Stunning Tucked in Shirts Custom Content for Sims 4

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In order to keep up with news trends, we have to be on the lookout for new custom content. We can all agree that we’d like to dress us our sims fashionably so they could in turn express themselves better. It can be tough to keep up with the never-ending ocean of mods, so to help you out, we’ve put together a list of the best tucked in shirts custom content for the Sims 4.

Awesome Collection of Tucked-in Shirts for your Male and Female Sims

Tucked Tees

We’re starting off with a beautiful set of kids tucked in tees. It’s available for both male and female kids in the 6 showcased swatches. You can visit this page to check them out.

Tabitha Top

You guys, this top is inspired by the Victorian era. From puffed sleeves to lace detailing, this is definitely a must-have. But this package actually offers a lot more, you could grab the showcased hairstyle, as well as the dress. Check them out by visiting this page.

severyn tucked in knit sweater

image 2021 10 15 113813

Since winter is coming, your sims will need a beautifully designed tucked in sweater. And honestly, we could all appreciate knitted clothing. You can get this sweater by clicking here.

tucked male tees

image 2021 10 15 123418

Most of the time, our male sims feel excluded because we only seem to shop for female custom clothing. But worry not, this tucked in shirt custom content is going to save the day. Learn more about it here.

Shoulder Sweater Top Tucked In

image 2021 10 15 123009

When you shop for custom clothing for the Sims 4, make sure your picks are comfy and stylish. This sweater is definitely from outside the box and comes in a variety of 16 swatches. Grab it here.

Sloppy Tuck Jersey

Tucked in Shirts Custom Content

This buttoned jersey is half tucked in but isn’t that the trend nowadays? Your male sims can easily pick up any girls now. It’s available in 30 unique designs. Check them out by visiting this post.

Tucked Sweater

Tucked in Shirts Custom Content

Such an adorable tucked sweater by Megan. It’s available in 18 swatches, plus three special patterns. You can install by visiting this page.

Orion Tucked in Shirts custom Content

image 2021 10 15 125900

A turtleneck, t-shirt combination. You get 24 swatches from this set: 14 B&W turtleneck and 10 B&W tops). Only downside is, you may have an issue with finding the perfect pants for these. Here’s your download-link.

silk satin tucked in shirt belaloallure

Tucked in Shirts Custom Content

This silky satin tucked in shirt is brought to you by Belaloallure. To download, click here.

Simlish Shirt Recolours

Tucked in Shirts Custom Content

Last but not least, we’ve got you some simlish teesh. You get 12 swatches in two versions (tucked and untucked). Have a look here.

Worry not! We’ve got your back with more custom shirts. You could head back to the main post or check out related content below. Let your sims enjoy the best of all worlds. Happy modding!

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