Everything to Know About The Sims 4 Athlete Career

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Are you interested in getting your sim to become a professional athlete, but don’t want to take the plunge without knowing the 411 about this career? If you answered yes to this question, then this article about The Sims 4 Athlete Career is for you!

sims 4 athlete career

The Athlete career has been a part of the Sims 4 since the base game was launched. Technically, it has been a part of the game since patch 9, but that is beside the point. This is one of the more popular and well-known careers in the Sims franchise. By the time you finish reading, you will know everything you need to know about the Sims 4 Athlete Career.

Basic Skill Requirements for The Sims 4 Athlete Career

Before you take the plunge and get your sim from The Sims 4 involved in the athlete’s career, it is probably a good idea to check up on the skill requirements that are needed for your sim to do well in the career.

The first skill you are going to need, no matter what branch of the career you take, is the fitness skill. This shouldn’t be a surprise because an athlete needs to be fit! A treadmill is a great addition to your Sim’s household so they can work on their fitness skill without leaving home.

Charisma is the second skill that you will need as you climb the ladder. The best way to grow your charisma skill, besides talking with other fellow sims, is to practice talking in the mirror.

Starting Out in The Sims 4 Athlete Career

Everyone needs to start somewhere, and this is no different for a sim in the Sims 4 trying to make it in the athlete’s career. They can only gain in the athlete’s career through hard work and dedication! Below are the first four levels of the athlete’s career.

  • Level 1: Waterperson. You don’t have any promotion tasks to get to the next level, but all you are doing is delivering water to sports stars. Ever seen the movie The Waterboy with Adam Sandler? Yes, that’s your sim.
  • Level 2: Locker Room Attendant is where you take on the responsibilities of cleaning and organizing. A lot of it is cleaning, though. To reach the next level, the charisma and fitness skills have to get up to level 2, so make sure you get on that!
  • Level 3: Team Mascot, and before you start lamenting about how lame this job is, remember how essential mascots are! They get the crowd pumping. Only promotion tasks are to get charisma and fitness to level 3, which should be no problem for a mascot on top of their game.
  • Level 4: Dance Team Captain. Want to gain a promotion? Well, if you want to pirouette to the next level make sure your charisma and fitness skills are level four or higher!

The next level depends on what branch of the athlete’s career you want to take. You have a choice of becoming a professional athlete or a bodybuilder.

Professional Athlete

sims 4 athlete career

The Sims 4 athlete career professional branch has six levels that will take your sim from a minor leaguer all the way to an MVP.

  • Level 5: Minor League. Hey, it’s a step up from your last job where you had to pirouette for a living. Want to keep moving on up? Well, make sure your fitness skill is at 5 and charisma is at 4.
  • Level 6: Newcomer. You may be at the very bottom, but you have finally made it to the big leagues. Get your fitness skill up to level 6, and you just might get a promotion to the next level.
  • Level 7: Starter which puts you in the game. Finally, all this hard work is paying off. If your charisma is at 5 and fitness at 8, you’re ready for a promotion!
  • Level 8: Allstar. There is no need to explain this one. Just get your charisma to 6 and fitness to 9 and you will keep moving on up.
  • Level 9: MVP. It can’t get much better than this. Fans everywhere scream your name and if you max out the fitness level and reach level 8 of the charisma skill, you will become a legend.
  • Level 10: Hall of Famer. There is no need for promotion tasks because you’ve reached the top! Enjoy it because your sim deserves it.

Body Builder

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The Sims 4 athlete career Bodybuilder branch is the other branch of the athlete’s career you can choose. You start as a personal trainer and through hard work make it to Mr./Ms. Solar System.

  • Level 5: Personal Trainer: Mentor Fitness. You are finally fit enough in your career to start training others and giving your expertise. Once your charisma skill is up to level 5 and fitness at level 8, you’ll be on to the next phase.
  • Level 6: Professional bodybuilder. To get a promotion, your sim’s fitness level needs to be 9 and charisma at 5 to keep getting that bulk up!
  • Level 7: Champion Bodybuilder. You are better than just a professional bodybuilder because you have achieved status! To get a promotion, you need to reach level 6 of charisma and max out the fitness skill.
  • Level 8: Trainer to the Stars. No, we don’t mean the stars up in the sky but famous people! Get your charisma to level 7 and you’ll be ready for the next level.
  • Level 9: Celebrity Bodybuilder. It’s more prestigious than a trainer to the stars because you are training some A list of people. Do you want to reach level 10? Well, make sure that charisma skill gets up to level 8.
  • Level 10: Mr./Ms. Solar System. What does this even mean for your sim? Well, we are not really sure what the exact meaning is, but with this level comes a good hourly wage and the fittest body you can ever imagine.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! This is everything you need to know about the athlete’s career in The Sims 4. No matter if you choose the bodybuilder or professional athlete branch, you will be successful… and buff!  

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