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The Sims 4: Get to Work expansion pack introduces three new exciting active careers for Sims: Detective, Scientist, and Doctor. In this article, we’ll focus on The Sims 4 Doctor Career and discuss everything you need to know for your Sims to climb up this career ladder and be a successful doctor.

Information on all the other career paths in The Sims are collected in our Job and Careers Mega Guide!

The Sims 4 Doctor Career Track: An Overview

Doctor Career is one of the most exciting and fun careers that The Sims 4 offers. But here’s the thing: it is only available in The Sims 4: Get to Work expansion pack. That means you need to have this game pack installed to enjoy the perks of this exciting career opportunity for your Sims.

But first, what is the Doctor Career in The Sims 4 all about?

The Sims 4’s Doctor Career is an active career type in The Sims 4. In other words, jobs in this track allow you to follow your Sims to work and perform a range of interactions, from mopping to diagnosing illnesses, performing surgeries, delivering babies, and more. Doctor Sims work mainly at the hospital, but they can also make house calls. They start as Medical Intern (Level 1), then climb their way up to become the Chief of Staff (Level 10).  

Ideal Mood

The ideal mood for the Doctor Career is Focused. However, this mood only helps improve Work Performance and not in any way factor affects how you diagnose patients.

Required Skills

Two of the most critical skills necessary for this career track are Handiness and Logic. The Handiness skill is essential since your Sim will be handling hospital equipment, including analyzer machines, X-rays, and treadmills, among others. This skill also helps your Sim upgrade and auto-calibrate such equipment, which will be helpful at higher job levels. Logic skill, on the other hand, helps your Sim have an easier time doing tests and analysis using the analyzers.  

Doctor Career Levels

Summarized below are the job levels and their respective work schedule, hourly and daily salary, daily tasks, promotion requirements, and job promotion bonuses.

LevelJob TitleWork ScheduleHourly WageDaily WageDaily Task and Promotion RequirementsBonus for Promotion
1Medical InternMon-Tue, Fri-Sun (7:00 AM – 3:00 PM)§18/hour§144Attend an active workday at the Doctor Career venueN/A
2OrderlyMon-Wed, Sat-Sun (7:00 AM – 3:00 PM)§23/hour§184Treat 2 Patients  §192 New Clothes Doctor Xavier Ray’s Display Not So Blind Eye Chart
3Medical  AssistantMon–Thurs, Sun (8:00 AM – 4:00 PM)§35/hour§280Treat 3 Patients§256 Can use x-Ray machines at work to scan and exam patients Give Medical Advice Give Bad Medical Advice with Level 3 Mischief
4Medical TechnologistMon–Fri (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM)§49/hour§392Successfully Diagnose and Treat a Patient§312 New Clothes Defeat the Darkness Surgical Light Can now use Medical Treadmills to examine patients’ conditions
5Assistant NurseTue–Wed, Fri, Sun (6:00 AM – 4:00 PM)§68/hour§680Successfully Diagnose and Treat 2 Patients§384 Restless Thankless Medical Stool Can use Surgery Tables to treat the most severe patient conditions Can now Check Hotness
6R.N.Mon, Wed-Thurs, Sat-Sun (7:00 AM – 5:00 PM)§95/hour§950Successfully Diagnose and Treat 3 Patients§576 Doctor of Medicine Diploma Can now Determine Baby Gender on Pregnant Sims
7Doctor – General PractitionerTue, Thurs, Fri, Sun (8:00 AM – 6:00 PM)§135/hour§1350Perform Surgery on 3 Patients§816 New Clothes Seat of Health
8Medical SpecialistMon, Wed, Fri, Sun (9:00 AM – 7:00 PM)§135/hour§1350Deliver a Baby§1,136 The Diligent Doctor’s Desk Sickness Resistance Trait
9SurgeonMon, Wed, Thurs, Sat (9:00 AM – 7:00 PM)§245/hour§2450Successfully Diagnose and Treat 5 Patients§1,496 Skelly Sim
10Chief of StaffMon, Tue, Thurs, Fri (9:00 AM – 7:00 PM)§280/hour§2800Go to Work§1,720 Unlocks Doctor Career Styled Room

Going to Work

Unlike in rabbit hole careers, the Doctor career allows you to join your Sims at work. You can still just send them to work alone, but doing this will not help get them promoted. When your Sim goes to work, the front desk at the hospital will have sick patients waiting to be treated. Some patients will already be in rooms where you can do tests, x-rays, analyze samples, and more.

Diagnosing a Patient: Disease Types and Symptoms

A large part of a doctor Sim’s day at work revolves around diagnosing patients. You only have one chance to give a correct diagnosis to a patient’s sickness, though. And if your diagnosis is incorrect, that will severely impact your job performance. Thus, accurate diagnosis is really important.

To ensure proper disease identification, you can do tests to narrow down the options. Visible symptoms will also help you diagnose the patients accurately. Here are the types of diseases in The Sims 4: Get to Work and their corresponding symptoms.

List of Illnesses in The Sims 4 Doctor Career


sims 4 doctor career rashes

In The Sims 4: Get to Work, Sims can get rashes which often indicate an illness. The game pack introduces three different types of rashes that patients can have. These include swirly rashes, orange and green spot rashes, and tiger stripes rashes. Some of these types correspond to certain illnesses. So if your patient Sim has rashes, it’s most likely that it is sick. Thus you can ignore the Not Sick option.

Bloaty Head

sims 4 doctor career bloaty head

Patient Sims experiencing Bloaty Head appears to have a headache, and often with steam coming out of their ears. Treat patients with a shot if they are showing Bloaty Head symptoms.  

Sweaty Shivers

sims 4 doctor career sweaty shivers

Sims with Sweaty Shivers have itchiness and fever, often releasing steam from their head. They could also have orange and green spots on their body. To treat patients with Sweaty Shivers, dose them with vaccination.  

Gas and Giggles

sims 4 doctor career gas and giggles

Gas and Giggles are pretty self-explanatory – patients with this illness appear giggly and gassy. They will randomly laugh excessively and often pass gas. They may also have a fever, thinking of a thermometer or wiping their heads, and tiger stripes rashes.

Starry Eyes

sims 4 doctor career starry eyes

Patients with Starry Eyes have stars spinning over their heads. They also appear dizzy and may have swirly spots or rashes on their body. Treat Starry Eyes with medication and your patients will start to feel better immediately.

Llama Flu

sims 4 doctor career llama flu

Symptoms of Llama Flu include shivers, coughing, sneezing, and orange and green spot rashes. Patients with Llama Flu can be treated with a llama flu vaccination.

Itchy Plumbob

sims 4 doctor career itchy plumbob

Itchy Plumbob may initially look like Sweaty Shivers since patient Sims suffering from this illness itch a lot. However, unlike Sweaty Shivers that give orange and green spots, Itchy Plumbob shows tiger stripes rashes.

Triple Threat

sims 4 doctor career triple threat

Triple Threat requires surgery. Patient Sims with this illness have cough and dizziness, as well as other symptoms. They may have stars spinning over their head, itchiness, or any form of a rash.

Burnin’ Belly

sims 4 doctor career burnin' belly

If patient Sims come in rubbing their tummy and suffering from stomach ache, then they probably have Burnin’ Belly. Other signs and symptoms include steam coming out from their heads, fever, and a thought bubble with a pink bottle of medicine. Burnin’ Belly can be treated with surgery.

Summary of Symptoms and Their Possible Illnesses

Swirl RashStarry Eyes or Triple Threat
Orange and Green SpotsSweaty Shivers, Itchy Plumbob, or Llama Flu
Tiger StripesGas and Giggles or Itchy Plumbob
FeverBurnin’ Belly or Llama Flu
DizzinessStarry Eyes or Triple Threat
Cough and SneezeLlama Flu or Triple Threat
HeadacheBloaty Head
Stomach PainGas and Giggles or Burnin’ Belly
SwipingStarry Eyes
Smoke Out EarsBloaty Head
ItchinessSweaty Shivers or Itchy Plumbob

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