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Does your Sim have a creative streak and loves to paint? Give them a chance to do what they love for a living, and make them join the Painter career. Read on to learn more about how to excel in the field and how to level up!

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Sims 4 Painter Career: Turn Your Art Hobby Into A Career!

Creative Sims will love this one! The Painter career is rather simple and straight to the point – your job is to get inspired, paint, paint some more, and work on perfecting your painting skill. This is one of the Base Game rabbit hole careers and features two branches: Master of the Real, and Patron of the Arts. Once your Sim specializes, they will also need to work on their Logic skill or Charisma, depending on what branch they choose. Now, let’s see what the ideal mood is, how to advance, and go over all career levels together!

Ideal Traits, Mood, And Compatible Aspirations

The ideal mood for the Painter career is, you guessed it – Inspired. Having a Creative personality trait is a natural pick for this job because these Sims get inspired randomly, which will help them create. Your Sim will do a lot of painting at home, and some lot traits can give them a little boost. The Natural Light lot trait gives a 50% painting skill boost, while the Home Studio lot trait increases the chances of creating higher quality paintings, and will give a 10% boost when learning the painting skill.

The most compatible aspiration for the Painter Career is Painter Extraordinaire, which focuses on creating art and learning painting skill, and you’ll find it easy to complete milestones as your Sim progresses in the Painter career.

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What To Expect From The Career?

Sims who join this creative career will get a new interaction right away, and that is to sell art to art galleries. This is a great way to earn simoleons, aside from the payment they get from the career. This is an interaction specific to the career and pays more than the ‘Sell to Collector’ option, you’d have if you weren’t employed in the field. If you have Get Famous, this can also grant them some fame points, which is nice. Every painting you create at home to complete daily promotion tasks and learn the painting skill can be sold for extra cash. This means you will have a paycheck, plus additional income from selling paintings.

Key career interactions are unlocked at early levels. While the two branches have unique rewards and focus on two different secondary skills, there is not much difference in how your Sim goes about their work day after they specialize.

Early Career Levels

Painter Career 3

Your main daily promotion tasks at beginner levels will be to paint and level up your painting skills. To get in the right mood, Sims can use the Research Art References interaction on the computer that’s unlocked at level 2 to get inspired, which lasts for 8h. At level 3 your Sim will get Study Of The Human Form decor that also gives an inspired mood when hung. Once they hit levels 4 and 5, your Sim will gain the ability to Critically Assess Art, and Gather Inspiration From Art, both of which will give them a 3h Inspired moodlet. 

Sims who reach level 5 will also be able to Hire An Agent for $150 in a job section on their phone, which allows them to negotiate more money for their art. You can navigate interactions with the agent over the phone, and if the agent finds a customer interested in your Sim’s paintings, they will earn some simoleons. 

1. Palette Cleaner$21/hour
Paint Paintings– Sell to Art Gallery
2. Art Book Collator$23/hour
Paint Paintings
Level 2 Painting Skill
– $422
– Picture Perfect Art Lighting
– Research Art Reference on Computer
3. Hungry Artist$26/hour
Paint Paintings
Level 4 Painting Skill
– $464
– Study of the Human Form
4. Watercolor Dabbler$29/hour
Paint Paintings
Level 5 Painting Skill
– $510
– Easy-Breezy Easel
– Critically Assess Paintings
5. Canvas Creator$35/hour
Sun, Tue-Wed, Fri-Sat
Paint Paintings
Level 6 Painting Skill
– $587
– Painting Canvas Storage Rack
– Gather Inspiration from Art
– Hire Agent from Phone
6. Imaginative Imagist$44/hour
Paint Paintings
Level 7 Painting Skill
– $845
– Vase of Sunflowers
– New CAS Parts

Patron Of The Arts

Painter Career 4

If your Sim joins this branch, you can expect a few decor pieces and a bed that makes Sims inspired. Other than that, there are no new interesting interactions, extremely valuable rewards, or unique socials. To Become the Patron of Arts and reach level 10, your Sim will need to master the Painting skill, and reach level 6 Charisma.

7. Color Theory Critic$70/hour
Sat-Sun and Tue-Thu
Create Paintings
Level 8 Painting Skill
Level 2 Charisma Skill
– $1,088
– Artiste Supply Taboret
8. Fine-Art Aficionado$126/hour
Sat-Sun and Tue-Thu
Create Paintings
Level 9 Painting Skill Level 4 Charisma Skill
– $1259
– Pre-Owned Painter’s Easel
9. Composition Curator$227/hour
Wed, Sat-Sun
Create Paintings
Level 10 Painting Skill
Level 6 Charisma Skill
– $2203
– Stack of Canvases
10. Patron of the Arts$328/hour
Sat-Mon, Wed
Create Paintings
Go to Work!
– $3273
– Rustic Dream Bed
– New CAS Parts

Master Of The Real

Painter Career 5

The biggest highlight of the branch is the easel they unlock at level 8, which gives better quality paintings than the one you get in the other branch. Besides maxing out the Painting skill, they will also need to reach level 6 of the Logic skill, so get a chess board or microscope to start learning! Sims who opt for this branch will work a bit less, which means they will have more time to create art!

7. Artist En Residence$65/hour
Mon, Wed-Thu, Sat,
Paint Paintings
Level 8 Painting Skill
Level 2 Logic Skill
– $1,088
– Artist Supply Taboret
8. Professional Painter$140/hour
Sun, Tue, Thu-Fri,
Paint Paintings
Level 9 Painting Skill
Level 4 Logic Skill
– $1,399
– Deluxe All-Season
9. Illustrious Illustrator$280/hour
Wed, Fri,
Paint Paintings
Level 10 in Painting Skill
Level 6 Logic Skill
– $1,678
Premium Prima
10. Master of the Real$492/hour
Mon, Thu,
Paint Paintings
Go to Work!
– $2,937
– Flegel Studio
Floor Lamp
– New CAS Parts

Wrapping It Up!

For simmers who like more challenging careers, the Painter career can be a bit monotonous. Sims will receive some cool rewards, like new CAS looks, art, and basic art equipment, but not much else, as there are only a few unique interactions that come with this career track. The great thing is, your Sim can always make extra simoleons on the side selling paintings, all while getting regular paychecks from their career. Happy simming!

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