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Are you looking for the best Sims 4 heels custom content for your female characters? Look no further! From delicate picks to more flamboyant options, this post has everything you need to get the perfect look for your Sims. Whether you’re a fashionista or just want different heels for every day of the week, these customized options are sure to please. So take a look and get ready to strut your stuff in some fab new shoes!

Sims 4 Heels

20 exquisite Sims 4 Heels that every sim wants to have!

Sims 4 users love their characters when they are wearing high heels because they think that high heels are the most comfortable shoes to wear and can be worn on any occasion. We will show many high heels shoes that you can choose from no matter what the favorite of your sim is. Do your Sims love wearing high heels? Do you think that her closet could use a set of high heels shoes? You don’t know where to find some for free? Well, here is the place to look for high heels shoes.

1. clarity heels-Sims 4 Heels

Sims 4 Heels

The Clarity heels are such classic heels that look very simple but elegant at the same time. It can be worn for work or opening parties. They come with 23 swatches including red and black colors. Your female sims will surely love these shoes. Click here to download this mod.

2. Marisol Boots

Sims 4 Heels

Marisol Boots is one of the classiest Sims 4 Heels that you will definitely love. It comes with ten swatches including yellow, pink, and blue. The design of the shoes is very simple. It has this simple solo color and is decorated with a bow that comes in a different color. This pair of shoes is suitable for classical parties and vintage looks. Click here to get this mod.

3. RICA HIGH HEELS-Sims 4 Heels

Sims 4 Heels

Rica High Heels come in ten colors that you can choose from and enjoy with your sims characters such as green, red, blue, pink, etc. The design of this shoe is suitable for summer parties because it comes with a simple design without shoelaces with a very high stiletto heel, which makes your female sims look super elegant among the crowd. Click here to get this mod for free.

4. Maverick Platform Heels

Maverick Platform Heels

Here is another elegant pair of shoes that your character can wear at any time they want to. As you can see from the picture, this shoe is distinguished by its wide heel. It is also available in various colors and patterns, including fruit dots and plain animal skin patterns. Your female sims will never feel tired wearing them because they are very comfortable and cause no pain. Click here to download the.



The Lace-Up Oxford Heels is a pair of formal shoes that are made specifically for wearing in offices and universities. As you can see from the picture, they are very simple and have high heels. The shoelace can be tied to make the shoe fit your sim’s legs. It comes in two colors: black and brown. Your sim can wear the shoe with a formal dress or uniform and look exquisite. To download them, click here.



A unique pair of shoes for crazy sims characters. The shoe design is a little bit weird because it comes with high heels from both the front and back. It also has a shoelace that matches the shoe color. Make sure your sims make her nails before you put on the shoes because they open from the front. There are many different colors available, such as gold, red, and white. Click here to download them.

7. HEELS 02-Sims 4 Heels


The design of these shoes has a little bit of a vintage appeal, and they have high heels that make them suitable for work or going to university. They are among the most popular shoes on our list because they are very comfortable. There are different colors to choose from, but keep in mind that the base of the shoes is totally black as seen in the photo. Click here for the download.

8. HEELS 01


You can wear these great shoes for parties as well as for daily usage. They are stylish, and classy and will make your female sims look wonderful. As you can see from the photo, it is available in a variety of mixed colors that shine such as purple, gold, blue, and more. The shoe has an open front and a shoelace for securing it. It will look incredibly elegant with a short dress or skirt. Click here to download it.



This pair of royal shoes will make your Sims feel like a princess when they wear them. NATIVES SIMS 4 shoes are only available in one color, pink, which is covered in crystal beads as shown in the image. It has a very high heel and is comfortable at the same time. It is perfect for parties and graduation ceremonies. Click here to download the.

10. HEELS 04-Sims 4 Heels


The best they say is always last. These are the most stylish and classic shoes you can find. They have an open strap in gold color. As for the heel, it is in a white color that differs from the color of the shoe, and it is a high heel. Click here to download it.

11. HONEY Camille Heels

sims4 heels cc 131

Do your female Sims love dressing up and looking their best? If so, they’ll adore the Camille heels! These heels are part of a custom content pack that includes several new clothing items and accessories perfect for picnics or any other summertime activity. The Camille heels are fancy and stylish, with a cute anklet with a dangling cloud. They come in 21 unique colors, so you can find the perfect match for any outfit.

Why do we think you need to get those heels? The pack is available in prints and plain colors, which is not something you usually get for heels. So, go ahead and grab these thick heels from this link.

12. Pearl Heels S16 (Early Access)

sims4 heels cc 132

For the fashion-savvy female Sims, nothing says “I’m ready to party!” like a pair of dazzling pearl heels. These unique shoes come in six swatches and are perfect for dressing up any outfit. Whether you’re going out on the town or just meeting friends for drinks, these shoes will take your look to the next level. Best of all, they’re compatible with the latest version of The Sims 4, so you can enjoy their lavish style no matter what game you’re playing.

It would make any outfit stand out. What are you waiting for? Install this exclusive content pack into your game!

13. Rhiannon and Virenti Impossible Sims 4 Heels

sims4 heels cc 133

Double trouble by Cooper322! She’s one of those CC creators that you rejoice when they release CC packs to the public, and they well deserve the following they have. Both heels require having a height slider, so make sure you grab that first.

When it comes to high heels, there are a million and one designs to choose from. But when it comes to something truly unique, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better than Virenti Heels. It’s our favorite. These shoes are made with a red base and dark laces, giving them a look that’s both elegant and eye-catching. What’s more, they’re perfect for female Sims who want to make a statement with their style. Download both from here.

14. Crystal Collection

sims4 heels cc 134

This is going to be the pack of your dreams and all of your female characters. Including 4 different footwear options to choose from, two of which are high-heel sandals, these packs will not disappoint. They come in a variety of colors (up to 20 swatches, each).

The leather ankle boots are covered in golden stars, the crystal sandals are screaming perfect, the velvet platform sandals are wowing us to a new level and last but not least, the leather pumps are super elegant and put together very neatly. Here’s your download link.

15. Linn High Heels

sims4 heels cc 135

Designed and created by Shoestopia, a CC creator who’s dedicated to bringing the best footwear options for our characters in the Sims 4.

Those strappy high heels are the perfect accessory for a formal occasion. With 10 different colors to choose from, there’s a style to match any outfit. These high heels are perfect for showing off your legs and adding a touch of glamour to your look. However, your Sim won’t be able to wear them on a daily basis, they are just not that comfortable, we’d say. Get these custom heels from this Patreon page.

16. ShakeProductions 602 – High Heels

sims4 heels cc 136

If you’re looking for something fun, girly, and glitzy to get your creative juices flowing, shake productions 602 is the perfect high heels for you! With its glitter band and high heels, these shoes will give your sims a glamorously sexy look. The overall cute design is perfect for any occasion, from a night out on the town to a day at work. Okay, maybe not to a day at work, but definitely any other formal occasion.

The CC pack is available in 12 swatches. To install this one, follow this page.

17. dream heels – the sims 4

sims4 heels cc 137

There’s something about a great pair of heels that just makes a woman feel super neat. We’d confidently say that those dream heels are the perfect accessory to make any female sim feel pretty and special. These heels have a nice little bow for decorations at the toe box and come in 26 swatches, so there is a perfect pair for every outfit. They are super neat and add just the right touch of glamour to any look. So, go ahead and try them out on your Sims. Install from this page.


sims4 heels cc 1139

Sims can now enjoy the latest trend in footwear – these Nike Sneakers High Heels are perfect for the female Sims who want a sporty look but don’t want to sacrifice their style. They are available in 60 colors. Feel free to try it on your teens, adults, and elders. Here’s your download link.

Have a look at this collection of the best Sims 4 Jeans custom content for your male and female Sims.

19. Grown Woman High Heels

sims4 heels cc 1138

As a grown woman, you need a perfect pair of high heels to complete your look. This CC Pack of Grown Woman High Heels is just that! These heels are versatile and prestigious, perfect for older female sims who want to look their best at work or formal events. With 10 different colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect pair for any outfit. This would be an excellent addition to your Sim’s wardrobe. Click here to grab it.


sims4 heels cc 11329

Intimate lace heels are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and style to any outfit. The delicate flower prints on the shoes remind me of Chinese culture, and the high heels make them perfect for dressing up or dressing down an outfit. The shoes come in a pack of three different colors, so you can choose the perfect pair for your outfit. Plus, the CC pack ensures that you always have a spare heel when you need it.

It comes in two versions: one that requires installing a slider into your game, and another that works fine without sliders. Here’s your download link.

You have now completed our long list of different sims 4 Heels that you might need for your sims. Keep in mind that all the shoes can be downloaded for free from the links provided above. Try them all out, and tell us which one you prefer in the comments.

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