Kingdom Hearts CC for the Sims 4 – It’s Time to Battle the Darkness!


Have you ever wished your favorite characters from Kingdom Hearts would travel to more than just Disney worlds? Well now, they can! Continue reading for a collection of Kingdom Hearts CC for the Sims 4!

sims 4 kingdom hearts

Combine Disney, Final Fantasy, and the Sims!

Don’t be heartless and leave these awesome mods hanging. From becoming a Keyblade wielder to donning cutting-edge hair, these mods will leave your neighborhood a little more magical.

1. Kingdom Hearts Career

The Sims 4 Kingdom Hearts Custom Content

In true final fantasy fashion, you have more work to do. With the Kingdom Hearts Career mod by  Twilightsims, you can work to defeat the heartless and close those pesky keyholes.

The only catch? You will have to be proficient in Fitness, Rocket Science, and Logic if you stand a chance against your foes! Click here to download.

2. Disney Tattoo Set

Summon some of your favorite Disney allies with the Disney Tattoo Set by Aprisims. There are 8 styles of tattoos with various swatches to play around with.

From mickey mouse to ariel, there is bound to be a right fit for your sim! Click here to download.

3. Disney Princess Tops

You can never have too many shirts for your sims. With the Disney Princess Tops pack by Simmi98x, you’ll wish you had more sims to put your shirts onto!

13 princesses made the cut to be put on these simple yet charming shirts, many of them part of the 7 Princesses of Heart. Click here to download.

4. Cross Room 7 – Sora (Kingdom Heart)

It is time to redecorate! The mod Cross Room 7 – Sora (Kingdom Heart) has a cornucopia of furniture and decorations to spruce up your Sims house!

This is possibly the largest Kingdom Hearts decorations mod, with an astounding 42 items! Each of the items has great detail and would be perfect in a Kingdom Hearts neighborhood. Click here to download this Kingdom Hearts CC pack!

5. Kingdom Hearts 3 Plush Toy Set

When you were little I bet you loved sleeping with stuffed animals! They were your protectors from the monsters under your bed. Well, now you can give the same to your sim children.

The Kingdom Hearts 3 Toy Set by Mimoto-sims adds 8 toys which are great for Kingdom Hearts lovers and even for people just looking for new ways to decorate their playroom. Click here to download these CC pieces.

6. Disney Castle Build Lot

Your childhood dreams of living in the Disney Castle can finally become a reality, for your sim anyway. Jamspanumas did a great job recreating this iconic structure.

The detail put into it is practically bursting out of the walls. Aside from a few Sims Packs, no cc is required to plop this in your town! Click here to download.

7. Kingdom Hearts Frame Art and Decals

Have you ever wanted your favorite characters framed on your walls? Why stop there? With Kingdom Hearts Frame Art and Decals by Midnitehearts, you can have them come right out of the wall!

There are 16 framed pictures and 24 wall decals to give any room that kingdom hearts flair! Click here to download.

8. Kingdom Hearts T-shirt

A necessity for any fan is old fashion merchandise. Mod creator Charmelleon delivered. There are 2 different designs of T-shirts, both easily recognizable for any long-time player.

Don’t look at them for too long though, or you just might be flooded with good memories and want to restart a Kingdom Hearts playthrough all over again! Click here to download.

9. Kingdom Heart Kairi dress

One of the more brighter outfits in Kingdom Hearts, the Kairi dress cc by Lulirine has been beautifully added to the Sims 4.

Unfortunately, many other Kingdom Hearts outfit mods have been taken down, making this one even more precious. Click here to download.

10. Cloud Strife Outfit

Speaking of outfits, it is time we start looking at some of the best Final Fantasy mods for the Sims 4. After all, without Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts would be just another Disney game.

Natalia-Auditore’s Cloud Strife Outfit can make any sim seem more resilient. Especially when they are carrying a wonderfully implemented sword. Click here to download.

11. Final Fantasy VII Remake Aerith Outfit

If you are going to have Cloud in your neighborhood, you definitely need to have Aerith alongside him. Mimoto-sims Final Fantasy VII Remake Aerith Outfit looks great on any sim.

I was always curious how these characters had time to shop for such stylish clothes, but I am sure glad they did! Click here to download.

12. FFVII Sephiroth Outfit

Possibly the hardest boss fight in any game he appears in, it might be difficult for you to click the download button on this one.

However, Natalia-Auditore is giving you the opportunity to watch Sephiroth have to deal with bills like the rest of us with the Sephiroth Outfit mod. If you can stomach it, click here to download it.

13. Moogle Pie Toddler Costume

One of my favorite characters, since I started playing Kingdom Hearts, is the Moogle. Combine that with adorable toddlers, and you are in for something truly heartwarming!

Llazyneiph’s Moogle Pie Toddler Costume is one of the cutest toddler costumes out there, but it might cause you to see what your toddler sims are selling. Click here to download.

14. Gummi Phone

One of Kingdom Hearts 3’s greatest features was the addition of the gummi phone. Why not have it in the Sims?

Raccoonium made these detailed gummi phones with a lot of love that shows. Click here to download.

15. Kingdom Hearts CC Masterpost

This is it. The one you have all been waiting for! Raccoonium made an all-in-one stop for all your Kingdom Hearts in the Sims 4 needs. You gotta get this one for sure!!

With countless hairstyles, accessories, skin details, and clothing, it is easy to get overwhelmed with amazing content. Click here to download this CC set!

Final Thoughts

So that’s it! The best Kingdom Hearts CC for the Sims 4. Just remember after downloading all of these mods that you are bringing Kingdom Hearts into the Sims, not the other way around. Your sims still need to eat!

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