Best Bunny Ears Custom Content for the Sims 4

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You’re probably wondering: why would I get my sim character a pair of bunny ears? Good question! Not only do they express a fun, party-loving spirit but they also share festive and friendly sentiments that you know need in-game. So, we’ve brought to you a list of bunny ears custom content to choose from. We hope it comes to your liking. Let’s begin!

Cutest Bunny Ears for Your Sim Characters

Spring Fling Stuff

bunny ears cc sims4 1

There’s something so compelling about pink, no? You get this pair of bunny ears for all ages in a set of different colors. Head over to this page to install. Also, be sure to check out maxis match hairstyles for females.

Ariana Grande dangerous woman bunny mask

bunny ears cc sims4 2

You could find those lovely bunny ears under Hats. There’s plenty of outfits that go with this mask too, so make sure you have a look here and here. Install from this page.

Sims 4 cheongsam rabbit ears

bunny ears cc sims4 3

Fluffy bunny! Your sims will definitely look more approachable with these ears… perhaps even weak -so watch out for them! Check it out by visiting this page. For oversized shirts like this one, click here.

LeahLilith ArtRave Headband

bunny ears cc sims4 8

This wins a seat as our top favorite. It’s pretty innovative and works for any occasions (formal or non formal). Download it by visiting this page.

Bunny Outfit and Headband TS4

bunny ears cc sims4 4

Absolutely the cutest! You get a bunny costume along with these ears so make sure you give it a look. Here’s your download-link.


bunny ears cc sims4 6

This one is brought to you by the awesome creator Jennisims. Download from this page. For skin tones, click here.

Fluffy Bunny Ears

bunny ears cc sims4 5

Pretty simple yet does the job! You get a pair of fluffy bunny ears for your sims from teen to elder. And they come in three unique colors. Here’s your download-link.

Bunny Ears Custom Content

bunny ears cc sims4 7

What a classic! Not only do you get them ears but a perfect matching outfit. Click here to install. You could also check out other costumes from this set by visiting this post.

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Now that we’ve come to the end of our list, be sure to check out more custom content on cat tails. Happy modding, simmers!

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