70+ Best Sims 4 Mods In 2024 (To Improve Gameplay)

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On the lookout for the most excellent mods out there that will provide loads of fun for The Sims 4? In this grand list, we curated top-notch Sims 4 mods that will let us experience our gameplay on a whole new level! Read on and discover all-new favorite Sims 4 mods from the entire list!

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SnootySims Exclusive Content

As you may have already noticed, we started creating our own CC some time ago. All of our creations are freely available and can be downloaded for free from our Patreon account. For our supporters, who make all this possible, we have thought of something special. That is a one-click download with all our CC. You can find the link here:

ALL IN ONE DOWNLOAD – SnootySims CC in One File | Patreon

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The list below is HUGE. So that you can save all the mods, we have created a clear PDF that lists all the mods. You can download the list for FREE from our Patreon account!

Here’s the link: 70+ Best Sims 4 Mods in ONE PDF as a THANK YOU! | Patreon

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70+ Best Sims 4 Mods in 2024—A Must-Have List!

As of March 2024, we’ve tested all featured mods in this list, and they work well with the latest game version of The Sims 4 (PC: / Mac: Creators regularly update mods to make them compatible with any new Sims 4 patches or updates. But there are times that mods still get outdated or broken. In such cases, we appreciate your assistance in maintaining the quality of our content. Please report any compatibility issues or broken links through the comment section below. Your feedback is appreciated! 😉

72. Baby Drama Mod

Baby Drama 2.0 1024x721 1

Our Sims will be ready to deal with some baby drama in The Sims 4 with this Baby Drama 2.0 mod from Plumlace! This realistic mod will let our Sims arrange the nitty-gritties of child support, co-parenting, and custody arrangements with their baby daddies.

Get the mod here and read our full guide about the mod here!

Baby Drama Header

71. Sim U Online Degrees and Skills Mod

Screenshot 2024 02 20 194226

The SimU Online Degrees & Skills mod will let our SIms learn in the comforts of their own homes, through the convenient SimU Online Portal. The said portal can easily be accessed through the phone or the computer, and it will let Sims learn Skill Classes or Degrees. Awesome, right? Grab this mod here.

70. Homestead Helper Mod

Medieval Cookbook 4

Long time Simmers know how fun it is to have the Grannies Cookbook Mod (check our list below to know more about it) installed in The Sims 4, as it provides our Sims a recipe book full of new amazing dishes. With this Homestead Helper mod, we!’ll be able to utilize cooking props and canning recipes, and enable homemade ingredients, too! We can get this mod here.

69. Pregnancy Cravings Mod


We have wished for our Sims to have real pregnancy cravings, and now creator Plumlace totally made it happen! Our sims can now totally chow down on 13 different cravings like grilled cheese, gummy bear pancakes, and more. Yep, all just tasty vibes. With this mod, there’s gonna be a food party for our pregnant Sims!

Download the Pregnancy Cravings mod here. Then, check out our infant and baby mods and cc by clicking the image below!

infant cc snootysims

68. Teen Pregnancy Mod

teen pregnancy

Sims who are in their teenage years can now get pregnant, thanks to creative TS4 modders. With the Teen Pregnancy Mod available in the MC Command Center, our teen Sims can go through the rigors of pregnancy, including experiencing varying moodlets, going through three trimesters, and then delivering the sim baby.

Apart from those things, we can also control the duration of the pregnancy terms, and discover the gender of the baby through an ultrasound scan. Just click the MC Woohoo under the MC Command Center, click Woohoo Actions, and select Allow Teens to activate Teen Pregnancy.

Check out our full article on Teen Pregnancy! Then, download this mod here.

teen pregnancy mod
Sims 4 Mods: Teen Pregnancy!

67. Roommate stories Mod

46c7ed 043a6c2ceb2049ea924c83a99f60d5eamv2

Kawaiistacie is back to creating mods for The Sims 4, starting with this newly-released Roommate Stories mod! It’s a simple mod for the base game that allows our Sims to have roommates who lead a life of their own in the game. They will be able to have careers, friends, and activities outside just like a real-life roommate.

Read more about our article on Roommate Stories! Then, download this mod here.


66. Spend Weekend With Mod

sims 4  mods

LittleMsSam really knows how to create mods that are reminiscent of the actual lives of individuals. With the Spend Weekend With mod, we can now let children Sims stay with their grandparents, mother, or father, who reside in other homes. Or, we can also let any other member of their household (even pets!) visit and stay with their relatives or friends. Simply reach for the phone, and under social, click “Spend Weekend With” and select a Sim. The selected Sim will then visit the household to pick up the Sim who called. Download here: Spend Weekend With Mod.

65. Flowfit Mod

image 6

If you’re a fan of The Sims 4: Fitness Stuff, or if you’re just simply fond of making Sims fit and healthy in The Sims 4, then you’ll love this new mod that we have for you! Called FlowFit, this is a recently released mod from the creative and passionate group of modders, Sim Realist. FlowFit Mod is a delightful tweak that incorporates all-new fitness equipment into the game.

Download this Sims 4 mod here, and check out our full article about Flowfit Mod here.


64. Dreams and Nightmares Mod

image 1

In The Sims 4, one of the basic daily needs of our Sims is to replenish their energy. To do this, they take naps or go for a full-fledged overnight slumber. However, once they wake up, it’s such a bummer that our Sims do not really get any dreams or nightmares (unfulfilled dreams do not count LOL)! But now, the snooze life of our Sims is about to change with this mod from creator Alainbm—the Dreams and Nightmares Mod! 

Download this mod through this link, and read our article about the topic here.

Dreams and Nightmares Mod

63. Adoption and Science Baby Mod


Pets and science babies are super adorbs, and we’re so grateful to have the opportunity to adopt them in The Sims 4. However, there are a few tweaks that we’d like to see here and there with the process. Luckily, this Adoption & Science Baby mod from creator Xosdr overrides the adoption of science babies, cats, and dogs! How convenient.

tumblr 2f4313263dd0cb2c3c03575566a4b193 17d2f90d 2048

Obtain this mod right here!

62. Begging Mod

beg money3

The Begging Mod, created by the talented modder NeedCoffee4That, allows your Sims to beg for money from NPCs and townie Sims. It gives them the challenge of asking for simoleons and witnessing the diverse reactions of Sims in the neighborhood. Whether your Sims are at the asking or receiving end of the begging, this mod adds an exciting and unpredictable concept to the game.

Download this mod here, and read about using it in the game here.

image 3

61. Foster Family Mod

image 17

This mod is heartwarming for all the right reasons! Our sim can now become part of the LMS Foster Family Network, where they will have the opportunity to take care of little toddlers, kids, teens, or even pets. Imagine looking after a child who needs a foster home in The Sims! The process is as simple as registering, via the phone, at the Foster Family Network. Our sim will be notified when a kid needs a foster home.

Head over to LittleMsSam’s Tumblr page for more info about the Foster Family mod, and read our article about it here.

image 16

60. Better Farm Animals (Out In Rain) Mod

image 2

In The Sims 4, farm animals will automatically run back to their coops and shelters whenever the rain pours down, especially during heavy rains and snow storms. With this farming mod by creator BosseLadyTV, farm animals will now stay outside even when a downpour is occurring, allowing our Sim to still take care of their needs. However, this mod does not prevent our farm animals from becoming dirty, wet, or hit by lightning! Enjoy the rain with our farm animals, by getting this farming mod here.

59. Mood Pack Mod

image 4

Say goodbye to boring emotions and hello to a world of feelings! Let our Sims feel happy, sad, and everything else in between with this Mood Pack Mod. The Mood Pack Mod is an extensive repository of emotions and moods designed for The Sims 4. Crafted by prolific creator Lumpinou, the goal of this mod is to enrich our Sims’ emotional experiences, allowing them to express a wider range of feelings within the game.

Download Mood Pack mod here, and read about it in our article here.

image 18

58. Arcade Room Fanmade Mod Pack

Sims 4 Mods: Arcade Room!

Ever wanted your Sims to experience playing inside arcade shops, where they could spend hours of endless fun smashing buttons, shooting hoops, and rolling game wheels? You can do that by installing this Arcade Room Fanmade Pack, a Sims 4 mod by Cepzid With Hakrabr. The said mod incorporates 9 new functional objects in The Sims 4, including slot machines, wheel of fortunes, gumball machines, arcade basketballs, pinball machines, skee balls, and claw machines, among many other arcade objects.

Playing with the machines gives your Sims the chance to win awesome prizes, such as stuffed animals, simoleons, and even skills! Download this Sims 4 mod here: Arcade Room Fanmade Pack.

57. Rental Property (R|E) Mod

image 21

Even before The Sims 4: For Rent was released, landlords have already been possible in The Sims 4! Sims can become land owners and rent out their properties to others to establish a solid passive income or rent properties themselves through the Rental Property Mod. Yup. The mod adds a whole new buy/sell and rental system that introduces new real interactions, such as hiring Realtors, assessing properties, interviewing potential tenants, and much more.

Download the Rental Property (R|E) mod here, and read about it in our article here.

image 22

56. Custody and Permanent Separations Mod

m10 cover

This Custody and Permanent Separations Mod is part of the WooHoo Wellness Mod Pack by Lumpinou but is also a standalone mod. It introduces a separation system for parents in The Sims 4, allowing them to have custody and visitation approaches, support arrangements, and plenty of other shared parenting aspects for their children. We can get this mod here.

55. Immersive Social Bunny Mod

image 14

With the launch of The Sims 4: High School Years, came the birth of Social Bunny, a trendy app that functions much like our social networking sites in real life. The app, which is characterized by a cute pink bunny icon and is accessible for Teen to Elder Sims, allows its users to access their posts feed, send and receive direct messages, add and remove friends, and gain followers. But to further make this app interesting, mod creator Plumlace came up with the Immersive Social Bunny Mod.

Download the mod here! Plus, we can read about all the features of this mod here.

Social Bunny Mod Featured Image


54. Child Birth Mod

realistic birth mod

Wouldn’t it be so much more reasonable if our pregnant Sims could go through the deliveries of their babies in a fashion that mirrors real life? With the Child Birth Mod (formerly Realistic Birth Mod), which was the brainchild of creator PANDASAMA, we could have this in the game. This mod introduces Obstetricians in the game, whom our Sims could call once they are in the second trimester. Our Sims can then choose from birthing options such as the natural, Caserean, or surgery delivery. Plus, they can gain weight after giving birth. Talk about realism!

Discover more about our article on Child Birth Mod and download this mod here.

53. Family Therapy Mod

sims4 mods cc snootysims 1
Sims 4 Mods: Family Therapy!

When a member of your family is a drug addict, where do they go? When your couple is having issues that relate to money, children, or some general life changes, wouldn’t you want them to go to family therapy? If yes, this mod is your shortcut to dealing with that and more. From behavioral issues such as evilness or lack of responsibility to death, familial problems, and illnesses, not only will it add a notch of realism to your game but it will also pull your family together.

Download the mod here! Plus, we can read about all the features of this mod here.

Family Therapy Mod Header

52. Allowance For Children and Teens Mod

image 3

Teen and children Sims can now get sweet simoleons with this allowance mod from LittleMsSam. Ranging from Cheap, Low, Medium, to High, these allowance amounts are given to them every Tuesday and Friday. Parents can tease their children and teens about their allowances, or even discontinue them! Click here to download.

51. No Mopping in Bad Weather and Outdoor Mod

sims4 mods cc snootysims 9

Why would our sim go out of their way to mop the floor while it’s raining? It doesn’t make any sense. Thankfully, with the help of this mod, they’d no longer do such a thing. They can enjoy the peaceful rain while sipping a hot cup of coffee, or watching their favorite drama show! Install this Sims 4 mod from this page.

50. My Little Neighborhood Mod


My little neighborhood turns your ordinary active lot into a more crowded place, perfect for gathering and grabbing coffee. To start enjoying all the perks that come with My Little Neighborhood mod, you will need to activate the new custom lot trait you can find in the Build/Buy menu. Under the Doors section, you will find a new menu called ‘’My Little Neighborhood’’. Here, you can choose from two options or next door types you can enable and disable any time you want: Cafe Next Door and Park Next Door. Get the mod here!

49. Preteen Gameplay Mod

preteen mod

Yes, we get it, we have teens in the Sims 4, and we are thankful because we get to explore their colorful lives and see them go through their high school milestones. But what about the idea of having pre-teens in the game, right?! Like, it’s awesome to have that in-between state before reaching actual teenhood. With this mod created by Its Katato, we are given the Pre-Teen Trait, wherein our Sims get enrolled in middle school and experience some puberty changes such as voice alterations and hygiene issues!

Just make sure to install Lumpinou’s Mood Pack Mod first to use this mod.

Read more about our article on Teenager Gameplay Mods and download the Preteen Gameplay mod here.

teenager mods sims 4 snootysims collection
Sims 4 Mods: Teenager Mods!

48. File Tax Returns Mod


Playing The Sims 4 gives us plenty of opportunities to turn our gameplay into authentic, lifelike situations. If we have ever wondered if it is possible to also let our Sims experience the adult venture of doing and filing taxes, our answer is yes! Kiarasims4mods came up with the brilliant File Tax Return mod which allows our Sims to file their tax returns each time that Tax Day rolls around. Tax Days can be set on a specific day in the calendar of our Sims. When Sims file their tax returns, they could either be accepted or rejected by the Tax Office.

Download this Sims 4 mod through this link.

47. It’s Movie Time Mod

image 6

Turn our Sims’ movie nights into blockbuster experiences with the Movie Time Mod! With this one, we can overhaul the available movie options from The Sims 4: Movie Hangout stuff pack, which can make our Sims’ cinematic experience a thrilling reel of entertainment. Explore a diverse range of films for an immersive movie night with the mod, here.

46. Better BuildBuy Mod

better build buy
Sims 4 Mods: Better BuildBuy!

The Better BuildBuy mod is another creation by TwistedMexi that allows us simmers to entirely improve the way we build our houses and lots in the game. This mod is a great accompaniment to the T.O.O.L. mod we introduced to you earlier. With the Better BuildBuy mod, you can unlock plenty of debug items and special objects, have instant access to the Move Object On cheat, have deletion protection of your objects, and enable FreeCam. The mod has been recently updated after the launch of The Sims 4: High School Years.

Check out our article on Better BuildBuy and download this Sims 4 mod here.

45. Sims 4 Multiplayer Mod

image 7

The very idea of a multiplayer version of The Sims 4 is something that heats us all! For many years rumors have circled the community that the developers of the game are secretly working on an online version, a next-generation Sims game that will sweep us all off our feet! But is there a multiplayer mod that players can download and use to play with one another? Yes, there is!

Download here for the mod, and read our full article about it here.

multiplayer mod sims 4

44. Roommate Mod

best sims 4 mods 2022 - Roommate Mod

The Roommates mod is among the best Sims 4 mods that still stand firm in 2024. When Sims 4 was first released, we all thought that we’ll eventually get roommates. This happened with Discover University, but it’s pretty limiting to students only. However, this mod allows you to recruit a roommate via the “LMS Roommates Service” on your phone or PC. You can filter different Sims and choose the one you like to be your roommate. Your roommates are real people and have jobs/school so they won’t be sitting home all day long and bothering you.

The best part of this mod is that you can tell your roommate to clean a room! How awesome is that? Download this mod through this link.

43. Family And Friends Activities Mod

image 4

This is one of the ultimate mods that you should certainly add to your game if you are playing Sim families! Creator Adeepindigo adds a whole bunch of Family and Friends Activities (Infant, Toddler, Youth, and Family categories) that will boost the relationships and fun of household members and peers. We are particularly interested in the Pet Training Class, Pumpkin Patch, and Sports Game activities in the mod. You can download this mod here.

42. Wonderful Whims Mod

image 5

If we are familiar with the Wicked Whims mod, there is an SFW (Safe for Work) alternative for it, called the Wonderful Whims. It has an attractiveness and personality system which affects the relationship preferences of our sims. Plus, it has the menstrual cycle, birth control, and transmissible disease features that can highly transform our Sims’ personal lives.

Click this link to download the mod and read our full article about it here.

Wonderful Whims Mod

41. SN Bank Mod

image 8

The Sim National Bank, more commonly known as the SNBank, is a banking mod that introduces an organized financial system in The Sims 4. The goal of the mod is to assist Sims in managing their Simoleons, allowing them to take part in various banking activities. The said banking mod is part of the mod creations by SimRealist, a community of TS4 modders who produce excellent real-life mods for the game, with roBurky and Victor Andrade serving as its senior mod developers.

Go and download this mod here. Check out our article about this here.

image 19

40. Various Club Activities Mod

various club activities cover

We can introduce two new club activities in The Sims 4 with this Various Club Activities mod from The Daily Plumbob! We’ll get the “Conduct Séances” and “Pickpocket” club activities, which can be found under the Hobbies and Social categories. Just make sure that we have Get Tgether expansion pack and Paranormal stuff pack installed. Download this Sims 4 mod through this link.

39. Private Practice Mod

image 9

This wonderful mod also introduces a healthcare system in The Sims 4, pretty much like the Healthcare Redux Mod of Adeepindigo (see below). However, this one has an intricate appointment scheduling, medication, and allergy system, and so much more.

Head over here to download! Then, check out our article about this here.

Private Practice Mod Featured Image

38. Walk Normal Mod

walk normal mod
Sims 4 Mods: Walk Normal!

Wouldn’t you want your Sims to walk normally? Especially with custom content and mods installed, it gets a bit creepy in-game, how Sims are walking. With this mod, you could disable the walk styles that you prefer gone. Just read the installation process carefully, so you’re not confused about how it works. Here’s your download link.

37. Werewolf Toggle Mod

image 10

Since the launch of The Sims 4: Werewolves, the lives of our simmers have been filled to the brim with both terror and excitement. These occult sims have been known to either be ferocious or friendly to neighboring Sims. With the Werewolf Toggle mod, we can now take charge of werewolves’ antics! We can skip the in-game options and globally switch their beast form on or off using a simple cheat code. Download the Werewolf Toggle here.

36. No Sick, Dirty, Sad and Hungry Cats & Dogs Mod

image 6

If you’re ever one of the Simmers whose hearts break at the sight of poor homeless strays in The Sims 4, then you’re in for a nice mod. This one, created by LitlleMsSam, prevents stray cats and dogs from being sick, hungry, sad, and dirty on the road. Whenever new pets spawn on lots, they’re all healthy and happy! You can visit this site to download the mod.

35. SimCity Loans 2.0

simcity loans

This mod is a way for our Sims to get money without working or us stuffing cheats into the game. The SimCity Loans mod allows you to take a loan from the bank. You can choose the amount of your loan, but there are predetermined amounts. The loans start from 1,000 simoleons and end with 500,000 simoleons. There’s no interest rate for this money and you can pay it in 12, 24, or 36 months. Download this mod through this link.

34. Slider Mods

tumblr f495e3487ca29bafbb961b0c532ff3ae 214dccdc 1280

For number 14, we are introducing you to the marvel of slider mods. These mods are exactly about what their name suggests, sliders! You can use sliders to conveniently click, drag, and customize the physical aspects of your Sims, providing a window to the diverse shapes and sizes available. These slider mods feature a plethora of surprises: temple sliders, eyelid space sliders, nose tilt sliders, lip fullness sliders, chin sliders, Adam’s apple sliders, and even breast separation sliders!

Read more about our article on slider mods and access the download links there!

slider mods

33. Let’s Get Fit Fanmade Mod Pack

fitness mod
Sims 4 mods: Let’s Get Fit!

This Sims 4 mod includes new objects, including 12 pieces of furniture and 14 functional objects. These include punching bags, barbells, dumbbells, stationary bikes, kettlebells, workout benches, pull-up bars, exercise radios, sporty decals, towel racks, cabinets, and lockers. Not only will our Sims become more motivated to work out, but this would also allow us to create more detailed and fun gym builds!

With the said Sims 4 mod, Sims can now also partake in all-new sports activities, as the mod provides the use of the skateboard arena, golf stage, and golf training mat. Click this link to download this Sims 4 mod: Let’s Get Fit Fanmade Modpack.

32. Expanded Mermaids Mod

Mermaids Mod
Sims 4 Mod: Expanded Mermaids!

If you’re a fan of mermaids or you play a mermaid Sim in Sims 4, this mod is definitely for you. Expanded Mermaids is a mod that introduces new water creatures to the game, such as Kelpies and Sea witches. It also adds tons of new interactions and allows your Sim to learn Sorcery. There are multiple levels of Sorcery to progress through.

image 24

So if you want to claim the sea as your own, this is the mod to get in 2024! Here is the download link.

31. Spiral Staircase Mod

spiral case mod
Best Sims 4 Mods: Spiral Staircase!

The Spiral Staircase mod is a Sims 4 mod by thepancake1 and MizoreYukii that features Project Spiral, an all-new functional spiral staircase in the game. With this mod, you can witness your Sims going through the spiral staircase using a new animation. There are two kinds of stairs available, the Industrial Spiral Staircase, and the Radiant Spiral Staircase. Each variant has three swatches available. You can purchase them from Build Mode for 300 simoleons each. Download this Sims 4 mod here: Spiral Staircase.

We tried it in-game and it’s functional and with animation, it doesn’t just teleport your Sim to the next floor, phew!
[optin-monster-inline slug=”fdcvagllvpsqwrlwvhgn”]

30. 100 Base Game Traits Pack Mod (v1.6)

traits mod

Vicky Sims came up with a way to expand the traits available in The Sims 4 by launching the 100 Base Game Traits Pack mod. Through this incredible mod, we can now have plenty of traits in our CAS arsenal. Because let’s admit it, our Sims are complex creatures who need access to more trait options that are not yet available in the game! Open-Minded, Repressed, Pretty, Linguist, Obsessive, Soft, Silly, Amusing, Gym Bunny, Detached, and Creepy are just several of the notable traits that this Trait Pack mod includes!

Click this link to download: 100 Base Game Traits Pack v1.6.

29. Fairies VS Witches Mod


The Fairies VS Witches mod is a grand mod packed with so many features, that it could pass for an actual TS4 expansion pack! Created by SpinningPlumbob, this mod introduces two new playable life states in The Sims 4. It allows our Sims to become a fairy in Sylvan Fairy Village, where they can practice their Fairy Magic Skill through the help of the Fairy Guidebook. Or, Sims could become a witch, practice Witchcraft skills and spells, and create altar configurations.

Fairies VS Witches features a whole bunch of intricate occult details that are sure to entertain us. Get this Sims 4 mod here, and read our full guide here!

image 12

28. Sims 4 Funeral Mod

Funeral Mod

The Sims 4 also lacks funerals. We talked about it at length in our guide for the Funeral mod, but it’s a shame that we can’t organize this event for our loved and lost Sims. With this mod, you’ll be able to throw a realistic funeral event with all Western traditions. You can invite other Sims to attend the funeral, hire a minister, say a eulogy, and everything else. You’ll get a set of goals to complete for this event as well. So all in all, a great mod to honor the dead Sims. Download this mod through this link.

27. LGBTQIA+ Gender and Orientation Overhaul Mod

image 7

The Sims 4 has greatly innovated its gameplay by capturing more inclusive gender possibilities for our Sims. Yet, if we want a more realistic gender system overhaul in the game, then check out this LGBTQIA+ mod by Lumpinou. Through this mod, Sims can have more romantic and WooHoo interactions, gender transitions, and so much more! Here is the download site for this mod.  

26. TOOL Mod

tool mod

The T.O.O.L. Mod, also known as the “Take Objects Off Lot”, is a mod created by TwistedMexi. What it does is give you plenty of freedom to control the objects in the game. With this mod installed, clicking any object in the game allows you to either elevate, move, rotate, scale, or toggle the said object. Aside from this nifty feature, you can also modify the settings of the T.O.O.L. mod to let you edit terrain options, set rotation colors, make camera changes, and more. You’d never want the T.O.O.L. mod out of your game once you’ve tried it.

Read more about our article on TOOL Mod, then download the said mod here.

tool mod

25. Grannies CookBook Mod

MTS Littlbowbub 1921756 Untitleddesign5

The Grannies Cookbook mod is a delightful addition to your game. Created and constantly updated by Littlbowbub, this cute cookbook mod introduces a plethora of delectable recipes in the kitchen of your Sims. The mod allows your Sims to purchase a cookbook, which then gives them access to various Grannies Recipes. Drinks, snacks, meals from international cuisines, desserts, breakfast goodies, and BBQ dishes are what’s included in the cookbook.

Another interesting feature is that you can give a personal touch to the cookbook by choosing from over 20 book covers and renaming it!

Learn more about the Grannies CookBook here and download this mod here.


24. SimDa Dating App Mod

simda dating

The SimDa Dating App is another Sims 4 mod that genuinely reflects aspects of real life. This nifty little app allows your Sims to go on a variety of dates, including blind dates, one-night stands, or specific dates with selected Sims. Additionally, the app allows your Sim to enable Hook-Up Calls, which can let them encounter strangers from town! With the latter, your Sims can sometimes get Hook-Up Calls from NPCs which let them disappear for hours. In the SimDa Dating App, you are free to modify settings related to Pregnancy Changes, Potential Dates, and Game Changes.

Learn more about the SimDa Dating App and download this mod here.

23. Genetic Rewards Mod

genetics rewards

This mod from VickySims allows you to have in-game modifications to the genetic makeup of Sims. With this mod, children Sims no longer get to acquire sporadic traits or random physical features. Interestingly and realistically, they now get genes that resemble that of their parents. For example, Sims get to inherit the hair and the eyes of one of their parents, and their skin tone would sometimes be a mix of both their parent’s colors. With this mod, occult genetics can also occur, such as when you mix a vampire Sim and a mermaid Sim.

To know more, check out our article on Genetic Rewards Mod and download this Sims 4 mod here.

genetics rewards mod snootysims sims4

22. Organic Hair Mod

image 11

Sims’ hairs could look so dull sometimes, what with their weird and steady placement on the head. Good thing though, with the Organic Hair mod, there will be a dynamic evolution of hairstyles in the game. Your Sims can now bid farewell to static looks as their locks grow naturally. Super cool!

Download here and read our article here!

image 8

21. Functional Lemonade Stand and Table Bake Sale Mod

image 15
Sims 4 Mods: Lemonade Stand!

If there is a great way for children Sims to become active and learn responsibilities during their holidays or vacation days, it is by letting them run a lemonade stand and a bake sale! With this mod from Cepzid With Hakrabr, Sims can do business reminiscent of The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, through two new functional objects available in the game: the lemonade stand and the cake sale stand. To obtain the availability of the entire cake list, make sure you have The Sims 4: Discover University and The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories installed.

Here is the download link: Functional Lemonade Stand and Table Bake Sale.

20. Healthcare Redux Mod

healthcare redux
Sims 4 Mods: Healthcare!

Since we want the lives of our Sims to be realistic, we want mods that really capture what real life is like. So, for number 11, we have the Healthcare Redux Mod by adeepindigo! This Sims 4 mod introduces your Sims to the concepts of health insurance, online pharmacy, deadly diseases, prescription medications, and many other health-related matters in the game. With this mod, your Sims can get life-like instances of acquiring injuries, allergies, and viral and bacterial diseases. Sims can also have life-threatening medical emergencies, plus they now have immune system levels in the game.

Read more about our article on Healthcare Redux Mod and download this mod here.

healthcare mod sims4 snootysims

19. Universal Venue List


The Universal Venue List is a crucial file containing information for every region or world in The Sims 4, which dictates the types of lots available for placement. Scripting limitations within the game prevent the addition of custom lot types directly to these lists. Hence, a modded Venue List like this becomes essential to incorporate the creative contributions of mod authors. It’s important to note that only one Venue List can exist in the Mods folder simultaneously due to coding constraints. Grab the Universal Venue List here.

18. Map Replacements Overhaul Mod

Sims 4 Mods: Map Replacements!

The Map Replacements Overhaul is from 20th Century Plumbob. Through this Sims 4 mod, we get entirely new and updated maps of the worlds in The Sims 4. This is an ongoing project, but as of now, map replacements have been made for Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, Granite Falls, Del Sol Valley, Sulani, Tartosa, and plenty of others. By installing this Sims 4 mod, you’d get to thoroughly enjoy the intricate details that have been added in each world map. Click this link to download this Sims 4 mod: Map Replacements Overhaul.

17. High School More Classmates Mod

image 9

The More Classmates Mod by Aramiteus not only improves the high school system in The Sims 4 by allowing us to expand the number of students in school, but it also introduces an exciting array of new in-game tweaks that will make high school life more fun (and bearable) for our adolescent Sims. If you want to give them the best life while they spend time hitting the books, then try installing the More Classmates Mod now to spice things up!

You can download the mod here, and explore our guide about it here.

More Classrooms Mod 1

16. Custom Styled Looks Mod


It’s sometimes super difficult to come up with unique outfits for our Sims, especially when we want to create instant Sims on CAS. Well, cretaor Loulicorn helped us with that problem by launching this Custom Styled Look! This mod adds a whopping total of 77 looks for the game! Now, we’ll have more custom styles to choose from. Get the mod here.

15. Keto Cookbook Mod

image 11

Incorporate healthy keto recipes into your Sims’ kitchens with this Keto Cookbook Mod from Balkanika. The cookbook comes in the form of a classic manual cookbook in 10 colors, and a cooking tablet in 4 colors, and both versions cost 250 simoleons in Build/Buy Mode. Remember, for the keto recipes to appear, you have to install them separately. Visit the mod download here.

14. Eye Care Mod

Screenshot 760

The Eye Care mod, launched by prolific creator adeepindigo, introduces eye healthcare in The Sims 4. With this mod, our Sims can go to the eye doctor to obtain regular eye checkups and eye examinations, get eye diagnoses, and receive special eye-related care. The Optometrist can also prescribe certain visual devices, such as glasses and contacts to a Sim who needs them. Additionally, Sims can go through Lasik Surgery if they prefer a permanent solution to fix their eyes.

image 19

The Eye Care mod also gives eyesight-related buffs and moodlets to Sims. Click this link to download this Sims 4 mod.

13. Appliance Insurance Mod

Screenshot 2024 01 04 172158

If your kitchen appliances in the game happen to break a lot and you always need to call a repairman to fix them, then you definitely have to get this appliance insurance! This kitchen mod covers the repairs of stoves, coffee machines, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, tea machines, and ovens in your household. Getting the insurance would cost you 1,000 simoleons but that is a worthy investment, rather than paying repair service every time! Obtain the appliance insurance kitchen mod here.

12. Meaningful Stories Mod

Meaningful Stories Mod

Meaningful Stories is one of the best romance and dating preferences mods for the game overall. It introduces great changes to our Sims’ emotions and moods, making them more human. It’s like a complete redesign of this aspect of the game.

For example, with Meaningful Stories, your depressed Sims will need much more time to heal. It will require effort, both from them and from their friends. They won’t be able to go from Sad to Happy in a matter of seconds, which is much more realistic. Download this Sims 4 mod through this link.

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11. Kids Can Exercise Mod

sims4 mods cc snootysims 4
Sims 4 Mods: Kids Can Exercise!

Speaking from a personal perspective, don’t you think that kids in the Sims 4 are missing out on so much? What fun is there to do? Thankfully we don’t have to put up with that because Cepzid has got our backs covered with this mod. Now, your kids can exercise and do some adult activities—which in reality are kids’ activities, too. We can already imagine having athletic children in our house and embracing them! Learn more about the Sims 4 mod on this Patreon page.

10. Become a Sorcerer Mod

Become a Sorcerer Mod

Become a Sorcerer is another extensive mod with tons of excitement and replayability. The most important fact here is that your Sim can be a sorcerer even without the Realm of Magic game pack. As a sorcerer, your Sim will learn different spells from both the white arts and the black arts. There are tons of levels to progress through here and hundreds of things to unlock. And if you’re anything like me and you love fantasy gameplay, this mod will be ideal for you too! Download this mod through this link.

9. First Love Mod

Sims 4 First Love Mod

They say that you never forget your first love. Well, we have always considered it strange that The Sims 4 doesn’t have anything related to this. Not even a temporary moodlet. However, LittleMsSam has created a First Love mod that fits fantastically well in our 2024 mods list. It introduces new interactions to the game such as “Confess to have a Crush”. If your crash is accepted, then you can hug, exchange numbers, and even monkey around.

Learn more about the first love mod on SnootySims, and download this mod through this link.


8. Ultrasound Mod

best sims 4 mods 2022 - Ultrasound Mod

The Ultrasound Scan is the first time you actually get to see your baby. And it’s a big deal in our real world. And LittleMsSam obviously thought the same when she created this awesome Ultrasound mod! Pregnant Sims that are in the 2nd or 3rd trimester can now visit a doctor and get an ultrasound check. There they can also get a copy of the check. The mod includes 9 different pictures of ultrasound checks that you can frame. And they only cost 25 simoleons! Download this mod through this link.

7. Royalty Mod

best sims 4 mods 2022 - Royalty Mod

The Royalty Mod is one of the best and most exciting mods in The Sims 4! With this mod, your Sims can now become monarchs (kings and queens). They will have royal advisors and heirs, and the nobility will surround them. You can also enforce taxes upon the land and rule over your subjects. All in all, it’s such a refreshing experience that we recommend it to everyone! Get this Sims 4 mod through this link.

6. Go To School Mod (Version 5)

best sims 4 mods 2022 - Go to School Mod

Speaking of rabbit holes, the worst one is when your Sims disappear while at school. Well, no longer! The Sims 4 Go to School Mod lets you follow your Sims to school and experience the whole thing. This mod also adds a new school building to the game. This school has functional classrooms and venues. There your Sim can learn new subjects, form friendships, and look up to their teachers. The school also has different employees such as the Principal, Counselor, and Janitor. All in all, it’s a complete school mod for the game! Get your download here: link.

5. Education Overhaul Mod

image 8

The original Private School mod was launched by SHEnanigans and then modified by adeepindigo. It’s now known as the Education Overhaul Mod. It allows you to attempt to enroll your young Sims into the prestigious Simston Private School. Of course, the path wouldn’t be easy. Once the Headmaster shows up at your house for dinner, you would have to go to lengths to prove that your child is worthy of receiving special private education from Simston

Check out our article on the Education Overhaul mod here and download it here!

image 13

4. Simcare Mod

image 13

Next, we have the Simcare Mod, created by Simmer and mod creator Plumlace. It is the ultimate support system for your Sims! Through this, Sims can unlock benefits, special bank accounts, and utility credits. You can watch as your Sims thrive with these added perks and assistance from Simcare. Get this mod here.

3. UI Cheats Extension Mod

ui cheats extension

If you’ve ever wished that there could be a way to make cheating in The Sims 4 easier, then this mod is ideal for you. With the UI Cheats Extension, you no longer have to open the cheat console and type in a complicated jumble of letters and symbols, because this mod allows you to cheat with just a few clicks of your mouse. Directly right-clicking or left-clicking the User Interface (UI) of the game allows you to quickly edit several aspects, such as the needs, relationships, skills, career, simology, money, and achievements of your Sims.

Read more about our article on UI Cheats Extension and download this mod here.

image 15

2. Mental Wellness Mod


Your Sims’ mental health is also important! So, with the Mental Wellness Mod, your Sims can explore conditions like ADHD, depression, anxiety, and more. They can now also seek treatment with a dedicated therapist, which will help them in their daily lives. Get the Mental Wellness Mod here.

1. MC Command Center Mod

sims4 mccommandcenter prompts 1
Best Sims 4 Mods 2024 – MCCC!

More popularly known as the MCCC, this is the ultimate mod that every simmer needs to install. The MCCC packs a lot of in-game modifications and features that can improve your gameplay, including commands and controls over your Sims, NPCs, the neighborhood, and many essential aspects of The Sims 4. The MCCC also allows you to effortlessly use some cheats through the convenient choices available. You can access the MCCC by clicking on your sim or by clicking on the computer.

Learn more about the MCCC by reading our MCCC article, and downloading the said mod here.

mc command

Frequently Asked Questions About The Sims 4 Mods And CC

How to Install The Sims 4 Mods in 2024?

If you’re done scrolling the best mods for Sims 4 in 2024, it’s time to learn how to install them and how to enable custom content. Here’s how to do it. The first thing to do is to actually download the mod you wish to install. We have provided here download links to all the mods. So follow the links, find the download buttons on the official websites, and get your mod. Once you’ve downloaded a mod, unpack it with WinRAR, 7zip, or any similar program.

Then, you’ll need to copy the unpacked files and paste them into your Mods folder. The Mods folder is located in your Sims 4 directory (where you have your Sims 4 installed). And finally, you’ll need to launch the game, enter your game settings and check the “Allow script mods and custom content”. This is to make sure that your mods will work.

Is It Safe To Use Mods And CC In The Sims 4?

Yes. Although downloading anything from the web comes with a risk, mods and custom content are generally safe to use. You just need to be sure that they are programmed and installed correctly. When improperly installed or used, these game modifications and content may lead to data corruption, saved game losses, and game glitches. Thus, it helps to take extra precautions and backup saved games. Always follow the installation instructions and don’t skip any step!

Will Mods Ruin My Game?

The idea behind mods is to improve gameplay and not ruin your game. However, a bit of inconvenience can be avoided when downloading, installing, and using these game modifications. Since mods are created by different individuals or players, many of them, when installed, might conflict with other mods, affecting the game as a result. Fortunately, instances like that can now be avoided using a Mod Conflict Detector tool.

Here are some tips: To be safe, download mods and CC only from reputable websites like those mentioned above. Follow the mod creator’s installation instructions carefully, and look out for any notes about conflicts.

Where Else Can I Get Custom Content And Mods for The Sims 4?

There are so many awesome websites out there to download mods for The Sims 4. Starting from ModTheSims over TheSimsResource (TSR) to uncountable Tumblr and Patreon accounts. That’s why have decided to create our own post on the best The Sims 4 mod creators and websites. Click here to find the post on the best Sims 4 cc sites!

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