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Would you like to try out incredibly detailed and realistic dance moves in Sims 4? While Sims can dance to music, it would also be nice to have some extra dance moves available for them to show off their flexibility. Well, thanks to CC content, they can now enjoy dancing salsa, hip hop, and modern pop dances. Stay tuned and keep reading to discover the best Sims 4 Dance Animations you can download for your gameplay!

sims 4 dance animations

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top 10 sims 4 dance animations

The Sims 4 keeps surprising us with exclusive content every year, and the same applies to CC and Mod Creators. We can enjoy the full experience of living the best Sims 4 life by expanding our collection of additional content. Sims not only get to experiment with fresh outfits and extra cool interactions, but they can now make more customized moves that resemble real-life like never before. They can now shake their hips, move to the rhythm of their favorite music, and dance like stars on the dancefloor.

sims 4 dance animations

Sims 4 dance mods allow us to explore the world of dance, from k-pop to hip hop and ballet. To make the search easier for you, we have prepared a set of 10 different sets of incredibly realistic Sims 4 dance animations free of charge that you won’t regret trying. Get ready and let’s dance!

K-pop sims 4 dance animation

sims 4 dance animations

If you are a lover of famous Asian music bands like Blackpink or BTS, then you will love the Sims 4 Jpop or Kpop dance style. If you select this type of solo dance, then your sim will begin to dazzle you with its unique dance moves, similar to those of the idols of Korean or Japanese music. It is a dance that includes many leg movements and enviable coordination that you won’t be able to stop seeing. Try these animated k-pop dance moves here.

Sims 4 Dance animation Mods – KDA

sims 4 dance animations

With these new dance steps, the rhythm of KDA comes to Sims 4. In case you didn’t know, KDA is a digital girl band whose members are characters from the famous game League of Legends. This type of dance is similar to what the band performs, with coordinated steps and a lot of hip movement. Now you can dance like nobody is watching, and get this animation pack for Sims 4 here.

hip hop swag The Sims 4 dance animations Realistic Dance

sims 4 dance animations

We all need a bit of Hip Hop Swag in our lives, but it’s not an easy type of dance to pull off. The good thing is that now your sims can practice it. This isn’t your normal dance, it comes with a lot of jumps, turns, and swag that only hip hop has. Put your earphones on, turn the volume up and watch your Sims become the best hip hop dancers in the hood. To get this animation download it on this page.

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The Sims 4 Sexy Diva Dance animation

sims 4 dance animations

The sims bring all the sensuality with this Sexy Diva Dance. This dance is similar to that performed in reality by female pop artists, such as Britney Spears, Pussycat Dolls, or Beyonce. However, male sims can also dance to it and break the dance floor. It’s a pretty 90s or early 2000s style, which is what’s making its comeback nowadays. Get this three-minute-long dance animation for your gameplay here.

Sultry Wall dance Performance sims 4

sims 4 dance animations

If you want to mesmerize fellow Sims, then get ready to embrace all that Sexy Wall Performance brings to the dance floor. This dance is 100% sensual, where the sim wiggles against the wall, and all his movements are pretty suggestive. This dance is performed against a wall since it is practically used as a prop or a dance partner for the sim while they are dancing. Slow and beautifully timed, this animation loop will knock you off your feet. Get it for free here.

Slow dance

sims 4 dance animations

Are you a romantic at heart? Here comes a dance that is destined for all romantics; the Slow Dance. This is perfect for couples of sims (or those who are about to be lovers) to dance. To unlock it there needs to be some romantic interaction between the Sims (it unlocks at the same time as the embrace). It’s the typical slow dance that will also help you get relationship and partner points, so it’s a win-win. You will find it in the Romance menu. To get this animation, go here.

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MMD animated dance ELEKTRIKA

hqdefault 1

This dance brings back the urban rhythms (with a twist) to the sims 4. They are choreographies that have quite a few moves in the arms, making movements that seem like a magic trick for some reason. It can be danced by adults or small children, so it’s always a good time to give it a try. If you’d like to try it out, you can get these Sims 4 dance animations on this download page.

The sims 4 animated MMD dance BARD WIRE

maxresdefault 5

With this Sims 4 dance animations mod, your Sims will look like a member of a 90s boy band. They are coordinated dances, where there is a bit of walking on the dance floor and some movements in the arms with clenched fists, while also moving the hips. So, if dancing is your cup of tea, this lively, entertaining animation just has to become a part of your Sims dance routine. Download it on your device from here.

dance animations ballet realistic dance

maxresdefault 6

There is nothing more mesmerizing than seeing a ballet dancer. Thanks to this awesomely realistic animation, you can now watch ballet performances as many times as you want. The Ballet dance moves are movements that require a unique technique and discipline, and with the sims, they managed to show this without any failure. The dancer has elegance in each of her turns and stretches of legs or arms, which makes the whole dance very pleasing to watch.

To get your sims 4 dance animations ballet, go on this download page.

Sims 4 Animations Cheerleading dance

maxresdefault 7

The Sims CC and Mod creators always know how to create awesome America-inspired content and with the cheerleading dance, they don’t miss. Prepare your best pom-poms and watch your sim do dance moves that look like they came out of the Bring it on movies! There are 4 dances where the cheerleaders will show off their arm movements carrying the pom poms from one side to the other. Start your cheerleading dance classes or become a cheerleader in your favorite game, get this animation here.


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Voila, these were our favorite sims 4 dance animations picks. We tried our best to include something for everyone’s taste and add some diversity to the list. Some of teh animations are interactive, giving you a chance to dance with other Sims, while others are just made for single performers. Either way, we hope you will enjoy watching your Sims dance like real professionals.

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