Everything to Know About The Sims 4 Engineer Career

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Are you interested in getting your sim to become an engineer, but do not want to take the plunge without knowing the 411 about this career? If you answered yes to this question, then this article about the Sims 4 Engineer Career is for you!

sims 4 engineer career

The engineer career was introduced in the The Sims 4, Discover University packs. Thanks to this career, sims with an interest in computers, robotics, mechanics, etc. can finally take their interests to a professional level!

We will cover the skill requirements, the beginning of the engineering career, and the two branches your sim can choose from. By the time you are done reading, you will be well versed in The Sims 4 Engineer Career.

Basic Skill Requirements for The Sims 4 Engineer Career

Like with all careers in Sims games, there are skill requirements for every single level. If you do not fulfill those requirements, then do not count on a promotion for your sim anytime soon. In the engineering career, there are a couple of different skill requirements that you will need throughout the career.

  • Robotics skill can be upgraded by using the craft table and is required not only for the base engineer career but for the two branches.
  • Handiness skill is upgraded through buying skill books or by tinkering with household objects around the house. This skill is needed for the Mechanical Engineer career and the base engineer career.
  • Programming skills can be upgraded with skill books and on the computer. It is needed for the base career and computer engineer branch.

These are the main three sims skills that need to be worked on. Again, it does tend to depend on what branch you go with.

Starting Out in the Sims 4 Engineer Career

So, your sim wants to become an engineer? Well, I hope they plan to work hard because before they can choose a branch to go into, they must finish the first 6 levels of the base career first!

  • Level 1: Support technician. Hey, support may be a bottom-of-the-barrel kind of job, but a sim has to start somewhere. The great thing about this job is there are no promotion tasks!
  • Level 2: Engineering Intern. Try not to run at the mere mention of being an intern. All your sim needs to do is get their robotics skill up to level 2, and they will be ready to move on up.
  • Level 3: Apprentice of Algorithms, which requires not only level 3 of robotics skills for promotion but also level 2 of programming skills.
  • Level 4: Cog in the Machine. This sounds depressing on the surface, but fear not because your sim will not remain a cog in the machine forever. Promotion requires robotics skills to be level 4 and handiness to be at 2.
  • Level 5: Engineering Technician. Finally, your sim is getting somewhere! To get a promotion, robotics skills must be at level 5 and programming at level 3.
  • Level 6: Expert Engineer. This means your sim is going to feel like they are at the top of their game. For promotion, they need robotics skills at 6 and handiness skills at 3.

After getting promoted at level 6, your sim can choose between the computer engineer branch or mechanical engineer branch. It really just depends on what fits your sim’s fancy!

Computer Engineer

The Sims 4 Engineer Career Computer Branch

The computer engineer branch gives those sims that love working with computers a place to make money off their hobby and interest. Who does not love to work doing something they love and enjoy?

  • Level 7: Constructor of Computers. Your sim needs a level 7 in robotics skills and level 4 in programming to get a promotion.
  • Level 8: Processor of Processors. Fancy title, huh? Well, a fancy level requires some good skills, which is why robotics must be at level 8 and programming at level 5.
  • Level 9: Computer Connoisseur, an even fancier title! To get to the final level, robotics must be at level 9 and programming at level 6.
  • Level 10: PC prodigy. What does this mean exactly? Well, it means your sim is the computer guru of their neighborhood. If you get your robotics skill maxed out and programming to level 7, you will not gain another level but will get more money.

Mechanical Engineer

The Sims 4 Engineer Career Mechanical Branch

The second branch of the engineering career is the mechanical engineer branch. Does your sim like robots? Well, this is perfect for them!

  • Level 7: Maker of Mechanisms. The sim can finally start tinkering and make money off it! To gain a promotion, your sim must have level 7 robotics skills and level 4 handiness.
  • Level 8: Artisan of Apparatuses and to get a promotion, robotics must be at level 8 and handiness at level 5.
  • Level 9: Mechanical genius. Being called a genius in any respect is great. It really can’t get much better than this. Well, it can because there is a level after this! To reach the final level of this branch, your sim must reach level 9 in robotics skills and level 6 in handiness skills.
  • Level 10: Master of Machines. All robots and machines bow to your sim, the true master of machines. To up your pay, reach level 10 of the robotics skill and level 7 of the handiness skill.

Final Thoughts

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This is everything you need to know about The Sims Engineer’s career and both of its branches. Before getting into this career, it might be a good idea to work on programming, robotics, and handiness. The reason for this is that you will have a leg up and not have your sim scramble around to get their skill levels up.

So, create a sim and have them join the engineering career today. If one path does not appeal to you, then you can always go to the other one.

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