The Best 15 Animal Crossing CC for The Sims 4!

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Are you a fan of Animal Crossing and The Sims 4? Do you wish you could combine the two? Well, if you answered yes to these two questions, then this article about the top 15 Animal Crossing CC for the Sims 4 is something you’ll want to check out!

animal crossing cc for the Sims 4

Get your Sims in on the Animal Crossing Fun with Custom Content!

The great thing about the Sims 4 is that you can add custom content inspired by some top-rated and favorite games. One of these games is Animal Crossing. Since the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, this series has captivated old and new fans alike!

Because of the popularity of Animal Crossing, it should be no surprise that this game inspires several pieces of custom content available for download. This article will break down our list of the top 15.

15. Saffron Top with Animal Crossing Logos

animal crossing cc sims 4 crop top

This black and white animal crossing-inspired crop top features logos with popular characters like Isabelle, Able Sisters, Cyrus and Reese, and Timmy and Tommy Nook. Once your sim puts this top on, that they are an Animal Crossing fan. Click here to download this stylish and comfortable shirt!

14. Apple Inspired Items

animal crossing cc sims 4 apple food

One of the fun things about Animal Crossing is the different item sets they have. The Apple-inspired item set created by Darkdatarc enables you to add an apple clock and TV to your household. They come in three different colors so there is something for everyone. Click here to download. While it won’t keep the doctor away, it will keep your house looking stylish.

13. Citrus Dining Series

animal crossing cc sims 4 citrus fruit

Similar to the Apple set, the Citrus Dining series (also created by Darkdatarc) is inspired by a quirky Animal Crossing set that takes inspiration from citrus fruits. This set comes with a table and chair. They come in 5 colors: pink lemonade, kiwi, orange, lemon, and lime, so if one doesn’t fit your fancy, another might! Click here to download it today.

12. Animal Crossing Wallpapers

animal crossing cc sims 4 wallpapers

Animal Crossing doesn’t just have a lot of furniture but also an abundance of wallpaper and flooring! In this custom content set, you can choose from the sweet treat, robot science, lovely wall, forest, orange citrus, or space wallpaper or flooring. To download this custom content, click here.

11. Ice-Inspired Objects

animal crossing cc sims 4 ice stuff

Do you want to live like an ice queen? Well, then the Ice Inspired Objects is for you! This original object is inspired by the Animal Crossing Ice Series Objects. It comes with an ice bed, sofa, chair, clock, dresser, tables, lamp, mirror, shelf, wall, and floor. If the cold never bothered you, anyway, click here to download.

10. Wall Poster

animal crossing cc sims 4 poster

The Video Game Poster packs come with a series of wall posters that feature some of your favorite games. One of these posters features Animal Crossing and some of its iconic characters enjoying a nice day outside. If you want to decorate your wall with this cute poster, click here to download it today!

9. Animal Crossing Photos

animal crossing cc sims 4 photos

Do you love the Animal Crossing villagers and want to display this love on your sims walls? Well, this Animal Crossing Photo Set is for you! It features pictures from a variety of villagers, some you are bound to recognize. Click here to decorate your wall and show off your sense of style.

8. Grass with Flowers

animal crossing cc sims 4 grass

The grass in Animal Crossing is iconic. If you were to spot it, you’d instantly know what game it was from. Well, with this custom content you can decorate your front and backyard to look like it’s straight out of this beloved game! Click here to spruce up your lawn.

7. Leaf Ankle Tattoo

animal crossing cc sims 4 tattoo

The leaf logo is an iconic symbol. Once you see it, you’ll instantly think of Animal Crossing. This Animal Crossing Leaf Ankle Tattoo is perfect for those who want to permanently display their love for this game on their body. Click here to give your sim this subtle yet cute tattoo.

6. Fruit Paneling

animal crossing cc sims 4 wall

Let’s be real for a moment. There are a lot of fruit-themed items in Animal Crossing and actual fruit you can pluck from trees. This fruit wall paneling item takes a few of the popular fruits in this game and lets you showcase them on your wall! Click here to download.

5. Fruit Rug

animal crossing cc sims 4 rug

Yes, yes, we know. Yet another fruit-themed item, but this is the last one we swear! This fruit run is like the fruit wall paneling. It showcases several of the more popular fruits you can get in animal crossing and lets you display them on your floor. Click here to download.

4. Animal Crossing T-shirts

animal crossing cc sims 4 shirts

These animal crossing t-shirts are perfect for all the Animal Crossing lovers out there. They feature a variety of different Animal Crossing characters. When you think about it, there is something that will appeal to everyone. Click here to download.

3. Animal Crossing Set 1

animal crossing cc sims 4 shirt

This t-shirt set features the leaf logo on the front and characters like Tom Nook and Isabelle on the back. They come in blue, green, purple, and aqua. If you end up getting all four of them, no one can blame you for getting every single one. Click here to download it!

2. Animal Crossing Sweatshirts

animal crossing cc sims 4 sweat shirt

Everyone loves to wear sweatshirts and in the colder seasons, they are a necessity. Your sims are no different! With this custom content set, you can wear sweatshirts displaying several popular animal crossing villagers. They come in a bunch of different colors so something should suit your fancy. Click here to download these beautiful sweatshirts today.

1. Tent

animal crossing cc sims 4 tent

Finally, we have reached number one! If you know anything about Animal Crossing, it’s that when you first start playing the game you are staying in a tent. The house comes later, so the tent is essentially your residence for a while. This Animal Crossing-inspired tent features a tent covered with the leaf logo and fruit. Click here to download this iconic tent into your mods folder.

Final Thoughts

And there are the top fifteen Animal Crossing-inspired custom content sets out there. There are a lot more out there that we didn’t cover on this list, so check them out. Enjoy!

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