The Essential Guide to Boosting the Focus of your Sims in TS4


If you aim to boost the focus emotion of your Sims in the game, you should definitely check out the activities in this article which will help them achieve full concentration in no time!

how to get focused sims 4
How to Get Focused in Sims 4

The Focused Emotion in The Sims 4

The focus emotion is one of the positive emotions introduced in The Sims 4. Sims usually get “focused” whenever they participate in mentally-engaging activities or practice any hobby or skill which requires cognitive thinking. Having the focused emotion can affect the overall moods of sims, causing them to gain new moodlets or change the ones that they already have.

Oftentimes, Sims can also get “very focused” when they do a particularly stimulating task for an extended time. This is vital because, in certain instances, boosting the focus of Sims is the ideal ingredient for them to advance the career ladder. So to help your Sims, we rounded up our favorite activities in the game to get them instantly focused! Check them all out!

16. Painting (and creating Math Diagrams!)

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Get those art brushes and palettes ready, and purchase an art easel for your home, because painting is one of the easiest ways to get your Sims focused. Interestingly, if you click on the easel when your Sim is already in a focused mood, your Sim would have the option of creating a mathematical diagram, which would not only increase their focus but also boost their logic skill.

15. Reading a Skill Book

Reading is also an essential way to help Sims feel instantly focused! Go to a nearby shelf, and pick up a skill book. Let your Sim relax and read the whole thing. If you do not have skill books in your home, you can always let your Sim visit the nearby library or purchase skill books from the computer. The good thing about this is that by bringing a skill book into their inventory, Sims can start feeling focused anywhere.

14. Using the telescope

Your Sim can get a +1 focus for 4 hours by using the telescope during daytime or nighttime. Simply purchase any telescope from Build Mode and use it to gaze at the skies above. If you are willing to spend extra simoleons, go ahead and purchase the grand Backyard Observatory, which functions much like a regular telescope but allows your Sims to take pictures of the skies. The Backyard Observatory also raises the fun and logic of your Sims while keeping them focused.

13. Browsing Simpedia

If your Sims have a laptop in their homes, they can browse Simpedia to help them boost their focus. Doing so will give them a +1 focus for the next 4 hours. If Sims are building on their Programming skill, browsing Simpedia is the quickest way to get a focused moodlet, and would help them transition to Programming right away.

12. Carving Pumpkins

If you have Spooky Stuff installed, go and buy a carving station for your Sims. With this wooden carving table, your Sims can carve a variety of pumpkins (4 colors, 10 different pumpkins) which would then allow them to get +1 focus for 4 hours. This is perfect during the Fall season because Sims can stay focused while having fun!

11. Brewing Pitch Black Tea

Brewing tea is one of our favorite ways to get the focus emotion in the game. Purchase the Tea Magic Personal Brewer from Build Mode and let your Sims choose “Pitch Black Tea” from the brew options. A whole pot of Pitch Black would then produce 3 cups of hot tea, and drinking just one cup would give Sims a +2 focus for the next 4 hours. Great thanks to the effects of caffeine! Be reminded though that brewed tea spoils easily.

10. Playing Chess

Playing chess is a great way to raise the logic of your Sims while keeping them focused as well. Click a chess table and choose “Ponder Moves” from the options available to give a +1 focus for 4 hours to your Sims. Click “Play Chess” to have +2 focus for Sims for 4 hours, or have a Sim mentored by other Sims on chess to let them gain focus.

9. Asking the Future cube

The Future Cube is an interesting gizmo in the Sims 4. It sort of functions like a Magic 8 Ball in real life, but the Cube provides a greater variety of answers. To help with focus, Sims can click the Future Cube and choose “Ask About Scientific Mysteries” from the options. After interacting with the cube, your Sims can get +1 focus for the next 6 hours.

8. Practicing Yoga

Yoga will highly promote the focus of Sims in the game. Simply practicing yoga will give +1 focus for 4 hours for Sims. On the other hand, doing “Mind Concentrating” yoga would let Sims get +1 focus for the next 8 hours. Having a burning incense next to Sims while having yoga would further amplify their focus.

7. Mixing drinks

If your Sims have high Mixology skills and are already in a focused mood, they can create the “Amigdelight” drink which costs 100 simoleons. Simply purchase a bar from Build Mode and let your Sims mix the drink on the table. The Amigdelight mixed drink would then give +2 focus for 4 hours to anyone who drinks it.

6. Getting a Lavender Massage

With the Spa Day game pack, Sims can receive and offer massages through the massage table. Whether at home or at a wellness establishment, a Sims must ask for a Lavender Aromatherapy massage from a masseuse or a masseur to gain focus. Receiving this particular kind of massage can let sims have a +1 focus for the next 12 hours. If a saffron incense is burning nearby while Sims receive the massage, they can have a whopping +2 focus for 12 hours.

5. Shaping Bonsai Trees

Shaping bonsai trees is another quirky way to heighten the concentration of your Sims. Purchase a bonsai tree from Build Mode, then click “Prune Shape” to customize the bonsai tree. Depending on their gardening skill, Sims will come up with a variety of bonsai shapes and sizes. After they finish the shape, have them view the bonsai to give them a +1 focus for 4 hours.

4. Taking a bath with a citrus soak

If you want your Sims to feel focused while becoming refreshed at the same time, have them take a bath with citrus soaks. The quick dip will allow them to obtain +2 focus for 8 hours. To further enhance the mood, have your Sims burn saffron incense in the bathroom as they take the citrus soak bath. This calming combination will then give off +2 focus for the next 12 hours. Wow! Talk about the power of relaxing!

3. Viewing Aquariums

If your Sims love fish, you can have them increase their focus while letting them enjoy the company of their aquatic pals. Purchase an aquarium from Build Mode and then buy some guppies, goldfish, or tetra from the computer to stock the aquarium. If you don’t prefer to buy fish, you can also fill the aquarium with fish acquired through fishing. Then, your Sims can view the aquarium to get a +1 focus for 4 hours.

2. Viewing Focused art

Your Sims can find themselves feeling focused after viewing or admiring focused art or being near focus-boosting items. In Sims 4, there are plenty of decorations and items that can give off a focused aura. For more information, you can check the last section of this article.

1. Upgrading Objects and Appliances

Your Sims can also tinker with the objects and appliances inside their home to obtain focus. Purchase some upgrade parts from the computer and get their hands dirty in upgrading stuff inside the house, such as the refrigerator, TV, bathtub, washing machine, and any other ones available. Aside from giving them +2 focus for the next 3 hours, they will also see an increase in their Handiness skill.

Ideal Mood and Ideal traits for Focusing

Before trying the activities above, make sure to get your Sims in a happy mood first. This is essential as sims would not be able to easily achieve focus if they are feeling under the weather or distressed. Ideally, equipping the following traits to your Sims will also allow them to attain their focus easily:

  • Perfectionist Trait
  • Geek Trait
  • Genius Trait

Items that Help Sims get Focused

For some careers in the Sims 4, such as the Tech Guru, Scientist, Doctor, Criminal, Secret Agent, and Astronaut careers, it is crucial for Sims to get to work feeling focused, as this will highly impact their work performance and enable them to climb up the job ranks faster. Let them have the following items near them, so they can quickly obtain a focused mood:

  • Telescope Prints
  • Microscope Prints
  • Space Prints
  • Elements
  • Plumbob Lamps
  • Reward Lamps
  • Saffron Incense
  • Mathematical Diagrams
  • Masterpiece Pumpkin
  • Emotion Paintings

Final Thoughts

Attaining the focus emotion is not particularly easy in The Sims 4, as these will require a particular set of activities. But, we hope that with these top tips and activities that we rounded up for you, you’ll be able to get your Sims feeling fully focused in a flash! Happy playing simmers!

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