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The MC Command Center offers you a chance to play through a teen pregnancy. With it, your teen Sims can get pregnant, go through all the different phases and give birth to one, two, or more beautiful babies. So, if you feel ready to spice the lives of your teens, continue reading to learn all about the teen pregnancy mod!

sims 4 teen pregnancy mod
Teen Pregnancy Mod for the Sims 4

Can you get a teenage Sim pregnant in the Sims 4?

The short answer is YES! *you still need to read the long answer though heh*

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It’s no question that teen pregnancy in real life is a very complicated thing. It’s a hot mess of surprises, worries, difficult decisions, and mean judgments that could make anyone go crazy. But, people do manage to find their light at the end of the tunnel; and if it’s possible for one person, it’s possible for many, right?

The Sims 4, being a simulation of the real life, is always trying to catch up to that complexity, but at times it falls short. Such is the case when it comes to teen pregnancy, which by the way isn’t too rare in today’s modern society. So, the people turn to mods and CC to accommodate their gameplay and make it as realistic as it can be. Well, thanks to MC Command Center’s Teen Pregnancy Mod, our teenage Sims can now get pregnant and give birth to lovely babies. Let’s explore the mod in detail now, shall we?

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The ins and outs of the Teen pregnancy mod

With this mod, there are equal pregnancy options for teens and adults! So, while your teen Sim is pregnant, everything will flow the same as with your adult Sims.

That is to say:

  1. Your teen will go through the three standard trimesters
  2. They will experience all the moodlets
  3. They will eventually deliver a healthy baby.

That’s not all! You will be able to dictate the speed of the pregnancy, choose which stage to be in, to reveal the gender of the baby through an ultrasound scan. All the rest of the interactions work normally too and the child will age as all the other children. For the most part, the mod works very well and it’s definitely worth your time if this feature is an absolute necessity for you!

How to download the Teen Pregnancy mod?

You need to download the MC Command Center. There are a lot of tools in there that further enhance the teen pregnancy. Here’s a direct download link (compatible with the latest Sims 4 update).

To download the Teen Pregnancy Mod (the MC Woohoo), click here.

Follow these steps carefully:

  • Make sure Script Mods is enabled in your game
  • Download the MCCC.
  • Download the MC Woohoo (to enable teen pregnancy)
  • Unzip the files and add them to your mods folder
  • Launch your game and click on any computer to access the MC Command Center:
image 79
  • Click on MC Woohoo and look for Woohoo Actions and select it
snootysims preg
  • Select “Allow Teens” and restart your game!
image 78
  • Now you should be able to “Try for Baby with” by clicking on the Sim’s bed

Getting Pregnant!

teen pregnancy mod sims 4 snootysims 01
Teen Pregnancy Mod – Getting Pregnant!

Try for Baby with” is an option for any of your teen Sims who are in a romantic relationship. Now, if you don’t know already, two Sims cannot try for a baby right away. Their relationship or marriage has to be a bit mature and the bar filled to at least 40% or 50%. To do this faster, it definitely helps for a Sim to have charisma or some sweet love aspirations. The rest is the usual: flirting, pickup lines, and appearance compliments.

Once you get to this point, go and try for a baby! As always, the pregnancy odds in The Sims 4 are pretty high, but that still doesn’t mean that it will happen on the first try. You might have to go for a couple of times before your teen girl will be eating for two.

Fertility traits definitely help to increase these odds, so don’t hesitate to use some achievement points to increase it on both of your Sims. Plus, if you want more than one baby, like twins or triplets for examples, the fertility levels also influence whether the girl will carry one, two or more kids in her belly.

Players have funnily suggested that trying for a baby in a hot tub has a 100% success chance, but since we don’t know what triggers it, we cannot confirm it for sure. But why not check for yourself and give it a go? And when your girl is pregnant, the rest is done normally.

Make the pregnancy even more interesting with these mods

1. Instant Morning Sickness by PolarBearSims

This mod is a must-have for its surprise element! I mean, the whole point of getting your teen pregnant is experiencing the hot mess that is its aftermath. The morning sickness buff that your teen experiences 2 to 3 hours before vomiting basically gives away the pregnancy (not much fun!).

That’s exactly where this mod comes in handy: it removes it until they have their trimester buff. Your teen will still vomit, of course! Learn more about this mod and download it here.

2. Pregnancy mood buffs by zafisims

If you want to make your teen pregnancy more interesting and technically realistic, you’ve got to add this mod to your list! Your teen will no longer be all that happy about getting pregnant. Moreover, you’ll be able to select exactly which mood your teen experiences throughout their pregnancy. The moods include: sad, angry, embarrassed, stressed, uncomfortable and indifferent (which I find quite intriguing).

Learn more about this one and download it here.

3. Baby Shower Event by KiaraSims4Mods

As everyone knows, becoming a parent is one of the biggest life changes a person can experience. But there are also many joys that come along with it!

When your teen sim is pregnant, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a baby shower event! This mod does exactly that, providing everything you need to make your teen’s pregnancy a special occasion. From invitations to decorations, this mod has it all covered. You get rewarded a rock-a-bye bassinet and a money reward of 500 – 1000 Simoleons!

To download this mod, click here!

4. Pregnant Aging & Death by PolarBearSims

Now, it’s time for the real deal: the Sims 4 Pregnant Aging & Death Mod!

So, normally, when any of your characters expect a baby, both the mother and child be immortal, which means they will always live through the pregnancy and the babies will always turn out healthy. This is great and all but when it comes to realism, one would expect more!

This mod elminnates the immortal feature and hence increases the chances of having an immature baby or dying while giving birth (which applies to both the mother and child in this case).

Learn more about this mod and download it here.

Even more pregnancy and baby mods

sims 4 teen pregnancy mod

There are still a bunch of amazing mods that we totally recommend having for more realistic and fun gameplay! These include but are not limited to Easygoing Baby, Ghosts Can Have Babies, Bad Parent Trait, Stretch Marks Mods, Quadruplets Quintuplets Sextuplets Babies, Pregnancy Terminator, and the Pregnancy Mega Mod!

So, go ahead and get these pregnancy and baby mods right now!

What is the cheat to get a teenager pregnant in the Sims 4?

You could always cheat the matrix into achieving your goals in the Sims 4! Just follow the process below to get your teenage Sims pregnant!

  1. Enable cheats on PC by typing Ctrl + Shift + C
  2. Type in “testingcheats true” or “testingcheats on
  3. Use the cheat code: sims.get_sim_id_by_name {firstname}{lastname} to find your Sim’s ID. (Make sure to keep the brackets when using the cheat code)
  4. pregnancy.force_offspring_count {simID} {# of babies}” is the cheat code you’ll use next to make your teen pregnant!

Visual Glitches and Problems with the teen Pregnancy mod

Something that you will quickly notice as well are the two main visual glitches that appear when using this mod:

  • There is no pregnant belly/ or the pregnant belly won’t disappear. The Sim can go through the whole pregnancy without showing any visual evidence that she is pregnant, since her belly won’t grow ever. Or if it does grow, sometimes it can stay after the birth too! For some players this might be interesting, but since it’s not realistic, some find it annoying.
  • The baby is randomly generated. The mod works randomly when it comes to the baby’s genetics. When the baby is born, the chances that it will match its parents are pretty low. We are talking a totally different skin tone, eye color and face shapes, ethnicity and race as well.

However, these are just minor annoyances that are easily fixable through the Full Edit mode. Whenever they appear in your game, just go through cas.fulleditmode and fix the looks of the pregnant Sim or baby however you want.

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