Become a Pro With Sims 4 Snowboarding Skill Cheat!

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Are you interested in mastering snowboarding skill? Do you want quick results? Thanks to snowboarding skill cheat, that’s more than possible. Continue reading to discover how you can implement cheats and master the art of snowboarding in no time!

sims 4 snowboarding skill cheat

snowboarding skill in snowy escape

Snowboarding was first introduced in The Sims 4: Snowy Escape, along with other winter sports. Like most skills, it has 10 levels you need to master to become masterful. Each level unlocks new options, such as tricks, animations, and snowboarding items you can’t get any other way.  

The more they practice, the faster they will be able to unlock more complicated slopes and have more fun. If they reach Level 10, they can even make some extra cash filming themselves in action on the snowboard. This is a unique skill and a great hobby but takes time to learn. This is where the snowboarding skill cheat can kick in! Here come skills for maxing out, unlocking snowboarding suits, staying energized, and staying safe from injuries. Let’s go!

why use snowboarding skill cheats?

Practice not only takes time and effort, but also requires quality equipment, traveling to slopes, being energized, and many repetitions. Your Sims may even get hurt!

No matter if you want to tackle the skill so that you can try out new cool tricks, unlock new actions and slopes, or earn extra cash, but don’t want to spend ages practicing, it’s time for a snowboarding skill cheat.

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how to activate cheats?

To use any snowboarding skill cheat, you need to activate the cheats, first. To open a cheat bar where you can type the activation cheat, do the following:

  • On PC: press CTRL + SHIFT + C
  • On Xbox: Press both bumpers. hover over the dialogue box and click ”A” to start typing. 
  • On Playstation: press and hold L1+L2+R1+R2. Hover over the bar and click ”X” to enable typing.

Once you have the text bar open, type in testingcheats true. Press ENTER, and you are now ready to use any snowboarding skill cheat! 

cheat for maxing out snowboarding skill

If you want to unlock all snowboarding equipment, all slopes, maneuvers, and items in one go, you can use that by typing stats.set_skill_level Major_Snowboarding 10 and press Enter. This will make your Sims reach Level 10 immediately. 

If you don’t want them to max it out just yet, but need them to reach a certain level, just replace the number 10 with the desired number. For instance, for reaching level 5, type stats.set_skill_level Major_Snowboarding 5.

Unlocking all snowboarding equipment

If you want to gain access to the finest snowsuits and items available in the Snowy Escape, which are otherwise available only by reaching new levels, you can use a cheat to unlock them all. To do that, type in cas.unlockbytag EP10 and press Enter. It will unlock all CAS items from the expansion pack.

This snowboarding skill cheat code is super handy if you just want to enjoy the benefit of wearing a quality suit, and not max out the skill too fast. 

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giving them energized moodlet

The perfect moodlet for snowboarding is energized as it will give your Sims enough stamina to keep up with their practice and learn faster. To get energized, type sims.add_buff EnergizedHigh and press Enter. They will now be more focused, full of adrenaline, and less likely to fail or fall when practicing. 

If you want to speed up the learning process a little, but not use the maxing-out cheat, this snowboarding skill cheat is a slight boost, that will slightly help them get better at it. It won’t make a huge difference but will give them the necessary boost needed for practice.

Keep them safe from injuries with cheats

Injuries while snowboarding are common, especially if they have bad equipment. Type traits.equip_trait trait_SurvivalInstinct, and press Enter to make them immune to snowboarding injuries. This will also protect them while practicing all other Snowy Escape sports. 

This is a great snowboarding skill cheat for beginners, especially if you want to bring the use of cheats to a minimum, but still, keep your Sims safe.


Learning to snowboard the organic way is fun as you get to experience the charms of real snowboard practice and mastery. However, a snowboarding skill cheat can save you time and energy, especially if you have bigger goals in mind for your Sims. Be it just to keep them energized, or reach higher levels faster, cheats are always valid options. It’s up to you to decide what your ideal route is.

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