Best 15 Humorous and Scary Clown Custom Content for TS4


Do you love or fear clowns? If one of these sounds like you then you need to check out the top clown custom content for TS4.

sims 4 clown custom content
Clown CC for the Sims 4

Should You Scream, Laugh, Or Cry?

Clowns are very popular in media and can be showcased in different ways. They could be depicted in a funny, joking way or used as something to draw fear out of people.

We’ve compiled the top 15 clown custom content that is either funny, scary or a mix of both. Read on to see which emotion you’ll end up experiencing!

15. Joker Special Effects Mask

At fifteen, is The Joker Special Effects Makeup by Misstrgal. I’m sure all of you by now have heard of the popular villain Joker from The Batman franchise. Now your sim can look exactly like this popular villain. Let’s just home a Sim looking like Batman doesn’t show up and try to pick a fight

Click here to download The Joker Special Effects Makeup by Misstrgal.

14. Kandy Coated Siding

The Kandy Coated Siding By CG Lizard is a reimagining of a wallpaper that was available all the way back in Sims 1. Once your sim puts this up on their wall they are going to feel like they are sleeping in the middle of a circus tent.

Click here to download The Kandy Coated Siding By CG Lizard. As long as your sim isn’t afraid of circuses then this wallpaper is perfect for them!

13. Sunny The Tragic Clown

Sunny The Tragic Clown was a character that showed up in The Sims: Livin’ Large. He was an NPC visitor and would attempt to cheer up sims if they happened to own a painting of him. Thanks to the Sunny mod by TheSimsTheatre, the iconic Tragic Clown has been recreated and can be played in The Sims 4.

Click here to download the Sunny mod by TheSimsTheatre.

12. Pennywise Clown Painting

Instead of a portrait of Sunny The Tragic Clown on your wall, what about the creepy clown Pennywise from the Stephen King novel, It? Well, if you want a painting on your wall that will make your heart stop every time you pass by then the Pennywise Painting Mod by Seerleena is the one for you.

Click here to download Pennywise Painting Mod by Seerleena.

11. Clown Bikini

Everyone loves to swim… even clowns! With the Clown Bikini mod by Guala, you can dress your sim up in a clown-inspired bikini that comes complete with facepaint. In this custom content set, you get bikini tops, bikini bottoms, and tutus that each come in 12 swatches. There is also face paint which comes with 3 swatches.

Click here to download The Clown Bikini mod by Guala.

10. Bloody Clown Mask

Now this custom content set for The Sims 4 is in French but don’t let that stop you from downloading it. The Bloody Clown Mask, as it translates to English, is a piece of custom content available for your sim and it’s perfect for Halloween. You’ll have a blast sneaking up on other sims and scaring the living daylights out of them. Or, the mask could just fit your creepy aesthetic. Both are valid!

Click here to download The Bloody Clown Mask.

9. Circus Career

Have you ever wanted to be a clown but you’d rather not quit your entire career to embark on such a path? Well, if this sounds like you then The Circus Career Mod by Twilightsims is the perfect option for you! It has the following levels:

  • Level 1: Popcorn Vendor
  • Level 2: Ticket Taker
  • Level 3: Midway Carnie
  • Level 4: Sideshow Barker
  • Level 5: Clown
  • Level 6: Human Cannonball
  • Level 7: Acrobat
  • Level 8: Trapeze Artist
  • Level 9: Lion Tamer
  • Level 10: Ringmaster

Click here to download The Circus Career Mod by Twilightsims.

8. Clown Couture Beauty Mask

The Clown Couture Beauty Mask by V1s4g3 is a high-fashion take on the clown look. It comes with 15 different swatches so if your sim wants to dress like a clown and not look creepy or silly, this is the mod for you! This custom content can be found in the blush section so it should be easy to find!

Click here to download The Clown Couture Beauty Mask by V1s4g3.

7. Bad Clown Facepaint

The Bad Clown Facepaint by MadameChvlr comes with a total of five face paints inspired by clowns. Unlike number 8 which featured a more lighthearted take on clown makeup, this one really dials up the creepy. If you want to dress your sim up as a creepy clown, this mod is for you!

Click here to download The Bad Clown Facepaint by MadameChvlr.

6. Crying Animated Tragic Clown Painting

The Animated Crying Tragic Clown Painting by Bakie is a different take on the Sunny AKA the Tragic Clown Painting. This one is animated! Should you want to buy this strange piece of art for your sims wall then you can do so for about 200 simoleans.

Click here to download.

5. Creepy Clown Facepaint

The Creepy Clown Facepaint by SimmieV takes us straight back to creepy. This piece of custom content comes with six creepy clown masks you can put on your sim. Will they possibly scare themselves by looking in the mirror? Yes, it’s entirely possible.

Click here to download.

4. Everyday Clown Shadow Makeup

The Everyday Clown Shadow makeup comes with a total of 9 swatches for your sim to wear. This is more of a modern and chic take on clown makeup. Your sim could wear this every single day to work and not get one odd look!

Click here to download.

3. Clown Set

At our number 3 spot is the Clown Set by Kiruluvnst. This custom content set lets you decorate your sim and their house with a bunch of clown-inspired items. The greatest part is that it’s not creepy in the least!

Click here to download The Clown Set by Kiruluvnst.

2. Tragic Clown Override

The Tragic Clown Override by Serawis is our number two choice. It replaces the stereotypical tragic clown makeup in the game which looks like the typical, silly kind of clown makeup. Instead of this, you end up with some classy and creepy-looking makeup that your sim will look great in.

Click here to download.

1. Clown Makeup Set

clown custom content

Our number one choice is the Clown Make Up Set by Simpai, which is yet another modern and chic take on clown makeup. It comes with eyeliner, blush, and eyeshadows. Each of them has about 5 to 6 swatches so there are plenty of options to choose from.

Click here to download.

Final Thoughts

And there is our top list of the coolest evil clown mods you should download for your Sim’s game. It’ll be perfect for a laugh… or a scream.

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