Insanely Essential Maxis Match Shoes for the Sims 4

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We can tell a lot about your sims by their footwear so… you’d better have them well-booted! If you are the type to obsess over shoes, worry not because we are at your service. We complied a list of essential Maxis match shoes for your female sims. But you could always visit this page here and here for male shoes cc.

And as we all know, shoes come in different styles and so the following mods are variant. Let’s dig into them!

A Variety of Maxis Match Shoes Mods and CC Packs

Sul Sul Collection

maxis match shoes cc

These beautiful cut-out heels come in a color palette of 73 tones. There are different variants too, you could pick between them or simply decide to have them all. Click here to download.

Olga Shoes

maxis match shoes cc

Kitten heels, isn’t that what they call them? Let’s all agree we owned a pair—at least—once upon a time. So, why not our sims? Makes sense, no?

To get these shoes, follow this link.

Buckle Boots

Maxis Match Shoes

You can never go wrong with these boots. They are casual and stylish —perhaps not in summer but you know the drill: style over comfort heh. Grab these boots from this link.

Ankle Boots

female shoes

We know! We know! These shoes have to be our favorite litas! Perfect from Mondays to Saturdays —just perhaps not during work hours, otherwise your sims might sim away.

Get this mod from this page.

Madlen Roberto Boots

We have you some laced booties as well. As you can see, they are of high quality leather with round-toe shape. They’re available in the four showcased colors. Enjoy! Download.

Maxis Match Sims Rhyton

Everyone’s go-to when it comes to daily hang-outs. Your sims will definitely enjoy this one; scoring both in comfort and style. To download, click here.

Jeffrey Campbell’s Snick Wedges

Last but not least, we present to you beautiful wedges by DallasGirl. They’re base-game compatible and come in 20 different colors. For easy download, follow this link.

More Gorgeous Shoes For Your Sims

If you’re looking for something more specific, say sneakers, check out this page here. Enjoy modding, simmers!

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