UGGs CC for the Sims 4: Your Ultimate Collection of UGGs!


Do you have a fondness for the popular brand UGG? If you do then our top 15 list of Uggs CC for the Sims 4 is for you! Expect some hoodies, bags and lots and lots of Uggs! Enjoy!

sims 4 uggs cc

Put those ugg boots on!

Ugg is a fashion company that is known for its comfortable sheepskin boots which were originally started in Australia. Lucky for you, not only can you wear them but so can your sims!

Our top 15 list of the best ugg cc will make sure your sim is looking fashionable as they walk around their house and neighborhood.

The best part of this list? You don’t have to spend a crap ton of money as you do in real life. Hey, ugg boots are very expensive. Take it from someone who has bought a few!

15. Toddler Ugg Booties

uggs cc

The Toddler Ugg Booties by LollaleeLoo features a pack that lets you have ugg boots in a total of 9 bright and fun colors. They are for both male and female sims so either gender is able to wear these. The best part I that if the toddler sim wears them with PJs, they will be tucked into the boots rather than hanging over.

Click here to download.

14. Pink Leopard Boots

The Pink Leopard Botos Recolor by Oruda2 are ugg boots for females, aged teenager to elder. While this bright, pink leopard print is not for everyone you do have to admit that it is pretty stylish in its own right. If you decide to get this for your sim, they will stand out for sure.

Click here to download these uggs cc boots!

13. Ugg Recolors

The Ugg recolors by HulaSims16 feature 8 swatches. Five of them are solid colors while the others are 3 pattern swatches. There is something for everyone in this pack. If the solid colors don’t appeal to you, you have to check out the pattern uggs. One of them even features animals! Oh and make sure you grab the mesh, otherwise it won’t appear in-game.

Click here to download.

12. Uggs By Chalipo

Another Ugg pack but this one was created by Chalipo. It features 11 colored swatches, all solid colors. Chances are that at least one of your favorite colors is in this pack. Even if they aren’t, they look so much like the real uggs that you have to get this one. The realism here is out of this world.

Click here to download.

11. Uggs Boots Classic Tall Sheepskin Boots

The Uggs Boots Classic Tall Sheepskin Boots are perfect for the winter season. They are available for females of all ages– even toddlers. Toddler boys can also wear them so consider getting them a pair if you want their footsies to stay warm. It colors with solid colors and patterns, all of which will go great with any outfit.

Click here to download.

10. S-Ugg Boots

The S-Ugg Boots by Sondescent come with a total of 11 swatches. It is suitable for all genders so you don’t have to worry about your male sims not being able to wear these stylish and comfortable boots. Wear them with whatever outfit fits your fancy! Click here to download it today!

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9. Uggs for Men

The Uggs for Men set by Blewis50 features a bunch of different patterned and solid colors. One of the more interesting things about this set is that it’s a combination of Ugg boots mixed with TM boots. Combine them together and the above result is what you get.

Visit this Tumblr page to download.

8. Ugg Classic Cardy Boots

The Uggs Classic Cardy Boots by Dallasgirl79 is yet another take on the classic ugg boot with a different twist. You’ll notice that this twist is probably the stylish buttons on the side of the ugg booties. It really just adds a level of cute to this classic style.

Click here to download.

7. Ugg Boots by Shushilda

The Ugg Boots by Shushilda feature some classic, dark ugg colors that everyone is sure to enjoy. These solid, dark colors are straight-up classic. You can wear them in any sort of situation or environment. This is one of the best things about uggs!

Click here to download it today.

6. Ugg Slippers

The Ugg Slipper Style shoes by Kiegrosssims are a great modern take on the ugg boot. It features patterns like the leopard print pictured above and other typical solid colors. If this custom content jumps out at you, you need to get it today.

Click here to download it.

5. Ugg Boots Classic mini Retexture by Blushchat

The Uggs Boot Retexture by Blushshot is a comfortable, chic take on the classic short to medium ugg bootie. There are several different color swatches available so if one colored ugg doesn’t fit your fancy then choose one of the others.

Click here to download these comfy ugg boots.

4. Telfar x Uggs Bag

The Tlefar x Uggs Bag CC by Dearashiah is not exactly ugg boots, but they are chic-looking tote bags that carry the ugg label. They are very classy looking and for that reason alone, they are number four on our list.

Click here to download these tote bags!

3. Classic Ugg Boots

The Classic Ugg Boots by Redhead sims is our number 3 choice for the simple fact that it features the classic tan-colored ugg boot. This is probably what comes to mind when you think of uggs. Also available is a black and red color, both of which are amazing in their own right.

Click here to download it!

2. Telfar x Ugg Collection

This pack is the ultimate ugg pack for you ugg lovers out there. It has ugg-styled bags, ugg booties, and hoodies with the ugg label. You download this and your sim is going to be ugg-ed out from head to toe.

Visit this Patreon page to download our number two choice!

1. Madlen Annie Boots

Here is our number one spot which belongs to Malden Annie Boots. These ugg boots are booties that have a cute, little bow on the side. They come in a total of seven colors and are available for sims of all ages.

Click here to download our number one choice today.

Final Thoughts

And that does it for our list of Uggs cc that are available to download for your sims game. As always, there are others out there for you to check out but we believe those on our list are the best of the best.

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