30+ Mermaid CC and Mods: Dive Into The Sims 4 With These Mesmerizing Finds!

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Make a splash into the game by downloading our collection of the most mesmerizing mermaid CCs and mods! We have included a treasure trove of mermaid-themed objects, clothes, makeup, game tweaks, and other fun finds!

sims 4 mermaid cc
30+ Mermaid CC and Mods!

The Best Mermaid CC and Mods For Your Game

Through the launch of The Sims 4: Island Living, we have been introduced to the paradise of Sulani, where we get to enjoy a tropical environment filled with a thriving community of ocean-loving Sims. The expansion pack made a big wave into our hearts as it also familiarized us with the new occult life state of mermaids—folks who are half-fish and half-Sims who have mystical abilities powered by the sea. Since we love these mermaids so much, we came up with this fantastic list of mermaid CCs and mods!

Mermaid Bathroom Set

tumblr 87505041ccb4a9f5981db545d776f738 071eb8ad 1280

Planning a mermaid-themed room for little Sims? Extend the fun to their bathrooms! With this mermaid-themed set, your young Sims will be able to bring their mermaid dreams closer to their hearts!

Click here to download!

Sea Porcupine


Tired of average-looking merfolk? Well, instead of making your mermaid Sims look like ordinary fish people, why not make them look like Sea Porcupines? With this mermaid CC, your Sims will surely achieve that slick Sea Porcupine getup! 😉

Click here to download!

The Mermaid Princess

tumblr f5147b7b2fbfb0fbacdfb05da44c3ca6 e71b318f 1280

This mermaid CC pack is an enormous one, which features lots of recolored meshes for different outfits. These pieces are all reminiscent of Ariel’s looks in the live-action film of The Little Mermaid.

Click here to download!


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Just imagine having a robotic tail in the sea. Cool, right? Well, you can have this in the game through this mermaid CC called the Mechatail, which is all the rage for mermaid Sims!

Click here to download!

Mermagic Stuff

tumblr 5f5b7fd6870cc838e63be8510e22dd82 2e665535 2048

Have lots of island fun with this terrific Mermagic Stuff for The Sims 4! This mega mermaid CC pack has 55 items, including sand castles, tails, fashion, and furniture, making it a much-needed download for the game.

Click here to download!

Vanessa’s Shell Necklace

tumblr 2f7c1211453b97d2d62bd9a4c9f514c2 7cefbdc1 1280

Vanessa is Ursula’s human persona in The Little Mermaid, and she is known to wear her iconic shell necklace wherever she goes. Get this same necklace in the game through this mermaid CC!

Click here to download!

Sirens Loading Screen

tumblr 382917c72462351f5381f0f0ee0befc1 e89abe5b 2048

Boost the appearance of your loading screen with the mysterious appeal of these sirens! Choose from two of the loading screens available from this pack.

Click here to download!

Steampunk-ish Inspired Tail

tumblr da23110bc3767459def728326ceaaa1e d00ae0c1 1280

Create bionic-looking half fish, half Sims using these Steampunk-inspired mermaid tails! These babies are made using satellite and wall light meshes. How awesome, right?

Click here to download!

Mer Ways to Kiss Mini Mod

tumblr 41647a5e12f7f69bc6f6ce4be081fe0c 4148964a 2048

Introduce another romantic gesture to your game, this time, in the context of merfolk romance! With this little mod, your sea Sims can kiss in two new ways with the Mermantic Kiss and the Siren’s Kiss.

Click here to download!

Goldfish Mermaid Tail

mts teknikah 1858316 07 07 19 11 43 10pm

Swim in style with these amazing golden tops and tails for your Sims! Created by Teknikah, these tops and tails are recolors of the original ones from The Sims 4: Island Living.

Click here to download!

Mermay Deco Sims

tumblr 8ebdc1f1287c6671b26a0b3acb8fe1e1 6dff9606 1280

These merfolk are simply for your storytelling purposes under the sea! Yup! They can serve as nice deco for your game. But, do note that these Sims are in poly, so make sure that your game can handle the load.

Click here to download!

Mermaid Animation

tumblr f89ec032d80e017dfa2c6203c0ab92e4 5365929a 1280

Want a nice pose pack for your Sims? The Mermaid Animation pose pack contains 5 animations for your sea-swimming folks, including poses for solo and couple Sims.

Click here to download!

Siren Song Loading Screen

TS4 x64 2021 10 15 11 42 03

If you can’t get enough of mermaids and sea creatures from The Sims 4: Island Living, grab this loading screen for your game. It’s a dark and enigmatic portrayal of a siren, which is a bit creepy but awesome!

Click here to download!

Sea-nery Stuff

tumblr 88133b1f0f41dfe590c9b807b479c2fb ad0c8b47 2048

Get more sea-themed items for your mermaid paradise! The Sea-nery Stuff includes cool items such as functional aquariums, basking rocks, harvestable kelps, corals, and clams.

Click here to download!

Tails Set


Provide a new spin into your mermaid gameplay by including these mermaid tails! These are all unique and bizarre, but totally fun! The tails include the sea snake, the Cirrhilabrus, the hammerhead shark, the Pike, and the Cyclothone.

Click here to download!

Merman Bottom Recolor

tumblr 3f28fcc1496b7dc17ac9e65e3ea015ca 03f22600 1280

Create iridescent mermen in your game with this magnificently designed bottom tail pack from creator Cryptidtrait. Take note of the required meshes for this mermaid CC to work!

Click here to download!

Little Mermaid Live Action Top & Tail

tumblr 6d6f34a94ffc577792d41234a85caed1 486402fb 1280

If you liked The Little Mermaid’s live-action film, you might want to incorporate its details in your own game through this mermaid CC pack! This includes a top and tail combo reminiscent of Ariel’s character in the said film.

Click here to download!

Life’s A Beach Mermaid Set

tumblr a2be2fc714dc51c57dbdf85725e522d0 d601f8dd 1280

This one’s another glamorous mermaid CC pack for your Sims! Featuring 9 eye swatches, 4 highlighter swatches, and 9 lipstick swatches, this mermaid makeup set is what you need to beautify your occult Sims’ faces.

Click here to download!

GPME-GOLD Mermaid Tail G4

tumblr 7763b06e7f8e148873a4d1153ef45a3c 3a3cb1a4 1280

With this mermaid CC pack, you can choose from an array of super spectacular mermaid tails for your Sims. These pretty tails are from creator Goppolsme!

Click here to download!

Expanded Mermaids Mod 2.0


If you want to elevate your mermaid gameplay in The Sims 4, you have to add the Expanded Mermaids Mod, which pretty much functions like an expansion pack! Created by SpinningPlumbobs, this mod allows you to overhaul the entire mermaid system in the game.

Click here to download!

Mermaid Baby Shower Set

tumblr 79a99c60e690119e0b3d4e9a64141a73 1974ae30 1280

Throwing a baby shower? Choose a mermaid theme! With this mermaid CC set from creator Platinumluxesims, you’ll get 14 mermaid-themed pieces such as deco shells, balloons, cupcakes, tables, and many others!

Click here to download!

Finly Mermaid High CC

05 04 22 09 58 57

The Finly Mermaid Set consists of the Finly Top and the Finly Mermaid Tail, which are both available in bright and beautiful colors.

Click here to download!

A Touch of Mermay

tumblr 010c98f9e96058b050997f0848e720fb 03e1ed46 1280

A Touch of Mermay is an elegant pose pack from creator Mystelise. The pack includes 10 stunning poses for your mermaid Sims.

Click here to download!

Out of Water Pose Pack

IMG 6912

After getting requests from fellow Simmers, creator SimmErika came up with this top-notch pose pack for merpeople in the game. The said pack features 8 solo poses and 2 couples poses.

Click here to download!

Little Mermaid Sisters Live Action Top & Tail

tumblr b8b25f493a5bfc3bbd4726de35f20b0d b9b6dd92 1280

Mermaids are such fascinating creatures of the sea, what with their mesmerizing tails and magnetic gazes. And with this mermaid CC set from Arckansims, you’ll be able to create even more awesome mermaids! The said set contains top and tail combinations.

Click here to download!

Mermaids No Idles Mod

Screenshot 2023 09 28 112713

Check out this mod by LittleMsSam. It’s a little tweak that is simple but useful! It allows you to remove the Coo/Hum Idles of mermaid Sims.

Click here to download!

Three Mermaid Aspirations

MTS MarieLynette 1874670

This mod adds three new mermaid-related aspirations to the game, including the Siren Aspiration, the Ariel Aspiration, and the Mermaid Experience Aspiration, all with their thrilling reward traits!

Click here to download!

Fairytopia Magical Mermaid Tail

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This tail is something that you should add to the game! Inspired by Barbie Fairytopia, this magical tail in colorful swirls is an eye candy in the ocean!

Click here to download!

Mermadic Bloodlines

Screenshot 2023 09 28 112328

This mod allows you to modify the bloodlines of your mermaid Sims! You can choose from various bloodlines such as weak, strong, and ancient!

Click here to download!

Mermaid Paradise Set

tumblr bcd3fd1d5e33f4baed7f688e4842fbf9 d1c50528 1280

Have a Mermaid Paradise party in the Sims 4, by getting this very cute set called the Mermaid Paradise, filled with awesome pieces such as food, cake, floaties, and more!

Click here to download!

Mermaids Can Take Mud and Soak Bath Mod

Screenshot 2023 09 28 112453

Doesn’t it feel sad that mermaids in the game are not permitted to have special baths? Well, with this amazing mod from LittleMsSam, your mermaid Sims can now take mud and soak baths!

Click here to download!


We hope you enjoyed these curated mermaid mods and CCs for your game! Let us know what you think about this collection. We are on FacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram, and TikTok, where you can follow and message us! Happy simming, Simmers!

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