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All You Need for Your Mermaid Sims

The Island Living expansion pack finally introduces mermaids to The Sims 4 – an exciting addition many Sims fans have been waiting for so long. Expectedly, the Sims 4 community has been actively creating various Sims 4 Mermaid CC and mods.

In this list, you will find the best mermaid CC and mod finds that can help you achieve the perfect mermaid look for your Sims! Most of these require the Island Living EP, but some can be used even with just the base game. So, check out the list and let us know if we have missed anything.

20+ of the Best Sims 4 Mermaid CC and Mod Finds

Mermaid Costume

Starting this list is this excellent Mermaid Costume CC designed by Ms blue at The Sims Resource. It comes in 10 different colors for teen to elder female Sims. For more details about this Sims 4 mermaid cc and to download, just follow this link.

mermaid costume

Little Mermaid Ariadne

Even little kids deserve a mermaid costume! And CC creator Elena made this possible! You can find this adorable mermaid content and more cool CC items published at For more information and the download link, click here.

mermaid costume

Simple Mermaid Dress

Next in our list is this lovely Simple Mermaid Dress by BEO creations. Although not precisely a mermaid costume, the dress follows a mermaid cut style that can effortlessly make any Sim stunning! Go to this link to get this mermaid-inspired dress, which is available in ten different colors. 

mermaid inspired dress

Mermaid Skirt

Since we’ve included a mermaid-inspired dress in this list, then let’s take a look at this elegant mermaid skirt designed by mod maker Melisa inci from The Sims Resource.  It contains 15 different mermaid-inspired skirts that are perfect for your teen, adult, and elder female Sims. Visit this link to download.

mermaid skirt

Mermaid Pearl Lip Gloss N206

A perfect mermaid does need not only the right dress but also the ideal makeup. Just go to this page to test out this lip gloss set available in many different colors. It’s a piece by Pralinesims from The Sims Resource.

lip stick set

Mermaid Line Skirt

How about some fashion-forward pieces for your stylish Sims? Here’s the Mermaid Line Skirt CC, a creation from that offers mermaid-inspired outfits. Follow this link to download. 

mermaid inspired dress

Mermaid Gown

This one is another excellent Sims 4 mermaid CC find for those looking for mermaid style gowns. Most importantly, it comes in three different colors! Check out this link from to get this elegant and stylish dress.

mermaid inspired dress

Mermaid Aspirations

Let us continue with something very different from the previous ones in this list. While most here are CAS mods, this one is a mermaid-inspired Sims 4 Aspiration mod. The Mermaid Aspiration from ModTheSims includes three mermaid aspirations, such as Ariel, Mermaid Experience, and Siren aspirations. Note, however, that these aspirations all require the Seasons and Island Living expansion packs for them to work well. Check out this link to find more information about this Sims 4 mermaid mods. 

mermaid aspiration

Leg Scales for Mermaids + Chest Scales for Male (22 swatches)

Now, this is exciting! This piece by Karine78 is sure to give your Sims that perfect mermaid look. Leg scales and chest scales, you say? With over 21,000 downloads, no wonder why it’s a popular pick in the community, too. Follow this link to download this awesome creation and see more details.  

leg scales for mermaids

LMCS Liquid Mermaid Eyeshadow

A magical eyeshadow is one way to seal off that perfect mermaid look for your Sims. Here’s the LMCS Liquid Mermaid Eyeshadow CC by Lisaminicatsims, which you can download from this site.

eyeshadow set

Mermaid Aelita

The Mermaid Aelita is one of those that require the Island Living EP. It’s a mermaid-inspired set created by Follow this link to download the mermaid costume shown below.

mermaid costume

Sequin Embellished Slinky Mermaid CC Gown

Considering its stunning design, no wonder why this Sequin Embellished Slinky Mermaid CC Gown deserves a spot on our list. It comes in eight (8) different colors, and it only requires the base game for it to work. We’ve found this chic mermaid-inspired gown at, where you can download it following this link.

mermaid dress

Siren Mermaid

One interesting CC that has to be included here is the Siren Mermaid published at It features a mermaid-inspired set that your Sims aged teen to elder can use. The set consists of a siren long tail, siren short tail, siren top, siren teeth, and siren skin overlay. The download link is available at this site.

siren mermaid

FRS Mermaid Eyes

The next item on the list is a fresh set of mermaid’s eyes. It’s created by modification maker Fashionroyaltysims at The Sims Resource. Backed with over 11,000 downloads to date, it sure is a famous mermaid CC for The Sims 4. Head over to this site for more information about this content.  

mermaid eyes

Little Mermaid Shoes For Toddlers

This one is again something for your littles! Check this page at to get these shoes with mermaid prints.

shoes with mermaid prints

Mermaid Tattoo

Let’s proceed with a beautiful mermaid tattoo for your Sims, which you can download on this site. It is thanks to Merci, who created this great extension. And the good news? This one does not require the Island Living expansion package! 

mermaid tattoo set

Iulia Mermaid Top

This CC finding is a creation by Sagittariah. There is not much more to say, except that it is simply stunning. Follow this link to get this mermaid set, which has been published at The Sims Resource.

mermaid set

20 New Mermaid Tails

Do you want to boost the tails available in The Sims 4 Island Living? Then just go to this page at The Sims Resource and check out these 20 new mermaid tails created by Beeyuzu.

20 new mermaid tails

Mermaid Dress

Got a formal party to attend? Here’s a lovely and sophisticated mermaid gown for your female Sims. It’s created by MoonFairy, and you can download it through this link.

extravagant mermaid dress

Naomie Vera (Mermaid challenge)

Capping off this list is the Naomie Vera (Mermaid Challenge) custom content from Follow this link for more information about this mermaid makeover.

mermaid make over

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