25+ Best Sims 4 Horse Ranch Poses CC: Singles, Pairs & Groups!

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Looking for some cool ways to capture moments on the ranch? Then quality horse ranch poses are just what you need to take stunning photos of your Sims and their fellow horses. Read on to discover the best CC poses for your gameplay!

horse ranch poses
Versatile Sims 4 Horse Ranch Poses!

Horse Ranch Poses CC: Get The Most Fabulous Horse Screenshots

The Sims 4: Horse Ranch EP brought us incredible features for hoofed friends and a new way to live a life in the stunning countryside. Naturally, life on the ranch is magnificent, but it would be really cool if we could capture the most precious moments with our foals, stallions, and mares. This is when horse ranch poses CC comes in to save the day.

Custom content creators do their best to stay up-to-date with the latest Sims 4 innovations, and Horse Ranch EP is not an exception. There are already a bunch of cool CC pieces that can make life on the ranch even more spectacular, and poses are among them. So, to help you save time browsing, we’ve made a selection of the best horse ranch poses available for download. Let’s hop into it!

By the way, if you’re looking for more Horse Ranch themed CC for your gameplay, you’ve got to check out our main Horse Ranch CC compilation. You’ll find everything from new CAS items for both horses and Sims to functional build/buy objects!

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Foaling Around – Pose Pack for Foals

Screenshot 2023 08 09 085833

This is just a pose pack for foals meant to make it look like it is fooling around your garden. Available in 8 poses as shown below. Lots of fun screenshots await!


Screenshot 2023 08 09 090302

Click here to download!

The Horse Ranch Simstagram Pose Pack (For Horses & Sims)

Screenshot 2023 08 02 160721

If you’re one of horse lovers, then you’ll like this pose pack. It’ll showcase the great bond between your Sims and their horse. Have a look at the image below to see the different poses included in this set.

Screenshot 2023 08 02 160737

Click here to download!

Giddy Up Horsie Pose Pack for Sims, Toddler and Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 02 163526

This pose pack is designed for your sim, toddler, and horse to create the illusion of your sim teaching your toddler how to ride a horse.

Screenshot 2023 08 02 163547

Click here to download!

Little Horse Pose Pack for Horses and Sims

Screenshot 2023 08 11 115522

I love this particular posepack because it has the cutest poses between Sims and their horses. You need the Teleporter mod to have them both stand in the same place. Go ahead and read our detailed guide on how to use the Teleporter mod for the Sims 4.

Screenshot 2023 08 18 123013

Click here to download!

Horsing Around by Alpine-Lapine

pose 6

This set includes a few fabulous poses for those brave enough to try and tame a wild stallion. Add them to your mods folder, and you’ll get some seriously camera-worthy scenes in your gameplay!

Screenshot 2023 08 02 134025

Click here to download!

Horse Life Pose Pack for Couples and Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 02 153906

This Horse Life pose pack is somewhat in the romantic side. It portrays a couple sims with their pet horses. So, if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, a new wedding is on the doors. Great screenshots await being taken!

Click here to download!

WSE Jumping Posepack by TurkeyWitch


Now that is a spectacular jump right there! This pose pack is for the agile, fast, and horses full of life, as well as their Sims jockeys. These 9 poses will awaken the competitive spirit and make your sporty pair look race-ready in no time!

Click here to download!

Horse Life Pose Pack by kd89-3dstudios

pose 2

Romance is in the air on this horse ranch! This set of poses will let your Sims flirt and get to know one another better while spending some quality time with their beloved horses. The set includes 8 unique poses so your Sim can try riding, talking, smooching, walking, hugging, and even riding horses with that special someone!


Click here to download!

My First Horse Pose Pack by Simsulani

pose 9 1

The first horse pet always takes a special place in the owner’s heart, and this CC will help you capture those precious moments forever. There are 4 cute poses in this mix: one rider pose and three standing ones. Simply adorable!

Click here to download!

Honest Work Pose Pack by SnarkyWitch

pose 18

This set is made for Sims in wheelchairs. It includes 6 couple poses, 5 of which are poses for Sim and their horse, while the 6th is for two Sims interacting. There is also one group pose in case you want to pose with your toddlers as well as 6 poses for single Sims.


More on SNOOTYSIMS: Sims 4 Disabilities: Disabled Representation in The Sims 4!

disablilities sims 4 cc

Click here to download!

Horse Whisperer by ParisSimmer

pose 1

Help your Sims express their love to their animal friends, and get these horse ranch poses! There are 10 unique poses for them to try, so be sure you capture all those precious moments with a camera!

Click here to download!

Life on the Ranch – Pose Pack for Horses and Sims

Screenshot 2023 08 07 084424

This is just a simple pose pack for your toddler, children, adult sim and horse. This is available in 4 poses.

Click here to download!

Seven Trotting Poses for Sims 4 Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 02 141041

It’s a small pose pack with 7 trotting poses that would be perfect for some fun in the pasture, or lunging in your round pen

Click here to download!

SH Photo Set Poses Pack by CCacoldcloud

pose 3

Would you like to look Instagram-ready and pose like an influencer in Sims 4? Then this pose pack is a must-have in your CC collection. It features 5 fabulous poses, allowing your Sim to shine and take stunning photos with their best horse friend.

Click here to download!

Horse Ranch Bare-Up CC: Bareback Mounting Pose Pack for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 02 084249

This bareback mounting pose pack have about 8 Adult Sim Poses, 3 Adult Horse Poses. Works well enough with the English saddle as well.

Click here to download!

Cam’s Pose Pack Volume I By Camthecowboyman

pose 20

Who is the prettiest horse in the Sims 4 galaxy? Your Sim’s horse, of course! These 6 Arabian/hotblooded poses will help them pose like real horse models. Let them rear and mesmerize the crowd!

Click here to download!

Jumping Pose Pack for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 02 142632

For this jumping pose pack, you will have to use the Tool mod to properly position the rider as necessary.

Click here to download!

La Ferme by Uiakodoesstuff

pose 19

Horses of Sims 4 deserve all love and care in the world. This CC set includes 6 touching poses, designed to help your Sim express their gratitude and love to their horse pal. How adorable!

Click here to download!

Dressage Pose Pack by CCacoldcloud

pose 17

Galop in with grace and show the world what you’ve got with these amazing dressage poses. There are 6 of them, and they are so elegant you’ll never get tired of posing with your horses.

Click here to download!

My First Pony by SnarkySims

pose 16

This set includes 10 poses, suitable for Sims of all ages, from infants to elders. Get the CC pack and all your family members will have quality photos with horses for the family album.

Click here to download!

Champion Horse Pose Pack by FatalRoseCreations

pose 14

Your Sims 4 horses can now pose like real champions, thanks to this fabulous CC. You’ll get 6 unique poses, tailored for perfect shots. Have fun capturing horses in all their glory, agility, and grace!


Click here to download!

Mini Pose Pack Witch Young Horse by CCacoldcloud

pose 13

Invest time in training your young stations and mares and teach them to gallop as their best horse selves, with these incredible poses. There are 4 of them, and all 4 will make the rider and the horse look majestic.

Click here to download!

Training Routine Pose Pak by CCacoldcloud

pose 12

Race horses need proper training to stay in good form, and this set of poses will help you make the most of it. It includes two standing and a couple of saddled poses, all of which are equally fabulous.

Click here to download!

SH Liberty Pose Pack by CCacoldcloud

pose 11

Here come 7 incredible poses for your Sims 4 foals! Horses can now stretch and mount that pedestal in their full glory, so you can take some pretty candid photos!

Click here to download!

Horse and the Bard Pose Pack by HerecirmSims

pose 10

Looking for something truly spectacular? Well, this pose pack will certainly meet your criteria! It includes 6 fabulous poses with vintage lute your Sim can play while riding. Perfect for poets, lone heartthrobs, and romantic souls who love a good serenade!


By the way, have you seen

Click here to download!

SH Pasture Mini Pack by CCacoldcloud

pose 8

Looking for a pose pack for horses only? If so, then you have to give this one a shot. The set includes four playful pasture poses for your four-legged companions, all of which will help them express their wild spirits!

Click here to download!

Horse Rider Poses by Emhojsims

pose 7

This set of poses is all a pro rider needs to look confident when on their horse. All you’ll need for this CC to work is a T.O.O.L. mod. Install the poses, and watch the equestrians and their horses take center stage.

Click here to download!

Horses and Dogs Pose Pack

Screenshot 2023 08 02 155304

This cute little pose pack includes some poses for your horses and dogs! Check the picture below for some of the poses included in this set. Your animal friends will be making their own special bonds now, thanks to this thriving community of CC creators!

Screenshot 2023 08 02 155714

Click here to download!

Mini Pose Pack for Young Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 11 105832

This mini pose pack for young horses is available in 4 poses. Try and see if you like it; download link below.

Click here to download!

Routine Pose Pack for Horses and Sims

Screenshot 2023 08 11 105351

This routine pose pack for your sims and horses are available in 7 different styles. Feel free to download anytime! Download link below.

Click here to download!

Jumping Poses for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 11 104513

This jumping poses for horses is not compatible with the sims on it. So, it is only for the horses itself.

Click here to download!

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