18 Pieces of Sensational Sectional Couch CC for The Sims 4!

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If you’re looking for the perfect piece of sectional couch CC for your sims, look no further. We’ve got something for everyone on this list, so keep scrolling!

sectional couch cc
Best Sectional Couch CC for the Sims 4!

Sectional couches are a home furniture style that comes in and out of fashion, but they are timeless in their usefulness. Whether you have a large space to fill, an odd-shaped area to provide seating in, or just want to get fancy with how your sims sit, there’s lots of sectional couch CC available and much of it is base game compatible!

Base Game Compatible Sectionals

image 360

While the functionality for sectionals has been added to the base game, many of the pieces below were created before Dream Home Decorator and vanilla sectionality was standard. That being said, CC creators had to get pretty creative to make them work!

Base game sectionals are typically comfort chairs that are meshed to look like individual parts of a greater whole. They will have the same general functionality as a legitimate sectional couch with the exception of interactions that are strictly loveseat/sofa compatible, such as napping, making out, and pampering your pets. In general though, they function well and are sure to satisfy the needs of simmers who want to be able to build custom-sized couches.

If you’re looking for some lounge chair CC for your game, check these out!

1. 3T4 Late Night Sectional Conversion by Radiophobe

image 342

Let’s start with some old friends! This sectional originally launched with Sims 3 Late Night and has been converted for use in the Sims 4. This set comes in 3 individual pieces for constructing the perfect custom couch and you can get it here.

2. Functional Sectionals by Meanaceman44

image 358

Meanaceman44 has been in the modding scene for over a decade and is known for conversions and game fixes, among other things. He converted 3 different sectionals from the Sims 3, cloning them from counters. This means that while each piece is an individual chair, they will be found in a single entry (you will need to shut off Auto-Counters to see everything). It’s a smart solution to a pre-DHD problem!

Follow the links to get the Island Sunset couch, Sectional Dive seating, and the ChocoSofa for the Sims 4!

3. Nuage Sectional Sofa by Syboulette

sectional couch cc

This sectional consists of 4 pieces (middle, corner, left & right ends) and is available in 8 colors. It looks like such a cozy couch to sink into on a cold and rainy day! Get the couch (and the rest of this snuggly set) here!

4. Couldn’t Chair Less Sectional by Ravasheen

image 354 edited

This sectional sofa set includes 4 pieces (middle, corner, left & right ends) in 6 muted colors. The clean lines and simple design of this piece make it an incredibly versatile set that will fit into a variety of style choices. See the color swatches and download the set here.

5. Nota Sectional Sofa by S-imagination

image 355

One of the more extensive BG sectional offerings, the Nota sectional couch somes with 7 different pieces (Left End, Right End, Regular, Regular Left, Regular Right, Pouf, Coffee Table) in 24 color swatches. We really like the different funky combinations you can make with this set, and with so many colors you’re bound to find yourself using it again and again! Download the sectional couch and the rest of the Nota set on Patreon.

6. Alexander Sofa by AlialSim

image 352

This 7-piece set includes sofa-width seating which means that you basically have all the functionality of a sectional couch! There are only 5 swatches but there are some really beautiful colors; they have a bit of a 2000’s vibe and would look great in a teen’s room or teen-based community builds! You can download this puffy couch collection here.

7. Hotel Set Sectional by Syboubou

sectional couch cc

Do the wave! This modular sofa set comes with 6 pieces to create the wibbly-wobbly sectional sofa of your dreams. Something this stylized usually fits more into community lots but it would also be perfect in the home of an eclectic sim. Get it for yourself on TSR.

8. Kassova Sectional by Peacemaker_IC

sectional couch cc

In order to make this set BG compatible, Peacemaker had to sacrifice inclusion of a chaise lounge. However, it’s absolutely worth the loss! There are 24 swatches suited for every home in the neighborhood. Since this is a Peacemaker creation you know the quality is amazing and that it’s something you need in your game.

9. Sofa, So Good Sectional Couch by Ravasheen

image 351 edited

This is a very interesting set, as Ravasheen designed the pieces to snap together! There’s a learning curve on how to properly place it but once the couch is assembled it works as a single unit. There are also extra wide pieces with full sofa functions for things like napping and cuddling! Download this lovely MCM sectional couch here.

Sectional Couches Requiring Dream Home Decorator

The following sectional CC will require Dream Home Decorator to function properly. Though the functionality for sectionals has been patched into the base game, I’ve heard mixed results as to whether CC sectionals like these actually work as they should without DHD installed.

10. Tough And Tufted Sectional Sofa and Lounge Recolours by Krabaten59

image 347 edited

Hot take time: this author thinks the color swatches that game with DHD are terrible! It seems like I’m not the only one, as Krabaten59 made over 10 recolors of the Tough and Tufted sectional couch in some truly gorgeous jewel tones! They’re a marked improvement over the vanilla colors. Head to the download page to get them for yourself.

11. Sectional Sofa Recolors by Lina-Cherie

image 343

Lina added over 20 new color swatches for both DHD sectionals in a rainbow of bright and pastel colors. It makes them so much more usable than the original vanilla colors! Snag these lovely recolors here.

12. Dreamy Sectionals by Amoebae

image 357

Okay, one more recolor set! Amoebae recolored both DHD sectionals “because of the collective Mighty Need™” in the Image Spectra and Dream Pop color palettes for a massive total of 80 new colors! If you only download one recolor set from this list, this is your best option. I’m actually looking forward to using these sectional couches now!

13. Fabric Sectional Sofa Set by Pocci

image 359 edited

This fluffy couch reminds me of the type of living room furniture popular in the 90’s and would make the perfect seating for sims living in a decades challenge, or for sims who are maybe overdue to update their furniture. It’s available in 21 swatches including solids and patterns, which you can download here.

Pocci was also kind enough to make a base game compatible version for players without DHD!

14. Spoons Sectional Sofa by Harrie

sectional couch

Harrie is another CC creator well known for the incredible quality of his content. This sectional couch comes in 30 swatches with a mix of woven & leather fabrics, and is part of a larger set. Whether you use this couch in a restaurant or just at home, it’s sure to be a well-utilized piece! Check out the Spoons set and download the sectional here.

15. Turn Living Sectional Set by Tuds

sectional couch

Tuds has taken the overstuffed style from decades past and updated it with a more modern, brutalist silhouette. Although the lines are a bit harsher this couch is no less inviting, and with so many swatches you can’t go wrong! Download this beautifully brutal couch here.

16. Alesund Sectional by Peacemaker_IC

sectional couch for sims 4

Sofas are one of Peace’s favorite things to make, so it’s no surprise we’ll see a few of his sectionals on this list. The Alesund is a simple design that will blend into a variety of home decor styles with a variety of swatches to match. This staple sectional can be found here.

17. Phumo Sectional by Peacemaker_IC

sectional couch for sims 4

One more from Peacemaker, this time in a slightly more styled design. The overall shape of this sectional is still pretty basic to match many a living room, though it’s got some quirky shapes and unique hardware that modernizes it without looking like something that will go out of style any time soon. A definite must-have!

18. Bosco Sectional by 876Simmer

sectional couch for sims 4

I had to save the best for last! This sectional shares the stylistic feel of the couches in DHD but I am absolutely smitten by the way the wood looks on the chair arms. I’m a big fan of mid-century and mid-century modern styles and those arms are just *chef’s kiss*. DHD sectionals wish they were the Bosco! You can grab this fabulous sectional at Patreon.

Final Thoughts

While it’s a shame that sectional couches didn’t come with the Sims 4 base game, thanks to CC creators every player can have one in their game regardless of the DLC they may or may not have. There are modern and classic lines, more swatches than you can imagine, and overall just a large variety of choices for players. I hope you found the sectional couch of your dreams!

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