience with these clutter pieces from the Relaxing Bath Set. Filled with decorative goodies such as bath soaks, bath oils, soaps, wines, and plants, among many others, these will surely contribute to a pleasing me-time moment!

Here is the download link.

30. Bathroom Set

image 94

Once again, creator MechtaSims makes it to our list with another clutter CC entry, this time into our bathroom category! Called the Bathroom Set, MechtaSims curated fun and lovely items to make our Sim’s bathrooms extra posh. In the collection, there is a bath bomb, a body wash, a lotion, a heart basket, a powder pouf, a makeup brush, a sleep mask, folded towels, and so much more!

Get this clutter CC here.


image 96

You can further accessorize the bathroom of your Sims with lovely items such as these Zara-inspired bathroom stuff, from creator Pink Box Anye. The set contains posh stuff such as a towel, a robe, soaps, candles, and plenty of other stuff. There are over 21 new meshes in the set, all of which, we are sure you’ll enjoy putting on your Sims’ bathrooms.

Obtain this clutter CC here.


Screenshot 2023 08 22 183859

The Ordinary is a brand that has been known for producing skincare products that are science-based and effective. Their design embraces a minimalist feel, and they have been popular worldwide for that. With this Skincare clutter CC from creator Pixelette, you can now bring The Ordinary’s products into the game by incorporating these in the bathroom of your Sims! Totally cool!

Visit this site for this clutter CC.

Living Room Clutter CC

33. Sunny Sundae paRT 2

image 105

The Clutter Cat is a CC Creator for The Sims 4 known for releasing ultimately chic objects that make any space relaxing. With this Sunny Sundae part II that they launched, we Simmers have been gifted with fun pieces of boho clutter to decorate our Sims’ homes, and make them comfortable and inviting—just like a beautiful sunny day in summer.

Here’s the CC link.

34. Oil Paintings

image 64

Let’s admit it, the walls of our Sims are so much more lively when we put up not just good wallpaper, but also great art. Art has the ability to evoke various emotions from any visitor, thus, making our Sim’s home feel more candid. So why not get new art for your Sims such as these oil paintings from Lustrousims, which feature 30 mesmerizing artworks that are sure to tug on any Sim’s heart?

Hop on to this site to download.

35. Wooden Clutter

image 76

Wooden items give off that rustic and natural vibe that helps make any place relaxing, thus, it is important to pepper our Sim’s homes with such items, especially if their living spaces are wooden-themed! With this Wooden Clutter Set from Aira, you can enjoy over 25 items of wooden clutter, which include framed art, a cutting board, an eyeglass stand, a basket, and many other wooden-themed goodies for your Sims.

Gain access to this clutter CC here.

36. Welcome Home Set

image 91

A wonderful home is made with a lot of love and warmth, and sometimes, it can be completed by the use of lovely little clutter too! To wrap up your living room area, go and use this Welcome Home Set by MechtaSims, which includes plenty of daily clutter but spiced up in a cute way, such as a radio, a rug, a moon mirror, a cat light, a hallway table, a wall rack, and many others.

Head over here to get this clutter CC.


sims 4 clutter

The Simmify Music Nook is an essential set for any music-loving Sim. The set, launched by MyshunoSims, not only includes a handful of clutter CC but also music-related functional objects for The Sims 4. There are guitars, record players, speakers, potted plants, and many others to choose from and enjoy in the game! All are also base-game compatible.

This clutter CC is up for grabs here.

Study Area Clutter CC

38. Marshmallow-y Clutter Finds

Screenshot 2023 08 22 153249

This one is a set of recommendations by fellow Simmer Blarffy on her Tumblr account! An anonymous person asked Blarffy for clutter ideas and so Blarffy gave an entire list filled with cute clutter. The lengthy list includes a stack of books, skincare bottles, hair clips, school supplies, and plenty of other super adorable stuff. Check out the list for yourself!

Get yourself this clutter CC here.

39. Lights From Space Set

image 78

The creator Aira just never stops coming up with extremely charming things to incorporate in our game! Just check out this one, called the Lights From Space Set, a mini light set that includes the Alien Mouse, the Astronaut Cat, the Dog in Space, and the Traveler Hamster lights. These are what you need to decorate any study area for that little oomph!

This is your download link.

40. Darina Set

image 67

For more study clutter CC, we are also including a hyperrealistic CC st, from creator Soloriya. In this gorgeous and gritty collection, called the Darina set, the creator included 12 decorative objects which are all suitable as table ornaments for students, artists, office workers, and the like. There are pens, artwork, cups of coffee, croissants, and books in the bunch. Talk about a stylish spread.

You can find this clutter CC here.

41. Study In Style Set

image 77

Once again, we welcome another creation of Aira in this list. This time, we are zooming in on the “Study in Style” set, an endearing group of clutter CCs that are all school-related. Sims can enjoy a variety of study stuff like the mini calendar, the paw-shaped markers, the stacked books, the digital clock, the mirror box, the tablet PC, and many more! All are base-game compatible, too.

Here’s the CC link.


sims 4 clutter

It’s important to have your Sim’s stuff in order for them to be able to focus on their work and personal life. One thing that will help them get organized is this Flow Storage and Clutter pack from MyshunoSun! The set includes small and large storage boxes, corkboards, lamps, file holders, and storage units, which all give off that “everything has been classified” vibe. Definitely, these are must-haves for the office or study area of the house!

Acquire this clutter CC right here.

Random Clutter CC

43. Interior Designer Clutter CC Pack

Screenshot 2023 08 22 150609

Bring the inner artist out of your Sims with this pretty cool Interior Designer Clutter pack from creator AgressiveKitty! These clutter pieces would be excellent, especially in places where creative juices are flowing (i.e. a personal creative studio) for your Sims. All in all, there are 5 items available in this pack, all of which are base game compatible.

Go here to download.

44. Mother’s Day Collection

image 62

For number 42, we included this really posh Mother’s Day Collection from creator Myxdollyt! The awesome set includes a lot of random stuff, such as wine bottles, cakes, perfumes, pizza, cookies, chocolates, and Mother’s Day cards. If you have created a custom holiday celebrating the day of Moms, then these clutter pieces would be just what you need to bring a smile to sim moms’ faces!

Head over here to get this clutter CC.

45. Clay Set

clutter cc

And we have another clutter CC from creator Aira! For this one, the inspiration of the said creator is the adorable cartoon, Steven Universe! In the set, Aira included 11 clay pin items, all characterized by the aforementioned cute show. These clay pins would be perfect to decorate any room and sweeten it up!

Hop on to this site to download.

46. Essential Clutter

Screenshot 2023 08 22 181313

Here’s another clutter CC that is sure to complete the “everyday look” of your Sims’ homes. Called the “Essential Clutter” pack, this one has over 13 objects such as a fan, hamper, towel rack, paper towels, phones, receipts, and many more! It will definitely complete the natural feel of any Sim’s room. Plus, the objects come in poly, too!

Grab this clutter CC here.


image 101

If Spring has already arrived in the households of your Sims, then it’s important to decorate their homes with Spring season stuff, such as the ones included in this clutter CC! Enjoy cute little items such as decorative plants, rabbits, eggs in baskets, lemons, and more. Sims will definitely feel refreshed with these!

This is your download link.

48. Clutter dump

clutter cc

Okay, so we reached number 46, the Clutter Dump CC! This is one mega pack that we think you’ll like. With this pack, you can enjoy over 40+ decorative and functional items that are all base-game compatible! The pack includes stuff such as phones, keys, plants, strollers, televisions, storage boxes, and more.

Get yourself this clutter CC here.


Collecting clutter doesn’t always have to be a bad idea, especially if it’s in the context of The Sims 4! Because let’s admit it, a clutter-free home in the game is a boring one, thus, more clutter = more fun! With this list of clutter CCs we prepared for you, you’ll surely find just the perfect clutter to cheer up your Sims’ homes. Happy simming, Simmers!

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