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It’s no secret that the Sims 4 is a game filled with creativity and fun. But what if you want to add some legends of Zelda content to the Sims 4? Well, that’s not a problem! This post is here to help you out! In this post, we will be highlighting one of the best and most creative Sims 4 CCs that you can download for free -The amazing Sims 4 Legend Of Zelda Custom Content. Enjoy!

sims 4 legend of zelda custom content

Legend of Zelda CC-The Inspiration

New content and features are what keep the Sims community alive. It’s expansion and growth currently, is due to the introduction of CC. Simmers can now download new custom content, ranging from jewellery and hairstyles, to room décor and costumes. This post is focused on the Sims 4 legend of Zelda custom content.

Legend of Zelda is decidedly one of Nintendo’s most successful games. It appeals to young and old, its full of magic and mystery and fully immersive and stimulating visually. This high-fantasy action-adventure video-game series was created by Shigeru Miyamoto way back in 1986. It has defined the gaming experience for kids ever since. It works as it utilises the childs natural dreamlike state and brings that back for adults. Introducing Zelda into Sims4, brings the unique fantasy and mystery of the game right into Sims world.

The CC includes a large variety of Clothes, Accessories, Furnishings and more, the Zelda CC is dynamic, bright and brings that touch of fantasy to TS4. Here are a few examples of my favorites:

1. Zelda Character Set base game

sims 4 legend of zelda custom content

Zelda is no longer a damsel in distress, she is powerful. In her new Breath of the Wild incarnation, she is pretty badass. Her role in previous games was mainly to defeat evil, but now in this incarnation, she has developed in more ways than one. In this set by Natalie-Auditore, she has done an amazing job at creating a Zelda that fits right at home in TS4. It is full of high-quality detail, punchy, and authentic.

The set includes the whole outfit, boots, hairstyle, and many accessories in various swatches so you can create the Zelda that you most vibe with. This CC set will bring this adventurous new Zelda into your Sims game. Here’s your download link.

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sims 4 legend of zelda custom content

Of course, the most vital character set for bringing TLoZ into Sims 4 is Link.  Again, Natalia-Auditore has done an amazing job creating him in his most iconic eye-catching attire. This Set is a must-have, you will not have the full Tloz experience without Link. This Set includes everything you will possibly need for his character- It includes, his hair, his Green robes, and his boots, even his Breath of the Wild cloak, Woah!

This set also brings dynamic accessories like his Master Sword and Hylian Shield. These include flexibility of use and can be in his hands or on his back. These Items can be used for other characters as well, and come in a variety of colors and textures, so you can also have fun switching palettes. Check it out on this blog page.

3 .Triforce Tattoo sims 4 legend of zelda custom content

sims 4 legend of zelda custom content

A costume would not be complete without the Triforce tattoo. They are the mark of a true Zelda fan that’s committed to the series and plans to follow it through to eternity. This is more than a mere tattoo though, it shines through clothing!

It’s the magic mark, true Zelda style. It’s available for both hands and comes in a total of 24 swatches, for true versatility and play, to match any outfit. Download!

4. Fi Character Set sims 4 legend of zelda CC

legendofzelda sims4 cc 4

Fi is a part of the Goddess Hylia. She inhabits the Goddess Sword and serves as your navigator throughout TLoZ: Skyward Sword. Through character development and all-around cuteness, she did the job much better than Navi and became one of the best characters in the game.

This new mesh CC set will let you transfer her essence from the Goddess Blade into The Sims 4. You can now watch her live her best life and recover from the emotional impact of her game experience. This set includes high quality, all necessary skin overlays, eyes, hair, dress, tights, and the big diamond on her chest. There are color choices too. Install it into your mods folder from this page.

5. Fairy familiar Override

sims 4 legend of zelda custom content

In the Realm of Magic expansion, you could get a fairy among the familiars. This mod by IllogicalSims is even cooler, turning your fairy into a Zelda Fairy. Its represented as a round orb of light, with incandescent wings.

It’s similar to the fairies you can trap in bottles, throughout Ocarina of Time: Navi. Navi’s reputation was a little bit of a nosey fairy, butting in a lot and interfering, but she remains iconic. This Fairy Familiar Override goes amazingly well with the TLoZ-themed outfits. To install, click here.

6. Twilight Princess Bedroom Set sims 4 legend of zelda

sims 4 legend of zelda custom content

Wow, this is a cool bedroom set. This mesmerizing creation is designed by Duodraconis. I have been dreaming of a bedroom like this, for what feels like forever! The inspiration came from Link’s adventures in the Twilight Realm.

The large portrait of Link With the Twilight portal frame is perfect above the bed, it evokes dreamy imagination for sleep adventures. The décor mimics the patterns within the Twilight Realm.  The colors are evocative of the realms dungeons and Stone corridors that you travel through in the darker deeper part of the game. There is also furniture, including a Closet, Bedside table, and Shelving, among others. The slightly spooky aquamarine glow of this set brings another dimension to your Sims experience. Here’s your download link.

7. Breath of the Wild bedroom set

legendofzelda sims4 cc 7

This fantastic medieval-looking Breath of the Wild Bedroom CC Set is more detailed than the Twilight set, It is also created by Duodraconis. It brings a rustic touch to TS4, it evokes feelings of being in a castle or even on a pirate ship. The set includes Sheikah-themed decorations and fabrics full of color. Reminiscent of the golden age of the kingdom before the disaster of Calamity Ganon.

My favorite items in this set are the gorgeous Triforce rug, the general décor, the sublime bedsheets, the lamps, and the arched castle-like windows. It’s so brilliant to bring this old world into TS4. It’s time for much fantasy role-playing! Visit this Patreon page to install.

So This concludes my must-HAVES of the Sims 4 Legend of Zelda custom content. To miss out on this would be missing out on one of the best fantasy CC’s of recent years.

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