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Japanese houses are getting their own Sims 4 content with a lot of new creative options. This makes it easier for players to make their own living space look like modern day Japan in the game. If you are in need of Sims 4 Japanese House custom content, then continue reading this post for a collection of our favorite creations. Enjoy!

Sims 4 Japanese House

Japanese Houses CC Packs for the Sims 4

The Sims 4 is a game that allows players to control all the aspects of their online character’s life. Players have the ability to create and customize their own virtual environments and make decisions on how they wish to run their Sims’ lives. The popular game has led to a boom in Japanese houses custom content for the game.

A Japanese style home is a truly unique way to give your Sims a new look and feel. They’re spacious and stylish, with focus on modern aesthetics, traditional Japanese details, and clean lines. In addition to the exterior of the house, Sims can also customize their interior with beautiful textures such as tile floors, tatami mats and bamboo walls. There are a variety of styles to choose from as well – ikebana-inspired design with floral patterns or minimalist without adornment.

The following list is of Japanese houses. CC creators of the Sims 4 have gone ahead and made custom content for the Sims 4 that you’re sure to love. They’ve added a lot of detail to their houses that are sure to give you an idea of what it would be like living in Japan.

suburban japanese house

Sims 4 Japanese House

This Japanese house is presented with just enough detail that players can make their own home, but also provide a space in which you can learn more about Japan’s unique architecture and design styles. This home features two floors and multiple balconies, creating an open and airy feel that is perfect for sims to choose from their favorite destination each day.

The best part about this house? It is actually cc free. It includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Head over to this page for easy download.

Japanese House

Sims 4 Japanese House

The Sims 4 allows players to design and build virtual houses following their imagination. This creation process requires creativity, time, and lots of detail work. The country is known for its amazing natural beauty. And this countryside evokes a feeling of tranquility and peace- which is fitting, because this is where sims of all ages should go to spend their retirement years.

It’s always fun to show your sims some new scenery when they move into a new town. However, choosing scenery is no easy task. If you don’t have time to go through hundreds of different houses, this one will definitely do the trick. Install this in-game from this link.

Masashi Home

Sims 4 Japanese House

We were pleasantly surprised with how detailed this custom Japanese home was when we first saw it! It’s absolutely gorgeous and will be perfect for any Sim player looking to find an affordable house that captures that authentic Japanese feel.

Masashi is a home for your Sims characters that has room to grow with you and your sims. You can customize the entrance to best suit your needs. With a wide variety of categorized rooms, Masashi is the perfect place for all your sims needs. Go ahead and download it from this link.

Japanese Apartment Plus Ramen & Sushi Resto

Sims 4 Japanese House

The Japanese apartment is perfect for Sims who appreciate the natural beauty of nature. For example, if they choose to live in this Japanese building they can enjoy all that nature has to offer from the top floor balcony or from their bed at night when they look out into the city below them.

And the Japanese eatery will be a totally new experience for your characters. With a fresh twist on traditional Japanese ramen and sushi, it will have your Sims feeling like they’re in Tokyo. In it, you will find a shrine for hospitality guests and business partners to come visit in order to get some luck out of their visit. Here’s your download-link.


Sims 4 Japanese House

What’s the coolest modern Japanese house for your Sims characters? A traditional Japanese house, of course! This is a great old house that is so familiar and beautiful. Plus there are so many fun decorative details, from the pretty scrolls on the walls to the nice little outdoor area with tatami mats.

The best thing about this house is that you don’t have to build it yourself! Click here for easy download.

Japanese Machiya

japanese cc sims4 6

The Japanese style is not only known for its simplicity but also for its exquisite simplicity. More and more Japanese designs are now seen in the Sims 4. When it comes to Japanese architecture and design, there is no one style that will fit all occasions. Instead there are many different styles that can be applied to a wide range of needs. That’s where this house comes in handy!

The Japanese word for both “modern” and “home” is Machiya, thus giving the name for this house style. These houses have multipurpose rooms, small gardens, sliding paper-covered wooden doors, elements from vernacular architecture such as tiled roofs. Visit this page to install it.

Sims 4 Japanese house

japanese cc sims4 7

Many people think these houses are too small for their homes but they will change their mind when they see how beautifully these designs complement each other with their simple yet elegant decoration schemes that have no need for excessive ornaments or fittings that many modern properties add for decorating purposes.

This Japanese Home has 2 floors with big windows on the second floor. It also has so many objects that you can use in this house, from lamps to kitchen countertops to different types of furniture. Here’s your download-link.

A simple & modern Japanese house

japanese cc sims4 8

The interior layout of this house is simple and modern with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an open kitchen with dining area on the ground floor level. This design is meant to maximize space efficiency and functionality for your sims characters. Over time we are sure that you will be able to personalize it further by adding items from your own texture packs or even making new ones yourself! Head over to this page for easy download.

Modern Eco Japanese NO CC

japanese cc sims4 9

It is always important to consider the environment and how it can affect your family. This house is designed for modern eco times with an added touch of Japanese culture.

With an Eco Japanese house, your sims can live a life of sustainable living. They have a beautiful and tranquil atmosphere with open spaces and natural light. In addition, these houses tend to cost less than traditional homes which is great for those low-budget families! Feel free to have a closer look at this house by visiting this page.

Asian Old Sims 4 Japanese House

japanese cc sims4 10

This Asian Old Tea House will be perfect for your Sims characters traveling to Kyoto, Japan. It has a traditional feel, with a lot of natural beauty and bright colors. After all, what could be more relaxing for your simmies than sitting down in one of these traditional tea houses?

It is a bit smaller than other buildings, but it could hold up to 5 sims. They will surely be able to enjoy their days in this house. There’s also a small garden outside that has beautiful flowers and trees. This build has been made by the talented Sims 4 builder, Symenfys. You can download it here.

The Japanese houses are very popular now and the Sims 4 game has allowed people to build their own Japanese property in a game that they can play with their friends or create their own with digital tools. Some of these houses might be difficult to find in the game but we hope this list will give you a good head start on where to look for different styles of houses.

You can also find more information about these properties in our main post on how to build your dream Japanese house. Below are different type of houses for the Sims 4, make sure to check them out. Happy simming!

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