Best Skin Defaults and Replacements for the Sims 4

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I bet it takes time to find the perfect skin defaults for your sims, but as usual, we’re at your service. Below are fourteen different skin-blends and replacement mods that appealed to us and hopefully will to you.

And to make it easier for you to spot the differences between the EA version and these mods, we have showcased the former at the very top of each photo and is ensued by the latter —along with a photo of the same sim but as a whole package (makeup done, hair done, clothes done, more makeup done heh). So, shall we?

Covered in this post:

Default Skin Mods and Default Replacement for Your Male and Female Sims

Fresco & Rosewater

skin default

Yes, we are starting with a pair of default skins; fresco and rosewater. Just in case their names don’t give off enough excitement, we’d like you to compare how smooth the skin is with it; your sim could almost commit a murder and get away with it… get the reference?

Oh and by the way, you get very subtle moles from both mods and 4 different skin details which come in 18 swatches. Download from this page.

Lazarus 3

default skin 2

What makes this mod stick out is the idea that it blends perfectly between age-groups. Your toddler sims all the way up to elder sims can have it. We recommend checking out maxis match hairline mods too —definitely tops that hair.

Download here.


default skin

Nuagelle says they started to hate their previous skin-blend mod so they came up with another. That’s the spirit we all need. And if you’re wondering whether or not to get this one, gaze a little long at that lip texture; absolutely stunning. Download-link.



Another skin-blend by Lazarus. Visit this page to download this default skin. You can also get a non-default version and it comes in 4 different CAS slots.

Halo Skin


He’s so halo! It is simple and beautiful. This mod is primarily created to be used as a blank slate for skin details but let’s all agree that not only can it survive on its own but kill too!

Just keep in mind that it will replace the EA’s original texture. So, in order to have it in your game, you must have one default skin at a time.




This one feels like a Barbie glow-up. It’s available to you in two different swatches with a mono-lid option.

Click here to grab this skin mod.

Mantis Skin-blend


Fun fact: the creator named this after a buy they like! We particularly love lip texture and the overall smoothness of the skin. Download here.



This is the mod to own to feel great about your sims’ collarbone —it rhymed didn’t it? You get this from teens up and it works for both genders. Download this skin from this page.

Nature Boy

Default skin 8

This mod will add nipples to your female sims. Its skin detail is pretty much unisex and works for all ages. You could find that under skin detail category. But here’s why we recommend this one in particular: its been designed in a way to have all other skin details layer on top of it.

Click here to grab this one.


Default skin 14

This skin overlay is a great option to have your sims drawn in a more realistic light, with fading freckles that look absolutely gorgeous.

Download. Check out eyebrow mods on this post.

Four Special Default Replacements Skins

Isleroux Sims

Default skin 11

An absolutely perfect skin replacement for all of you just starting out with custom content in general. There’s nothing crazy about its texture and it maintains some of the original sims skin traits, yet still adds a layer of smoothness and shine to them.

Get this one here.


default replacement

We thought it’s probably time we showcased an alien with one of these skinblends. This is a default skin replacement, not an overlay. You get different eyelid shapes, nipples too.

Download from here.


default replacement

This default replacement skin has options for small or big eyebags in full or half opacity. Your sims from toddlers to elders can have it.

Grab this mod from here.

Cartoony Skin

default replacement

Hands down a Barbie skin right there. Your elder sims will still have wrinkles with this skin though, there’s no escaping that.

Download from this page.

Check out More Skin Overlays For the Sims 4

There you go, simmers! Those are 14 different skin defaults and replacements for the Sims 4 that I absolutely love and have used in my game at one point or another. Check out more skin overlays here to change the way you make and view your sims. Enjoy!

Click here to find default eye replacements!

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