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Across the internet, it seems like the consensus is that Maxis does not have enough natural or afro hairstyles in the Sims 4. If you’ve grown bored of cycling through the same few hairstyles for your Black sims, don’t worry. There are so many artistic and imaginative custom content creators that make the most beautiful afro hairstyles for your sims! This list will show off our favorite cc for the best Sims 4 afro hairstyles!

sims 4 afro

Afro Custom Content for Your Female Sims

If you’re looking to add a bit of spice to your Sims 4 game, then you’ll want to check out the Afro hairstyles CC. These styles can give your Sim an edgy look that’s sure to turn heads.

And the awesome thing is, there are now a variety of hairstyles that can be created with an afro, including curly, wavy, kinky, and braided styles. This guide will show you how to get the most out of the new hair system, from basic styles to more complex and intricate looks. Whether you’re looking for a new look for your Sim or just want to see what’s possible, the Afro hairstyles in this list are sure to fascinate you.

1. Afro Collection

sims 4 afro

I am listing this cc first because it is a necessity if you’re wanting to expand your choices in afro hairstyles! This Afro Collection includes a whole 36 all unique Afro styles! They are all hat compatible and have all of the Maxis swatches plus an additional 7 of the modified Maxis swatches to choose from. This Afro CC collection was created by Sheabuttyr, previously savvy sweet on Tumblr. This is a great place to find natural hairstyles, especially if you’re looking for Maxis match cc. Download here from Sheabuttyr on Tumblr.

2. Ebony Curly sims 4 afro

sims 4 afro

The website xxblacksims has so many different Black hairstyles to choose from. This Ebony Curly Fro is gorgeous! The details are amazing with the trendy baby hairs visible! Download here at xxblacksims.

3. Liyah Curly Puffs

sims 4 afro

This afro cc hair can be worn by all ages, so you can make your babies cute, too! I love the red color swatch option. Download here at xxblacksims.

4. Queen Curlypuff

sims 4 afro

This Queen Curlypuff afro cc can also be worn by all ages. It also has the option to wear with or without the head wrap. The head wrap has different color options to choose from as well! Download here at xxblacksims.

5. The Dee Hair

sims 4 afro

The Dee Hair afro cc is for women, teens, and elders. The headband is recolorable and is also compatible with wearing hats. The best part about this cc is that it comes with the EA default colors plus extra color swatches, so your sim can have dyed tips and ombre hair colors. Download here from Sonya Sims.

6. Glorianasims sims 4 afro

sims 4 afro

Ebonix is another great website for Sims 4 afro cc and natural black hairstyles. This pack includes three different hairstyles: Afro Mama, Two Afro Buns, and Afro Princess. These afro cc are unisex and can be worn by teens through elders. Download here from Ebonix.

7. Lil Mimi & Lil Momo

image 22

This set of afro cc is for girls, toddlers, and children. This is probably the cutest afro cc for kids in my opinion – the bow is adorable! For the bow, there are 55 different textures to choose from! You can have different colors to match dozens of outfits! Download here from Ebonix.

8. Afro Curls Conversion – sims 4 afro

image 23

The newest pack for the Sims 4 was My Wedding Stories. If you don’t have it, you’re missing out on this classy formal afro. Another great resource for natural black hair, DrTeeKayCee has done a wonderful conversion to share with everyone! There are 14 colors to choose from. Download here from DrTeeKayCee on thesims4updates.

9. Summer Fro Supersized Hair

sims 4 afro

Another afro hair created by DrTeeKayCee, this afro cc has a natural volume look and comes in 14 different colors. See below for an extra cute addition for this hair! Download here from DrTeeKayCee on thesims4updates.

10. Summer Fro Daisy Wear

image 25

The Summer Fro Daisy Wear is an accessory to wear in the above afro cc. The daisies in your sim’s hair would be perfect for an impromptu photo shoot in the park! Download here from DrTeeKayCee on thesims4updates.

11. Puffs N’ Stuff

image 26

If you couldn’t get enough, here is yet another afro hair that you can add flowers to! This set comes in three different sizes (small, medium, and large) and comes in 11 different colors. To add the flowers, go-to accessories. They aren’t listed as earrings, glasses, or necklaces, so you can wear all three and wear the flowers at the same time! Download here from LeeLeeSims1 on Tumblr.

12. Damien Hairs – sims 4 afro

image 27

For both men and women, this afro hair is a short natural hairstyle that looks amazing! There are 18 different swatches of colors and it is compatible with hats. This afro cc is great if you prefer Maxis match! Download here by Saurus at saurussims.

13. Bibi, Bobby, And Bebe

image 28

This afro cc set comes with three different versions: Bibi is the regular size with the flower, Bobby is the style without a flower that can be used for men and women, and Bebe is the extra poofy style. With 18 different colors, this is a great afro cc set! Download here from Saurus at saurussims.

14. Under Wraps

image 29

I am in love with this hairstyle! Under Wraps has all the EA colors and comes with a scarf that has 5 solid colors and 20 patterns. Each hair comes with a black scarf which you can change the color of by adding the scarf found in hats. If you love your sim to have many different options for customizations, this is the custom content for you! Download here from SheSpeaksSimlish on Tumblr.

15. Malu’s AfroBun

image 30

This afro updo is perfect for formal dresses to everyday wear for your sims. Maxis match friendly, it comes with 10 different colors and is hat compatible. This afro cc has a very classy look! Download here from Birksche’s Simsblog.

16. Amma Big Girl Now – sims 4 afro

image 31

This stunning hair comes with 60 different swatches to choose from. This fro is big and full and full of cute tight curls, such great attention to detail with this custom content. Download here for free from NoNvme Studio’s Patreon.

17. Kira Hair

image 32

This adorable Sims 4 afro cc has 4 swatches. You can also choose with baby hairs or without baby hairs. I love this one because it has such cute little hair clips! The hair clips come in 13 different colors. Download here for free from Grams on Patreon.

18. Manila Hair – sims 4 afro

image 33

This Manila hair cc can be used from teen to elder and has many different colors to choose from, as well as the headband accessory, too! To change the headband color, you will go to the accessories where you will find it with hats. This afro is perfect for a day at the pool showing off your sim’s natural beauty while sunbathing and relaxing! Download here from Candy Sims.

In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed our list of afro hairstyles for The Sims 4. Be sure to check out the links we provided for more information and custom content. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends if you found it helpful.

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