IKEA Furniture For The Sims 4 – 15 Ultimate CC Packs!

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If you’ve always been a fan of wandering around the enormous shops of IKEA and shopping for great finds from its multiple floors, you know that you also want your Sims to experience the marvel of acquiring the ready-to-assemble furniture, trendy decorations, and excellent appliances available in this Swedish-founded shop. With the awesome IKEA Furniture CC we handpicked for you in this article, you can bring IKEA right inside the home of your Sims!

sims 4 ikea furniture cc

IKEA Furniture for Sims’ Homes? Yes, please!

IKEA has brought nothing but comfort and convenience into our lives. Since its launch, homes all around the world have become not only cozier but more livable. After the release of IKEA Home Stuff in The Sims 2 in 2008, there had not yet been a follow-up IKEA pack to the Sims franchise. So now, we are bringing IKEA inside The Sims 4 through CC packs! We have rounded up 15 of the most awesome IKEA CC that you could download for your Sims’ homes. Go and check out all these items!

15. IKEA Inspired Living Room Set by PQSim4

sims4 cc ikea Set1 2

This modern black and white set by PQSims 4 is a fabulous addition to a small corner of your living room, or on any free space. Its stylish art piece, lounge chairs, and geometric rug give a contemporary vibe to your family home. The set comes in 5 color combinations. Download the set here.

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14. IKEA NORDLI Dresser by Heurrs

tumblr 13cb781c0f620354251dec48edd1c21f 50d7da16 540

With its laid-back and simplistic style, who wouldn’t love this IKEA NORDLI Dresser designed by Heurrs? Originally designed by IKEA as a plain, stackable dresser, the minimalistic vibe of the NORDLI Dresser would make it a perfect addition to any bedroom. Download this dresser here.

13. IKEA LILLÅNGEN Bathroom Set by MXIMS

tumblr c2f2f4985951dd48aa105d30b7701012 84f84e0c 1280

Toothbrush holders, medicine cabinet, and sink storage? This excellent bathroom set by MXIMS includes these all! This set replicates the original IKEA LILLÅNGEN Bathroom Set that was designed to exude practicality, cleanliness, and efficiency with the inclusion of plain and straightforward space-saver pieces. Download the bathroom set here.

12. IKEA SUNDVIK Toddler Bed and Closet by Heurrs

tumblr 27bf9b11562f6a413f54571c2b1414e0 def250a6 1280

This is one of my personal favorites on this list! Check out these cozy and beautiful furniture pieces created by Heurrs, which include a stylish toddler bed and a cream-colored closet. Sims who have a toddler would appreciate the addition of these items into their homes. Download this IKEA Furniture CC here.

11. IKEA TILLREDA Hob and Chillbox Mini by Moony-Cat

Another really cool CC pack is this cooking hob and mini refrigerator created by Moony-Cat. If your Sims live in a Tiny House Residential, they would appreciate having this combination of equipment installed in their mini kitchen. It saves a lot of space and looks so tidy, too! Download these appliances here.

10. IKEA FJÄLLBO Shelves and Stands by NOVVVAS

19.09.2020 16 17 34

Ah, who wouldn’t love the combination of modern furniture and natural wood style? This set of IKEA FJÄLLBO shelves and stands created by NOVVAS gives such a homey, yet sophisticated atmosphere. It is an excellent addition to studio-style residences in The Sims 4. Go and download these shelves and stands here.

9. IKEA Bar Set by MXIMS

tumblr ockeupHyHZ1ufxsano1 1280

For number 9, we have another CC set created by MXIMS. This beautiful bar set includes the IKEA Bosse Bar Stool, the IKEA Bjorkudden Bar Table, and 3 IKEA Ranarp Pendant Lamps. Once again, this is a great addition to tiny homes as it saves a lot of space. Download this IKEA Furniture CC here.

8. IKEA Study Room Set by PACOSIMS

tumblr 1e00751258a4fd469a0f249a141365cd d4c2dfbe 1280

Who says studying shouldn’t come in style? The IKEA Study Room Set by PACOSIMS provides a sleek collection of furniture pieces for your school-bound sims. This set, which includes a desk, a cabinet, and a shelf, comes in 3 different color swatches. Download the Study Room Set here.

7. IKEA SAKARIAS chairs by Kliekie


To elevate comfort and fashion in your Sim’s living room, try incorporating these IKEA SAKARIAS chairs in their living space! These minimalistic chairs offer a spacious base, providing plenty of wiggle space for your Sims. The IKEA SAKARIAS chairs come in 19 swatches. Download this IKEA Furniture CC here.

6. IKEA Inspired NORDVIKEN Furniture by Veranka


The NORDVIKEN furniture by VERANKA is a classic dining and bar set. The practically-designed pieces include dining tables, dining chairs, bar stools, and bar tables in 9 meshes and 15 different colors. Download this IKEA Furniture CC here.

5. IKEA Inspired Kitchen Set by PQSim4

sims4 cc ikea kitchen set 3

For our number 5 spot, we have another set from PQSim4. This set includes intricately-designed furniture pieces and decorative clutters that would make any Sims’ home complete. The set is so detailed, that it even comes with cat and dog food packs for stocking on your Sims’ pantry space! Download the kitchen set here.

4. IKEA Desks by LeoSims

tumblr 7222de5ae356404aa6b66d59e289909f 0e3b0fc0 1280

These IKEA-inspired desks created by LeoSims would make studying more stylish and homey for your Sims! Available in six different color choices and designs, these desks are perfect for Sims’ homes that have contemporary styles. Download this IKEA Furniture CC here.

3. IKEA Inspired “Baysic” Collection by heyHarrie and Felixandre

baysicfeature 1024x576 1

For our number 3 in this IKEA Furniture CC list, creators heyHarrie and Felixandre collaborated to create an IKEA-inspired “Baysic” collection. This fabulous set comes with 91 modernly-designed furniture and decoration items for the bedroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen of your Sims. Download the collection here.

2. SIMKEA Furnishings by Illogical sims

tumblr 56e5f88956972e7b8948cc96153eb442 a0d88204 1280

For our number 2 spot, we have the SIMKEA Furnishings CC created by Illogical Sims. This incredible set includes 45 items that are compatible to use with even just the base game of The Sims 4! The furniture pieces come in minimalistic and modern styles that are easy to fit in any sims’ home. Download the full CC here.

1. The Sims 4 IKEA Home Stuff by simsi45

MTS simsi45 1827341 Office2

Now we are down to the top 1 IKEA Furniture CC in this list! CC creator Simsi45 has released a mega collection of IKEA Home Stuff items available for the Sims 4. The hype is real as the CC pack contains plenty of pretty selections such as beds, dressers, sofas, tables, and more in various colors ad styles. The set also includes IKEA home decorations and clutters. Watch the trailer here (yep, there is a trailer for it!) and download the full IKEA Home Stuff here.

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Final Thoughts

Custom content creators really never stop coming up with excellent items for the Sims! We are lucky to be gifted with lots of IKEA-inspired home furniture and décor from the Sims community, which allow us to elevate the design and comfort of our Sims’ homes. So, go on and keep downloading these top 15 IKEA CC items for your game! We can’t wait for you to try them all! Happy playing, simmers!

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