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We love our sims and we want them to be as cute as possible. But if you want to take the cuteness to a whole new level, you should use cc packs for your game. These packs are full of different items that will help you create just the right atmosphere for your sims and their home. If you’re looking for some Sims 4 kawaii cc packs, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

kawaiicims 1

Top Kawaii Custom content Packs for the sims 4

One of the best parts of the Sims 4 are custom content created by people. If you are playing this game and need something to spice it up, we have some kawaii custom content for you to look at in the Sims 4.

And since the Sims 4 has been out for quite a while, there are many custom content creators who have created cool, eye-catching items. In this post, we will look at some of the coolest kawaii custom content for the Sims 4. Different creators, different cc links, but all with really beautiful detail work and touch. Enjoy!


Sims 4 Kawaii CC

Your sims’ rooms need some extra kawaii flair. Make their desks and shelves and every other desk thing in the room cute and quirky with Neriney – Quirky. You’ll have a whole set of clutter to decorate with, from the desk mat to the heart grid. You’ll finally have the cute desk supplies that will help you live the best life ever.

So, go ahead and get your home feeling quirky with these cute furniture and décor. The desk shelf, desk mat, printer, and heart grid are all customizable and have a number of different color options. Head over to this page for easy download.

Lumine hair

Sims 4 Kawaii CC

Live the life of a rockstar in the sims! Embrace your rebellious side with this new hairstyle for your female sims, inspired by Lumine Genshin Impact. Plus, it is never too late to change your appearance. Simply go in, choose a color and that’s it! We’re confident you’ll love this hairstyle and will give your sim a boost of self-esteem.

This hair comes in 18 maxis match colors and is compatible with the base game and hats. Here’s your download link.

maniac heartgoggles

Sims 4 Kawaii CC

What’s better than a heart-shaped hair accessory? How about a heart-shaped hair accessory that doubles as a mirror too? You know all those stray kids who never seem to have enough time to get ready? They’re all about having their favorite accessories and exciting outfit choices.

So, ditch the old school and start your hair journey with these heart goggles for your sims characters. There are 48 swatches available for you to unleash your inner kawaii and see all the love in front of your eyes. download the zip file by right clicking here.


kawaii cc sims4 11

Not only is it the cutest decoration for the Sims 4, but this heart-shaped mirror is also practical! It makes it easier for you to apply makeup, do your hair and style up your sim. Whether or not you want to decorate your Sim’s bedroom, living room, or both with this mirror, you’ll see your reflection – and be reminded that you’re beautiful inside and out. It is available in different colors. To install it, click here.

anrio and anime themed tattoos

Sims 4 Kawaii CC

Do you want to feel like you’re living in a fairy-tale? Create an exquisite sanctuary for your Sims with this luxurious Japanese themed tattoo pack. It comes in many different styles. Inspired by traditional Japanese art and culture, these realistic tattoos have been developed to make your Sims’ dreams come true.

Whether they’re in the bath, meditating, or just looking out at the cherry blossoms – these tattoos will give them a little piece of Japan right there on their skin. Have a closer look at these tattoos here.


Sims 4 Kawaii CC

You’ve wanted to spice up your sims 4 game with some new accessories, but you haven’t had the time to do anything about it. You’re sick of the same old candles in every house. What if they were colorful? And what if they had different shapes? This set of candles has a bunch of options. So, go ahead and add it to your mods folder. Here’s your download link.

Jelly Rainbow Skirt by meowmeowjellybean

Sims 4 Kawaii CC

Finally, a rainbow for your Sims! Upcycle your old clothes with the new trend of vibrant pastel colors to match your gorgeous, new threads. Make sure to match your jelly skirt with a bright color shirt and bright accessories for the full effect.

The base game compatible skirt comes in 7 different vibrant rainbow swatches to satisfy your every mood. Your teen and young adults can wear it. To install this piece, click here.

Milk and Mocha Bear

Sims 4 Kawaii CC

Your house needs a little something to make it special. With Milk and Mocha Bears, your house will be a warm, inviting place! Choose from decoration or toy versions and create your dream home today! What are you waiting for? Download!

Angry Cat Sofa – Sims 4 Kawaii CC

kawaii cc sims4 17

Who says only dogs get to be the mayor of your Sims’ house? Angry Cat Sofa is the perfect piece of furniture for your characters to lounge around on, and they’re sure to love it. You can also customize the exterior so that it blends in with your other furniture pieces. Head over to this patreon page to download.

Kawaii Stuff II Cosmetics CC

kawaii cc sims4 6

Kawaii Stuff is a set of 20 custom cosmetics cc packs for your sims 4. All of the objects are low-poly and stackable! There are 14 to choose from, 8 with 5 colors each, and 4 with 6 colors. They’re not only cute, but they’re also low-poly so your game will run quicker and look more realistic! For a direct link, click here.

Beach shower stall – Sims 4 Kawaii CC

kawaii cc sims4 7

Let’s be real, who doesn’t love the beach? Now you can bring the beach home with this sleek and modern shower stall. The custom shade of blue makes it so your sims will feel like they’re living in a paradise, so it’s sure to change their daily lives to the better. We’re pretty sure it won’t cost you many simoleons. To install this mod, click here.

Himari Part Two pusheen

kawaii cc sims4 9

You’ve been waiting for the second installment of Himari and finally, she is back! Himari is a set of kawaii objects for your sweetest houses. It’s perfect to make your sims feel calmer and happier.

The set includes a variety of objects, from tiny little decorative toys to poufs to make your sims’ houses feel more cozy and comfortable. Himari is a celebration of cuteness, so decorate your house with these adorable items and take photos! To install, head over to this tsr page.

Teddy Tummy TV

kawaii cc sims4 10

Sometimes, you just wanna have a little TV time. Have you been dreaming of a new TV for your Sims? But all the TVs on the market don’t seem to fit your needs? Then you’re in luck, because we have a TV for you! The Teddy Tummy TV is a custom mesh with 10 textures for the Sims 4 and is perfect for any household. Head over to this page for easy download.


kawaii cc sims4 12

It’s mealtime! Your sims deserve the cutest set of dinnerware. They’re so hungry after a long day. With these sweet stools and this darling table, all your sims will want to eat is each other. It has such an adorable design and a whimsical atmosphere that it will be the perfect decor in your sims home. Your sims will never want to leave the room. Here’s your download link.

Phone holder TV tissue box – Deco ver

kawaii cc sims4 13

There are a ton of things kawaii but we bet you have not seen anything like this one. This is the best thing to debut at any anime convention! The only product that can both hold your phone and your tissues. Why bother with ugly tissue boxes when you can have a cute, kawaii one? To install, follow this page.

Wall stickerz – Sims 4 Kawaii CC

kawaii cc sims4 15

Your home is the best place to let your personality shine. If you want something girly and tumblr-esque, then Wall Stickerz are perfect for you! With a variety of colors and patterns to suit your every mood, it’s easy to express yourself. This content is ready to be used by anyone looking to decorate their home in the Sims 4 with a quick, simple, and affordable way. To install this CC pack, visit this blog link.

[TS4] Anime Plushies – Sims 4 Kawaii CC

kawaii cc sims4 16

What better way to decorate your Sims 4 household than with these Anime Plushies? With a wide range of colors and designs, you’re sure to find the perfect decoration for your Sim’s room. Head over to this page to find a preview of the different plushies.

This was our list of Sims 4 Kawaii CC packs and mods that we could find on the internet. We hope you enjoyed it. Check out related content by visiting the links below. Happy simming!

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