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If you want your Sims to be fit and fabulous, you can shape them up with the help of excellent gym equipment and proper fitness gear! In this article, we rounded up 20 of the best gym CC to help your Sims achieve their fitness goals and motivate them for all their athletic sessions! Read more below to find out!

sims 4 gym cc

A Collection of the Best Gym CC for your Sims

Are you ready for this list? 3, 2, 1, let’s go! In this list, we have included the top 20 gym CC that you could download to make your Sims 4 gaming more delightful. We have collected the best fitness gear, gym decorations, and functional equipment that your Sims could utilize to make their workout sessions so much more productive! 💪

20. Ophelia Gym Outfit by SM Sims

image 299

If you’re looking for a new gym outfit for your female sims, look no further than this one by SM Sims. It comes in three different swatches and it’s just cute and stylish. I love the long pants! Most of the gym outfits CC I came across on the internet are short, but this one is a cool exception. Your female sims will love it! Here’s your download link.

image 300

Of course, we’re including a posepack in this post.. what else did you think? This one is versatile and perfect for your gym snapshots! With 6 poses included, for both males and females, you’ll be able to capture inviting photos. Thanks to the awesome CC creator, Trending Sims, they have included custom thumbnails so you can easily have a look at all the different poses in this set. To install this CC pack, click here.

18. Hottie Gym by Nightingale Sims

image 303

If you’re looking for a hot new outfit for your Sims, look no further than this hottie CC pack! This full body outfit comes in 10 solid colors, perfect for any casual or gym setting. And we know you’ll be able to create the perfect look for your sim with this cute outfit. So go ahead and download it now – your sims will love it! Head over to this Patreon page to download.

17. Cut’n’curves gym by suepixels

image 302

This gym build by Suepixels is honestly worth every Simoleon you’ll be spending in the Sims 4. It has treadmills, yoga, basketball, spa, sauna, massage, indoor pool and so much more! But that’s not even it, your Sims would have the luxury to drink a smoothie or eat sushi when they’re done with their workout. This build is actually CC free, so you don’t have to download any extra files. What are you waiting for? Check it out!

16. LA Fitness Gym by Sierra The Simmer

image 304

Welcome to Another Fitness Gym! This build includes two floors of the coolest workout equipment. You’ll love the basketball courtroom, Zumba room, and spacious swimming pool. And don’t forget to check out the bathroom, sauna, and shower facilities. The treadmill machines are really interesting. The place also has a lot of benches for your Sims to use while they’re working out. Download this package file from here.

15. Gym Top by Redhead Sims


Going to the gym is such a rewarding feat especially when you start gaining those muscles! By letting your Sims wear this gym top by Redhead Sims, they could show others their hard-earned brawny arms. This top is available in 40 different colors and designs. Download this gym top into your mods folder from here.

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14. Nike Elite Socks by Love4Sims4

tumblr p8mxfgOd2D1wbevpwo1 1280

Simulate the feeling of wearing real Nike socks in the Sims 4! For number 14, we have these mid-length socks designed by Love4Sims4, which come in two swatches and feature a small Nike logo. It can be worn by all genders and could be paired with any sneakers. Download the Nike Elite Socks here.

13. Fitnesstique Gym Lot by Xmathyx

MTS xmathyx 1937204 20 06 2020 05 17 50

Your Sims will be more motivated to go to the gym if they are visiting one with style! The Fitnesstique Gym Lot created by Xmathyx is a modern and minimalist gym lot available for use in all neighborhoods but is recommended to be placed in San Myshuno, as it fits the aesthetics of the city. Download this custom lot here.

12. The Sims Home Gym by Modelsims4

tumblr 6e745e495588b1ae53a896bb9b7c5b1c 8b9f38f8 1280

If your Sims are more comfortable doing their workouts at home, you can create a home gym for them and incorporate this set of decorative home gym items from Modelsims4. Surely, this home gym setup, which includes barbells, kettlebells, and weights, would make them feel more pumped up to do their sets! Download this gym cc here.

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11. Hercules Gym Set by KyriaT

HerculesGymSet all1

Okay, for our number 9 spot, we have this old-fashioned Hercules Gym Set created by KyriaT. With its antiquated features, this set is perfect to incorporate into medieval-designed lot types. With these Greek-type decorations and functional equipment, your Sims will feel like a Spartan and definitely become energized for a good workout session. Download this gym set here.

10. Sporty Shorts by littledica

MTS littledica 1941711 Main

Straightforward and simple, these sporty shorts designed by Littledica are the right type of gym apparel that your Sims should wear whether they want to hit the gym or sweat themselves out through running and other athletic activities. These classic gym shorts could be used by male sims and are available in plenty of hues. Download these shorts here.

9. Adidas Sports Skirt by Sims2fanbg


Who says that gym time is only for men with ripped bodies in muscle shirts? It is the right place for women to get fit and tone their muscles, too! With these sporty Adidas skirts from Sims2fanbg, your feminine Sims would feel empowered and stylish while doing their workout repetitions in the gym. Download the gym skirt from this TSR page.

8. Nike Tanjun Sneakers by Onyx Sims


For our number 8, we included these Tanjun sneakers from Nike to match with the Nike Elite Socks gym cc from number 14. Surely, your Sims would love their gym time wearing a pair of these. The sneakers come in 15 swatches and are available for all genders and ages. Download these Nike sneakers here.

7. BGC Nike Athletic Collection by MMOutfitters and Sims4sue

tumblr 0a03959a302e27f9ffc26a7c3ce1dee1 9a09e3f4 2048

Another Nike custom content enters our list! This brand athletic gear collection was a collaboration between MMOutfitters and sim4sue. They have produced a total of 29 Nike gym outfits that your male and female sims could use for their sporty sessions. Download the collection here.

6. Whey Protein Decoration by Lillys Boutique

tumblr 9902062609396806972e0921be562596 09d08589 1280

This gym cc is one of my personal favorites on this list! What gym session would be complete without supplementing with proper post-workout whey protein shakes? Although these are just decorative items, seeing these protein shakes will make your gym time more fun and invigorating! Download this decoration here.

5. Female Nike Sportswear by LSim.


So, another Nike sportswear enters our list! This female Nike sportswear created by LSim comes in ternos, and in five awesome swatches. Because of their high quality, comfort, and awesome style, your Sims will definitely love to exercise and do their gym reps wearing this clothing. Download this cc here.

4. Wrestling Ring for The Sims 4 by Noir and Dark Sims

tumblr nud4rnNe3r1t0ihjdo2 1280

Are you designing a martial arts or combat sports type of gym? If yes, you can make your space cooler and more *thug-looking*, by incorporating this wrestling ring created by Noir and Dark Sims. Even if it is just a decorative item, it will add such a tough vibe to your place. Download the wrestling ring here.

3. Crossfit Home Gym by Syboulette

Crossfit Set Preview

Crossfit, a fitness movement which require high intensity workouts, have also been a global favorite for gym goers in the past years. Recreate the crossfit vibe in the Sims 4 by including this crossfit decorative cc from Syboulette in your design. Download the set here.

2. Barbell Rows by Cepzid

04 10 22 6 00 50 AM copy

For our number 2 spot, we have the Barbell Rows created by Cepzid. If you’re asking if these are functional, the answer is yes! Your Sims could use these barbell rows for their workout sessions, which would help them tone their muscles up and increase their fitness skill. The barbell rows are available in 9 various swatches. Download these barbell rows here.

1. Fitness Set by Syboulette

Fitness preview2 1

For our number 1 gym cc, we have the Fitness Set created by Syboulette. This lavish set includes 22 decorative and functional items for your Sim’s gym such as jumping ropes, weight machines, punching bags, sports bags, dumbells, and more. Your Sim would surely achieve their active lifestyle with the use of this highly practical Fitness Set. Download this cc set here.


So that’s it! We hope that you have enjoyed this top 15 list of gym CC for your Sims! Going to the gym and getting fit is such a sweat-filled challenge but we hope you could make it more pleasurable for your Sims through the help of these top gym CC that we have rounded up for you. Download them all, and have fun playing!

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