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Do you like active careers in Sims 4? The Doctor Career is one of them, and as such it allows you to take an active role in your Sim’s work life. Jump in to learn what you can expect from this career track and how to play a doctor!

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Doctor Career in Sims 4: What To Expect?

If your Sim aspires to become a medical professional, the Doctor Career is for them! This profession was introduced in 2015 in Sims 4: Get to Work expansion, along with Scientist and Detective Career. It has 10 levels and no distinct branches, but it’s an engaging carer for both the Sim and you, the simmer. However, being a doctor can be overwhelming. Unlike rabbit hole carers, this job requires you to be fully immersed in what your Sim is doing at work so that you can guide them during their shift. Let’s see how to get the job and prepare for your work days!

Ideal Mood And Skill Requirements

Doctor Career

The ideal mood for the Doctor Career is focused, so do what you can to get them in the right mood before they head off to work. When at work, your Sim can ”Research Health Reports” or ”Calibrate the X-Ray Machine” to stay focused during their shift.

Logic skills and Handiness skills are the most helpful ones for Sims to learn, as they will help them handle some job tasks more effectively. Logic skills will help them understand and analyze samples more accurately, while handiness will help them improve medical machines. However, these are not requirements for promotion to this profession, as your focus isn’t on building skills, but on gaining hands-on experience and dealing with patients.

Getting Started: What Is It Like to Work At The Clinic?

To get a job in the Doctor Career, just reach for your phone or the career panel. When your shift starts, the game will send you to the clinic with your Sims. Always keep an eye on the performance meter in the upper left corner, where you’ll find a list of all work tasks that need to be done. The more you complete during a shift, the better your daily performance will be.

The Doctor Station has all the equipment you need to take care of patients, from medical beds to analyzer machines. Your patients will show up at the reception desk, so you’ll start your day by escorting them to beds where they can get their checkups.

Besides completing key tasks for promotion, you’ll find that most staff at the clinic aren’t very helpful. You’ll likely have to do minor things like making beds at the clinic or meeting patients, even at higher career levels, so be prepared to take care of everything all by yourself. Sometimes you may want to work overtime, so pack some snacks in your Sim’s inventory.

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Completing Promotion Tasks At Entry Levels

So, here is your Sim, freshly employed! They are starting as an intern, so their job will be to complete minor tasks. This can be anything, from chatting with doctors, cleaning medical equipment, researching health reports, or simply ensuring patients get a nutritious meal.

On levels 2 and 3, a big portion of your daily duties revolve around treating patients. For instance, you’ll be able to swab and analyze a patient’s sample, examine patients, or take the patient’s temperature. To treat patients, look for those who are already diagnosed. They will have a red heart cloud over their heads, so just use the Treat Patient social on them, and deliver medication. Sometimes they just need a vaccine, in which case look for another patient who actually needs medication. Once you’ve done all you could, call in the doctor to transfer the case to complete your task.

Advancing on Mid Levels

Doctor Career

From level 4 onward, you’ll need to not only treat, but also diagnose patients by yourself. Learning about different illnesses and their symptoms will help you immensely. You can learn about symptoms here. Once you know how each illness manifests, you need to observe sick patients and run tests to get an accurate diagnosis. As you progress, you’ll unlock more ways to run tests. However, even then diagnosing can be a guessing game.

A few illnesses have very similar symptoms, so you can easily hit and miss when trying to diagnose. Take the time to observe the patient, talk to them, and pay attention to changes on their skin, and their animation. Test results are not always spot on, especially when you are a newbie, but you can run repeated tests if unsure. Your career performance will be drastically impacted by how accurately you are able to diagnose. Take your time to carefully examine them, because you only have one chance to diagnose. Misdiagnosing Sims will be a significant setback and diminish your progress on the progress meter.

Try not to scatter your energy too much, and stick with treating and diagnosing patients you have already begun examining.

Succeeding At Top Career Levels

Doctor Career

Lower Doctor career levels are manageable, but you’ll find that each next level demands more of your time. Many players get stuck on higher career levels. Spawning patients are out of your control, and you may spend a lot of time waiting for someone who needs surgery.

At level 7, your Sim will need to do surgeries, and at level 8, they’ll need to deliver a baby when a pregnant Sim comes to the hospital. Although there are some cases where you’ll be required to perform emergency surgeries, you can also perform one if your diagnosis asks for it (Burnin’ Belly and Tripple Threat). Once a parent-to-be is at the clinic, the game will notify you and you can proceed with delivery or emergency surgery! At level 9, you are back at diagnosing and treating patients.

If you are frustrated with the process, you can always use promotion cheats to skip a lever (or two)!

Doctor Career Levels

1. Medical Intern
7AM to 3PM
Attend an active work day at the Doctor Career venue (2x)/
2. Orderly$23/hour
Sat-Wed 7AM to 3PMTreat Patients (2x)– $192
– Doctor Xavier Ray’s Display
– Not So Blind Eye Chart
– New Clothes
3. Medical Assistant$35/hour
Sun-Thu 8AM to 4PMTreat Patients (3x)– $256
– X-Ray Machines can now be used to scan or exam patients
– Give Medical Advice interaction
– Give Bad Medical Advice interaction (Level 3 Mischief)
Medical Technologist
Mon-Fri 9AM to 5PMSuccessfully Diagnose and Treat a Patient– $312
– Defeat the Darkness Surgical Light
– Medical Treadmills can now be used to further examine patients
– New Clothes
5. Assistant Nurse$68/hour
Fri, Sun
6AM to 4PM
Successfully Diagnose and Treat Patients (2x)– $384
– Restless Thankless Medical Stool
– Surgery Tables can now be used to treat the severe patient conditions
– Check Hotness interaction
6. R.N.$95/hour
Wed-Thu, Sat, Mon 7AM to 5PMSuccessfully Diagnose and Treat Patients (3x)– $576
– Doctor of Medicine Diploma
– Determine Baby Gender on Pregnant Sims
7. Doctor – General Practitioner$135/hour
Thu-Fri, Sun, Tue
8AM to 6PM
Perform Surgery on Patients (3x)– $816
– Seat of Health
– New Clothes
8. Medical Specialist$195/hour
Sun-Mon, Wed, Fri 9AM to 7PMDeliver a Baby (1x)– $1136
– The Diligent Doctor’s Desk
– Sickness Resistance Trait
9. Surgeon$245/hour
Wed-Thu, Sat, Mon 9AM to 7PMSuccessfully Diagnose and Treat Patients (5x)– $1496
– Skelly Sim
10. Chief of Staff$280/hour
Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri
9AM to 7PM
Go to Work!– $1720
– “General Hospital” styled room ($7,685)


The Doctor Career is one of the most complex ones in the game, and it takes time and patience to level up. If you want to help your Sims reach the top of their career, you need to be present with them every step of the way, from greeting patients to performing surgeries. So, if this is something you look forward to, you’ll have a lot of fun playing. Happy simming!


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