Sims 4 Gloves CC (MUST-have list)


Gloves for every event of your life

Gloves are not only for winters or a means to stay safe and cozy during cold weather. They are a fashion statement and sometimes it is necessity but most of the times it is an important accessory in your closet. These gloves are mostly for females. From cheerleader gloves to gothic, punk, lace, luxurious and bridal gloves, you will get a wide range of variety in these gloves mods. You can choose depending on a particular event, your personality and age. Some of the gloves are part of a set, in that case, to complete the look, do buy the things that come with the set. Browse through these new gloves mods and find out which one will suit your Sim the best.

Get your Sim a good pair of Gloves with these Mods

Kitty Gloves

Kitty Gloves

These are fluffy kitty gloves for girls. They are suitable for cheerleaders in school or college. They are very fluffy and comes in two different colors, red and brown and violet and blue. They look super adorable. Instead of holding pompoms, this is a refreshing way to cheer the team with kitty gloves.


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